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Krishna Chali London 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna gets arrested

Krishna Chali London 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police coming home and arresting Krishna for Radhe’s murder. Krishna says I didn’t do anything, leave me. Sunaina gets shocked and thinks it was Veer’s car, if I say anything, everything will be finished. She watches Krishna’s arrest and sits in shock. She calls Veer. He asks what happened. She says come back. He stops the car and asks are you fine. She says police arrested Krishna. He gets shocked and calls Krishna. He goes back. Sunaina sees the bangle and recalls Krishna’s words. She steps on the bangle and asks why do you come between my children’s happiness. She cries and asks Radhe to forgive Veer. Shukla dances on the dhol. Everyone looks on. He sits and asks Bela was it fun. Bela says it was super fun. He says this time, its for Radhe only. Shuklain

asks what happened, why are you celebrating. He says I told you that day, I made someone cry, I have destroyed them. She worries.

He says you love Krishna a lot, no one will be able to save her, you will see. Triloki says wow. Shukla asks him to come and dance. Gajanan and Lali look on. Krishna gets interrogated by inspector. She shouts I didn’t kill Radhe, I loved him, why are you doing this with me, why. Inspector says you confessed of killing Radhe. Krishna says I didn’t say this. Inspector shows the papers. She says you don’t tell me that you didn’t sign the papers, you signed it, take her away. Krishna cries. They put her in the cell. Veer and Sunaina get a lawyer and argue with inspector. Krishna shouts Veer, I m here. Lawyer asks Veer to stop, case will get complicated this way. Veer goes to Krishna. She says I didn’t kill Radhe. Veer says I know this, don’t worry. She says I trust you. He says I m there. Lawyer says let me handle this, stay out. Sunaina says Krishna had signed the confession statement. She says I didn’t sign it, why will I do this. Lawyer asks how did it come. Veer says someone has trapped Krishna cleverly. Lawyer asks do you doubt anyone. Veer gets a call. Lali asks where is Krishna, she isn’t answering, Shukla is celebrating here. Veer gets angry and says I won’t spare Shukla today. He leaves.

Shukla asks Triloki to take care of the shop. Veer comes to scold him. He asks Shukla to go to police station and confess his crime. Shukla refuses. Veer beats Triloki and ruins Shukla’s shop. Shukla says go ahead. He asks him to light up the shop too. Veer takes the matchstick in his hand. Police comes and stops Veer. Shukla asks inspector to see, arrest Veer and throw him in the jail. His lawyer comes. Veer sees the lawyer. He catches the lawyer and says he is the one, he took wrong sign. Police takes Veer.

Shukla asks for hot samosas. Veer says Shukla framed my wife. Inspector says you attacked Shukla, there is a way of doing something, do you have any proof, did anyone arrest your wife before, we didn’t have proof, now we caught her, we don’t get dreams to raid your house. Veer gets angry and goes to meet Krishna. He asks are you fine. She asks how is mum, what’s happening. He says I will fix everything, stop crying. She cries. He says I won’t spare Shukla.

Veer threatens Shukla. He says I promise you, I will unmask Radhe’s murderer. Krishna cries. Veer says I will unmask the person who framed Krishna. Sunaina worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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