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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna in danger

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prerna saying what will Komolika think when she finds us here together. He asks her to keep quiet. She shouts Komolika. He shuts her mouth. He says this fight is between you and Komolika, not between us. She shouts we are here in the same changing room. Komolika asks her to open the door. Prerna says its not opening. Anurag looks on. Prerna tries and opens the door. She comes out and says we were in this small changing room together. Komolika looks inside. She says I think you have lost it. Anurag comes from other changing room. He asks Prerna what are you doing here. Prerna asks what are you doing here, you were with me. He recalls jumping into other changing room. He says no baby, I came here on hearing you, is there any problem. Komolika says nothing. Anurag says

I want you to wear this saree, this will look wonderful on you. Komolika says yes baby, why not, I will surely try it, Prerna, he is my husband, he got a dress for me. She goes. Anurag looks at Prerna and smiles.

Nivedita asks Mohini what’s the matter. Mohini asks what was happening, don’t give freedom to Anupam that he comes close to you. Nivedita says we are married, he is my husband. Mohini says he was caught with another woman in your bedroom. Nivedita says lets not talk about it. Mohini says this relation can’t get fulfilled, its based on motives, he is trapping you to set your life. Anupam hears them. He says this isn’t true, I will prove to Nivedita that I love her a lot.

Prerna says you are a chameleon, you change colors to hide your truth. Anurag says I m your fav, right, so you are attracted to me, you love me. She hits his foot with the door. She says I have to go jewellery for Shivani. He thinks I like her being close to me. She looks at him. He gives her a flying kiss. She signs to crush the kiss under her foot. She goes. He smiles and thinks you are my responsibility, I won’t let anything happen to my and your family, I wish to tell Komolika that I hate her. Komolika comes and asks where is Prerna. He says she left, you look beautiful. She says it a villainous saree, I didn’t like it. He says I like it. She goes to change. He thinks you are actually a villain. The robbers come to the jewellery shop to attack and rob. Prerna and Shivani come to the same store and shop. The robbers get in and point guns. They threaten and shoot in air. Anurag hears the sound and asks Komolika did you hear anything. She says no, what happened. They see people running.

He recalls Prerna’s words and says I forgot my phone, I have to go in. He runs in while she stops him. The robbers scare people. They rob the store jewellery. Prerna and Shivani fight them and try to run. Anurag comes there and shouts Prerna. Prerna stops and says Anurag. Prerna and Shivani run back to see Anurag. Robber catches Anurag at gun point and asks Prerna not to try to escape. Anurag asks Prerna to just go. Prerna says no, I m coming. She hugs Anurag. He says its all fine, why did you come back. Shivani looks on and smiles. She thinks they are made for each other, its love, I wonder how Komolika came between them. Komolika says no, Anurag can fall in trouble, if I leave, he will think I m selfish, I can’t leave him alone. Anurag asks Prerna why did she not listen to him. She asks why did you come here, tell me. He says because I… She asks what. Shivani thinks tell her that you care for her.

Anurag thinks I care for you, but I can’t say. Prerna asks because I what. He asks did we come here for debate, think how to get out of here, we need to open the ropes first, we have to try as a team and we can do it, we can leave from here. They try and open to ropes. Komolika collides with the robber and scolds him. He hides the gun. He asks is it a diamond ring, its good. She says thanks, its perfectly okay, next time, be careful. She sees the gun and tries to run. He catches her and demands her to give the ring. She says no, its my engagement ring. He gets her to Anurag. She shouts leave me. Prerna hides her phone and tries to call police. She calls for help. She hides the phone. Prerna thinks someone will watch this and inform police, we will get saved.

Shivani says Anurag still loves you. Anurag says Komolika will think I love Prerna. Komolika says he only loves Prerna, this is not acceptable. Anurag says I m trapped in this matter, what do I do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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