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Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 1)

What a reunion!!!

” What a beautiful colour it is! “

Oh here we go again!

” By the way Kunj, what do you think about this one ? “

” And this ?! “

” Kunj..? “

” Kunj ? Are you listening ? “

Oh it’s so much fun to tease her!!

” Kunj Sarna!!! You’re ignoring ME ??!!! “

” Happy realization, dear bestie! ” I finally reply, and I can see that fire in her eyes.


” Kunj!! Huh.. Go to hell, Mr. Sarna! ” And she leaves. Oh thank God!

” And I forgot to tell you, there’s a doc coming from London to meet you today. He’ll be there at the hospital in 15. You have to be there for sure! “

” And you’re telling me now ?!! ” I can’t help but scream at the top of my lungs, my eyes as wide as saucers.

” Sara! Sara! Sa- “

” Stop screaming Kunj and get there fast! If you don’t want to give a bad impression, that is! “

Even though she’s saying all this from the kitchen, I can literally see that evil smirk on her face.

What a way to take revenge for getting ignored!

” Kunj! If you’re done praising my smirk in your mind, get your butt down here and leave fast, or else I can very well kick you out of the house! “

There goes the Mind Reader Sara!!

” Yeah. Coming.. “





“Sara… For the love of God I’m your best friend!!! Stop ignoring me. “

It’s been 8 minutes and 35 seconds since I came downstairs and her ignoring session has been going on ever since.

” Oh really ?! And what about the way you behaved in the morning ? “

I know she’s my best friend and I really should stop teasing her but it’s just so much fun.

” Okay Sara, I’m sorry. I won’t ever ignore you while you’re talking about the colour of the paper napkins that you bought. Even if it’s the worst colour, I won’t judge you. Now will you please open your mouth ?! “

Well, I know you’re most probably laughing your hearts out (just like me) after knowing all this, but Yes! Sara Raichand is the one and only person in this whole universe who has this weird obsession for different colour paper napkins.

” Okay then, I forgive you. ” She replies, giving her ever sweet smile.

And there you have the sweeter-than-sugar Sara!

“Thank you so much, Ms. Raichand. Both for forgiving me and making sure that I’m late for this unexpected meeting!” We both glare at each other, and the next second we’re rolling on the floor laughing.

That’s how our friendship is. She brings out the best and the worst side of mine.

“Okay that’s enough Kunj! Now you better leave or else… ” She doesn’t have to complete that sentence as I’ve got the idea.

” Yup! Bye Sara. Love you bestie! ” I give her a final hug, and leave for the hospital.

And Yes! Before you people start getting the wrong ideas, she’s a sister to me. My own little baby sis. My only family, something which God never gave me.


Well, better focus on the road, Mr. Sarna, and not on the past which is never gonna change!

————————-END OF KUNJ’S POV———————–

After that morning incident, which, according to Mr. Sarna, is a normal morning in his household, there he was, standing in front of his own cabin, and knocking on the door.

It’s your own cabin, idiot!

He mentally scolded himself, before going inside.

As he went inside, he saw a man standing there, his back facing him.

” Ahem! Hello, I’m Dr. Kunj Sarna.”

The other guy turned around, and for the second time that day, Kunj’s eyes widened as saucers!

” Kunj ? You here ??!! “

” Akash!! Oh it’s so great to see you again, man! “

Both the guys hugged each other like long separated lovers! After breaking the hug, both had huge smiles on their faces, their eyes twinkling like a five-year old who got his favourite chocolate after a long while.

” Yaar!!! It’s been like forever since we last met. I’m missing college so much right now! ” Akash sighed, as both reminisced about the old days.

” I know right! But wait, you’re the cardio which I’m gonna work with for the upcoming three months ??!!! ” Kunj yelled, as realization dawned upon the duo.

” Seems so! ” Akash shrugged, as both moved towards the couch.

” Hey Kunj yo- ” Sara barged into the cabin, only to stop in her tracks at seeing the person in front of her.

” What the hell are you doing here ?!! ”  Sara asked, making a disgusted face.

” Hello to you too, Ms. Sara. ” Akash replied innocently, but his evil smirk clearly told that he is anything but innocent!

Both Akash and Sara were giving a challenging look to each other, while Kunj, on the other hand, was just standing there, completely clueless .

” Will anyone of you please do the honour of telling me why you guys look like you want to kill each other ?! “

Both quickly looked at him for a second, before shouting together.

” He/She is my long lost enemy!! “

And Kunj looked at the duo with mixed emotions, stupefied yet amused at the same time! But before he could say anything, the long-lost-enemies’ verbal war started. They were fighting like toddlers, literally!

” Enough!!! What are you ? Five ?! Just keep your mouth shut, both of you! ” And both were fast to keep a finger on their mouths, just like little kids, as Kunj sighed. Both looked at him, hoping he was not angry. Cause the angry bird Sarna is a tough one to handle!

” Wow God!! One met his long lost friend, while other met her long lost enemy. What a reunion!!!” Kunj muttered, looking at the grown up nursery kids silently giving death glare to each other, and shook his head in disbelief!

Well, that’s it for today guys!

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