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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira shares her doubt with Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhana saying we shall end this game soon. Kirti says I m feeling hot, don’t know why. Devyaani and Rajshri say it maybe because of heavy clothes and jewelry. Kirti says but its a family function. Naksh looks on and compliments Kirti. He asks her to remove the big necklace. She asks him to remove it. He lightens the load. They smile. Naira says leave my hand, its not our engagement. They tease each other and romance. She goes. He smiles. Aryan asks his friends to have drinks. He says this big house is mine, that’s my mum, dad, Suhana – my would be wife, that’s my elder brother and Bhabhi, I m also a rich guy now, come and have something. Savita says I shall give nek to you. She gives her 11rs and holds hand to shake.

She gets pulling off the gold

bangle and handing it to Suhana. Suhana says congrats, pregnancy glow suits you. She holds Kirti’s hand and puts back the gold bangle. She goes to Savita and asks her to control. Savita says sorry. Suhana asks Rahul to keep an eye on her. Naira observes someone clicking her pics and asks who’s there. She sees Kartik and says you…. He says who else can do this, see your pics, I will upload this on dance academy website, Naira is star dancer. She poses. He clicks and says see this. He uploads. He says likes started coming, see. He goes. She smiles. Some guy clicks her pic. Suhana’s side people go for having food. The man says girl’s family just paid half. He argues. Kartik and Naira get a doubt hearing them and asks their manager to make sure that no one has a trouble having food. Everyone says who will dance now, Kirti and Naira can’t dance. Aryan asks won’t there be any dance in my engagement.

Kartik and Naksh says why not, we will dance. They all dance on Mahi ve…..Aryan dances with Suhana. Naira sings and hugs Kartik. Everyone dances. Rahul signs Suhana and goes. Everyone smiles. Naira keeps the rings plate. Light goes off. Naira screams. They all ask where is Naira. Lights come. They get shocked seeing Naira fallen and rush to her. She says where did both rings go. Suhana smiles. Kartik says rings will be around, don’t worry. Naksh asks where did you get hurt. Suwarna says take her to hospital. Kirti says we will take her Naksh. Naira says but Shubham’s engagement…. Manish says engagement won’t happen till you come back. Naira says sorry Suhana. Suhana asks her to go. Dadi prays and sends them.

Kartik stays worried. Mudit checks Naira. Kirti signs that everyone is fine. Kartik and Naksh smile. Kartik says I will call home. Dadi says Naira is fine, she just got hurt by falling down. Manish tells the same to Naitik. Savita says bad news is engagement can’t happen, how will we get new rings. Suwarna asks shall we get two rings from the new jewelry. Dadi agrees. Naira says I m fine. Kirti goes to arrange medicines. Mudit says take care, I will see you soon. Naira says sorry for trouble. Kartik says its fine, nothing is imp than you. She says we shall go home. He gets Naksh’s message. He says Naksh is at medical shop, come. Suwarna gets many rings and shows Suhana. She says choose ring for yourself. Suhana smiles and chooses a small ring for Aryan. He asks for you. She chooses a big one. She smiles seeing big diamond. Surekha says see the diamond size, she chose a costly ring. Dadi says so what, girl and ring will come our house. Suhana thinks they won’t get the ring or me. Naira stops and turns to see. She sees Suhana’s pic frame kept on the bed. Kartik asks what happened. He sees the pic. He reads its mental ward. A guy says Ruby I love you. Naira says we can’t ignore this. Kartik says our doubt is getting deeper.

She recalls. She says this man…. She tells everything. Kartik says we have to take this man, now this feeling has become a fact, we can’t ignore this. He gets Naksh’s call and says sorry, you guys leave, we need some time, Naira is fine, doctor asked us to wait. Naksh says we will wait. Kartik says no, go home, doctor has to make Naira’s diet. Naksh says fine. Kartik says what shall we do now. Dadi says children will be coming now, we shall do engagement soon. Suhana says its good Naira went to hospital, I chose my fav ring. Naira says we told you everything, please help us. Kartik says we don’t know anyone else and came to you. Mudit says sorry, this is not my concerned dept, this man Brijesh can be dangerous at times, don’t take risk. Kartik says our security will be there, just help. Mudit says I m sorry, his mum isn’t here and goes. Kartik says I feel bad for this guy, we can’t help him. Naira says we can’t lose. Kartik clicks his pic. Brijesh poses and smiles. He says you know my Ruby right, did you see her…..

Kartik says I will show pics and ask, just focus on Suhana. They turn to see someone. Naira asks Suhana to stop exchanging rings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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