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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar confronts ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya saying to Jalandhar, Jalandhar ji we have come in front of you after indra dev told that a new god has arisen. Jalandhar says yes. Ganesh says we are grateful to meet you Jalandhar ji, but we wont call you Jalandhar? Jalandhar says what? That is my name, are you joking with me kid? Ganesh says no, indra dev also said he is bhagwan Jalandhar, so we will call you bhagwan. Jalandhar smiles and indra dev says yes prabhu, that is what I said, all gods say bhagwan Jalandhar ki jai. Ganesh then says prabhu Jalandhar, that is why we came because the universe has got a new god so it was no use for me and my brother kartikeya staying at Kailash.
Ganesh says I am pratham pujya ganesh and my brother is commander kartikeya, the commander of the army of gods.

Ganesh says for our work to go on daily we lived with our father lord shiv, but now that you are the god we have come here in your palace to stay. Jalandhar is confused and thinks why shall they stay in my palace? Ganesh then says it seems you are not happy with the thought of us staying in your palace, then we shall rather go back to our house and continue our work from there, ganesh says I thought the new god would let us live in his house as now your Kailash is the center of the universe from where everything is controlled, so we both would live here and do our work. Jalandhar says wait! Ganesh and kartikeya look at Jalandhar and he says don’t worry, I am the new god and I permit you both to live in my palace and do your daily work. Ganesh says then please show us our room where we both shall reside. A soldier takes ganesh and kartikeya. Indra dev thinks as ganesh ji has planned, if everything happens according to that we shall defeat Jalandhar.
Next day morning, in jalandhar’s palace, Ganesh and kartikeya sit in their room around a shiv ling made from mud, they both sit for mahadev’s Pooja. There Jalandhar and vrinda are in their room and Jalandhar says I am bhagwan Jalandhar and the world shall do as I order. As both talk, they suddenly hear someone saying shiv mantra om namah shivay! Jalandhar gets up angrily and says who is that? Vrinda says who dared to say shiv’s prayers in our palace? Jalandhar says I will kill that person. Jalandhar and vrinda follow the sounds and come inside ganesh and kartikeya’s room, they see them praying to shiv ling. Jalandhar says angrily, what are you both doing? How did you dare to pray to shiv in my palace? I will kill you, stop it now. Ganesh and kartikeya continue to pray. Jalandhar says stop it right now. Jalandhar and vrinda go near kartikeya and ganesh praying. Jalandhar says I will pull the ears of this ganesh and rip them apart. Jalandhar bends to touch, when kartikeya gets up in anger and says enough Jalandhar, kartikeya is about to hold jalandhar’s hand and attack him when ganesh says brother! Kartikeya then smiles and says ganesh I was just telling prabhu Jalandhar to sit with us and pray to lord shiv. Jalandhar gets angry and says you both arrogant kids, how dare you pray in my palace to shiv? This is my home and here no one is allowed to take the name of that worthless shiv. Ganesh stops and says but Jalandhar ji, we were just praying, we thought you would join us. Jalandhar says I am more powerful that shiv and I will make him my servant, I am your god, I am bhagwan Jalandhar and you should be praying to me. Jalandhar says I reached this stage after defeating everyone under the ocean, then I built my own Kailash and declared myself god and my wife as devi Shakti, we deserve to be prayed and you come inside my house and insult me by praying to that useless shiv. Jalandhar says I will make you all the dirt of my feet, just look at me, do I look like a demon? Kartikeya gets angry.

Precap: Jalandhar says stop all this right now, this shivling is made of just dirty mud, I will kick it in a moment. Jalandhar picks his leg. Mahadev and Jalandhar fight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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