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Udaan 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri wins the reward

Udaan 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor stopping Gauri from leaving. She encourages Gauri. She says we are from Aazaadgunj and we will win, every girl will win, Saanvi will help us. She makes Saanvi model for Gauri’s art. She makes Saanvi wear the sweater and takes one purse. She goes and recommends Gauri’s talents to people. They all go and buy stuff from Gauri’s shop. Chakor smiles and signs Suraj. Karan sees Chakor and stops. He collides. He picks her purse. She says I may have seen you before. He says maybe here. He says very beautiful…. She asks what.

He says your purse, from which stall did you buy this. She says from that stall, buy this for your lover, she will get happy, my friend made this purse, she makes beautiful things. He says simple and beautiful. She says beauty lies in simplicity,

go there and see. He says amazing, who can stop your village from flourishing when there are girls like you, your daughter is smart and cute, I will buy such purse and sweater, but I don’t have such girl, you are lucky to have such precious diamond. She sees his finger wound. She says yes, she is my diamond. He says I feel the same for you, beautiful…. He goes.

Imli washes flowers. She hides face from Bhuvan. Bhuvan greets her and sympathizes. Kasturi offers help. Imli does drama. She asks about the idol. Kasturi says some thieves had stolen it, Suraj and Chakor found it and placed it in temple, Imli had stolen it, she was a wicked woman. Imli gets angry and says I heard she was your daughter, she died, you would be sad. Kasturi says people don’t grief for devil’s death, they get happy. She says don’t take her name, I will purify myself now. She gets angry and pours water on her head. Imli asks what’s the need to get angry and hurt yourself, who is your other daughter. Kasturi says Chakor, she is my pride, we are alive because of her. She cries and says its good Imli died, else she would have troubled Saanvi. Imli asks who is she. Kasturi says she is Chakor’s lovely daughter. Imli gets shocked. Bhuvan says we will talk later, we are hungry, we will go home. Kasturi says come with us to haveli and bless Saanvi.

Imli gets angry and throws flowers. She says Chakor’s daughter….. Saanvi…. Gauri says I won’t get the first prize, what will I tell Chagan. Karan stops manager and says let me announce the first prize winner, the reward is 10 lakhs, its given to someone whose art has made big name today. He announces Gauri as the winner. Gauri, Chakor and Suraj get surprised. They all clap. Karan says congrats Gauri, your handicrafts are amazing, I made big projects in the world, today I experienced simple and easy things are beautiful, you don’t know its market value. Udaan hai…..plays…. Chakor sends Gauri on stage. Suraj says this happened because of you. Chakor says because of we two. He says no, we three. They smile. Gauri says thanks but I can’t take the prize reward, Chakor deserves it, I was afraid of city, she encouraged me to reach here, she fought with my husband too. She asks Karan to give the prize to Chakor. He says sure, call her. Suraj asks Chakor to go. Karan gives the cheque. Chakor stops Karan and says there is no use by taking this cheque. He says I didn’t understand. She says you should give Gauri a chance, not reward, real work will happen when you come Aazaadgunj and see how we work, will you come. He drops the cheque. He tears the cheque and throws away. Suraj gets shocked.

Suraj says we should romance and have memories. Gauri shows the cheque. The men oppose Gauri. Chakor asks Suraj how to get free of this thinking. Imli looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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