YES I AM DIFFERENT FROM YOU PEOPLE.YEAH I HAVE A DIFFERENT PRESPECTIVE AND VISION ABOUT MY LIFE.so everyone has. Then why, why I am always shut down. Why my cries aren’t heard as my mistakes are. Why my pain my grief is not seen as much as my ignorance is seen. Why my innocence, my helplessness is not felt as my conceits are. Why am I disgraced, why I am overshadowed or overhanged.Am I not a human??Then why they make and see my capability over ruled by my errors? Why why? Just because I am quiet. Or just because I am frantic. Yes I am frightened of this fiendish world. Why don’t you let me live? Why can’t I take my decisions like others can? Why am I bounded in this cage where my emotions my dreams are crushed and quelled beneath your greedy intentions? Is it because I want to be free, I want to glide in the sky like an eagle with a dream and a courage to break the bounded cage of mine. Isn’t dreaming a basic thing? Can’t a person be allowed to dream? Yes they can right. But still my plead, my plight for persuasion of my aspirations, my ambitions are just torn into pieces and just mocked at it.Why I was always taught to dream and dream when it was just to be squashed by your greed. Why was I always taught to express my views my feeling my emotions when they were just to be mocked at.Why are you double-faced.why did you told me to fly when you were there to slit my wings..why you taught me to speak when I was just to shut down.why you always stood for him and never for me.why weren’t you there by my side in my breakdowns? I was alone there no one to console none to hear. His dreams his aspiration are aspirations and mine are a passerby unproductive thing. HE is an asset for you and I am a liability. Why?.just because I am good for nothing or what?.Why he is always given choices and I am always obliged.He is always labeled as your star kid and me a dumb.why?.His “no” means NO and mine “no” doesn’t have any value.when he asked for something he gets that easily and why do I have to struggle and tolerate everything to get something.Am I a thing or a human?.just because of your greed.the darkness haunted me every day and night when others of my age were happy gaining their wishes and aspirations.Why was I hurt,wounded,tortured and again loved and cared when you were there to again break me down. Those days ,Those days of my tears my plague doesn’t pains me much thinking of my aspiration to be crushed again by your greed… Still i am struggling but still i will fight..till when can you hold me,pull me back,strangle me. every dog has its day still i am merely a human..

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