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Hii frnds. Hope u like my new ff’s introduction. Thanks for all who liked and commented on my ff. I will focus on both swasan and raglak pairs in this ff. Now let’s start our first episode….


A big mansion is shown. A girl was doing pooja and singing aarthi. She was wearing a red chudidhar. Her voice was so sweet and melodious enough to mesmerize all. Suddenly someone closed her eyes from behind. The girl knew who it was.

Girl : shona tu itni jaldi uth gayi

(So the girl is ragini and other is swara )

Swara : offo ladoo how you will guess always correctly

Ragini : di hu teri… How will I don’t recognize u

(Swara was wearing a sleeveless top with blue leggings)  both sisters completed their prayers and came to hall. An mid aged couple was shown sitting there and having tea.

Swaragini : good morning maa papa

Shekhar :good morning princesses today u both are looking beautiful

Swara : ofcourse betiya kiski…. Shekhar gadodia ki…

Sharmishtha : ab chalo and have ur breakfast

Ragini : maa dadi kaha hai….

“Mai yaha hu” a voice came from back.

A lady of late 60 s came there. None other than our parvathi gadodia swaragini’s dadi. She was addicted to  social media.

Par: come on shona laado let’s have a selfie

Rag: kya dadi every day selfie…

Par : tho… I have to keep status na….

#with my lovely granddaughters#   send

Shar: aapka selfie section hogaya tho naastha Kare….

Par: haa…

All had their breakfast. Swaragini went outside by bidding bye to their parents and dadi.

Par : kitni badi hogayi hamare bachee shekhar tune ragini ke liye rishtha dekho….

(All elders are same in every house. When u grow up their main aim is ur marriage… Huff…)

Swaragini get into the car. By dropping swara in her college, ragini left for her music academy. Swara entered the college immediately all boys are staring at her. Ofcourse she was diva of her college. Her scarf flew in air and fallen on someone’s face.

Swara’s POV : beta aaj tho tu gayii…..

She slowly moved towards the person. He removed the scarf from his face and handed it to her. He was none other than our sanskaar.

Swara : thanks

He didn’t paid any attention and went from there.

Swara :how rude….

She went from there and her gang joined her. They are kavya,  Isha, sahil and kiran. They went to their class and sat on last benches. Sanskaar entered the class. His one look was enough to make girls die for him. But he was least interested in them. Kavitha came to him.

Kavitha : hii sanskaar

He didn’t replied just sat in his place

Kavya : this cavity have no work at all always roaming around that sanskaar

Swara : tujhe kya problem hai…

Lecturer entered the class and started his lesson. Nobody are paying attention to him but sanskaar was listening it with full concentration.

Swara :(handsome hai but sadoo type)

On raglak side:

Ragini entered the academy and suddenly she bumped with somebody. She was going to fall but a pair of strong arms was holding her by waist. They shared an eye lock. It was disturbed by others coughing sounds.

(He is our laksh)

Laksh : ragu are u OK? Where is ur concentration

Ragini : I am fine lucky so let’s start the classes

Ragini was teaching sitaar to the students and laksh was listening to it by leaning on the wall. After completing her classes,

Laksh : ragu I must say u have a magic in Ur voice

Ragini : laksh…..

Laksh : okk…. Evening shall we go for a coffee actually I want to introduce my brother to u… Swara ko bhi bulao….

Ragini : okk…..



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