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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Confesses Her Love To Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jeweller tells Diya that Ratan will go to Rani park to give money to that person. Diya thanks him. Bhuvan hears them and informs Ratan on mobile. Ratan is in park already and waits for Diya. He sees her coming and acts as if he is buying drugs from a man. He gives him suitcase full of money and gets a packet. Diya sees him and asks what is in the packet for which he has mortgaged his ancestral ring and takes the packet. Ratan tries to snatch it and the powder falls down on floor. Ratan tells her that the powder is important for him and he is addicted to it. Diya asks what is it? Ratan says I am addicted to it and tells that he is fainting if he don’t have it, and says he is a drug addict. Diya says how can you take drugs? She says why don’t you understand that many lives and homes are

ruined because of drugs and says it is disgusting to hear that he is addicted. Ratan gets happy and then asks her to try and understand.

Diya asks him to leave her hand and says I can’t be drugs addict friend and says you have fallen down in my eyes. Ratan thinks idea is working and thanks God. Diya says we are not friends anymore. Ratan smiles and asks her not to tell this. Diya says I was ignoring your defects, calls his irresponsible, selfish etc. She says she can’t forgive him. Ratan thinks she is dragging the issue. Diya says you are insensitive, etc.

Ratan says if I have so many bad qualities then why did you fall in love with me, and says I must be having some good quality. Diya says you knew it. Ratan says yes. He says I am very irritating, but cares for me. He defends her accusations and says I really care for you. He says he acted to be drug addict so that she starts hating him. Diya says I have also acted to know why you are acting and came to know that the packet was sent to you by Bhuvan. She recalls finding flour in her room. She says I am your best friend and says you don’t want to break my heart and that’s why planned this drama. She says you wanted me to go from here for forever. Ratan asks her not to cry and says I can’t see you crying, and that’s why acted. She starts walking and sits there. She says I can’t hate you even if I wanted. She looks at him in the water tub. She praises him.

Ratan says I know how am I, and you deserve a good man than me, and says you deserve such a man who never let you cry, and who brings happiness in your life. Diya says she met one such guy who is standing infront of her and says where she shall go to find such guy again. Ratan says I am not that kind of a guy, you are blinded. He says I couldn’t keep you happy ever. She keeps hand on his mouth and tells that she loves him the way he is, and says I really love you. She tells that she likes his stunt and waits for him to wake him so that she can spend her day with him. She says I love you a lot and cries. Ratan couldn’t see her crying and hugs her. He says I gave you pain again. Diya says I am mad. Ratan says you are mad and I am your life’s biggest mistake. He says I will ask God why did he mismatched us. He says he can never refuse her. Diya asks him to hold her hand for forever. She forwards her hand. Ratan is about to hold her hand, but Diya drops her hand and looks at him. Ratan is surprised. Diya smiles.

Ratan thinks Diya will never be happy with him. Diya cries and tells Nitya that her love is left incomplete, as Ratan don’t love her.

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