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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 17)

pyar ko ho jaane do agin with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 17:

preeti stays in hooda house for revenge. Atif and Baba is with her. Ishaan thinks that they uses their daughter against his family and He will not let it doing.

In Morning after breakfast…Ayesha and Herry come. Ayesha goes to garden to meet preeti. Herry also comes to meet.
Here Rohit is present.

Herry: Hello bro …hi bhabhi.

Preeti: Hi..Herry how are you?

Herry: absolutely fine.

Ayesha: today you not going office?

Preeti: i will go but a bit late.

Ayesha: ok.

Rohit and Herry go from there. suddenly Herry remembers that his phone left in garden. He goes in garden again. here preeti and Ayesha talks to each other.

Ayesha: so last night your work is done?

Preeti: ofcourse.

Herry comes and hears their conversation.

Ayesha: (irritates) You killed 20 people. don ‘t you afraid?

Herry shocked…😨

Preeti: Dad gives me injection. thats why i become normal.

Ayesha: (holds her face) preeti… “mat kro esa please…yeh ghar tmhe bhut pyar de raha hai. Esa mat kro in logo k sath. apne badly ki agg me tum in ko bhi jala do gi r khud ko bhi”.

Preeti: (anger) “saza tw mily gi…hr ik ko. me jesy bina maa baap k pali ho inky bacho ko bhi yahi saza mily gi”.

Harry leave this place and goes to washroom. he is highly in shocked. He calls hi dad shergill.

Harry: Dad where are you? i want to meet you.

Shergill: I m in home now…come in home.

Herry: ok.

He goes home. Shergill is sitting on sofa.

shergill: what happened? why are you so stressed.

Herry: 😳 Dad…

he tells all the conversation of Ayesha and preeti.

Shergill: damn it…” mujhe lag hi raha tha k preeti kisi maqsad k sath yaha ai hai”

Herry: but dad i think Ayesha is not with her. infact she trying to favor hoodas but preeti is not ready to hear it. now what can I do.

Shergill tells his plans. Herry agrees.

in office

Preeti and Rohit work on their new project. but Rohit is watching preeti with love. preeti notices and says

Preeti: “agar esa hi raha tw…kam ni hoga”.

Rohit: i m sorry. but its not my fault its your fault…you are so cute.

Preeti: pay attention on your work.

in home…

Kavya: Ritik….

Ritik: Yes…

Kavya: come lunch is ready.

Ritik: I don ‘t want to eat.

Kavya: but i cook food for you.

Ritik: (smiling) really. then i will eat.

Kavya: Then come.

preeti and Rohit come from office Herry is also there to pick Ayesha. Herry is looking preeti very strangely.

Rohit: Herry… Ayesha is there not here. Here is my preeti. so please stay away from there.

Herry: haha very funny.

At night…

Preeti goes to kitchen to fetch water. She looks the photo of Ishaan and preet. And She goes in flashback…


Preeti was 10 years old when her grandpaa (Baba) showed the pic of her parents. And told her about her parents. After some years on occasion of 20th birthday…preeti asked the story of her parents to Baba and Atif.
Baba told her about Ishaan and preet. He said that Ishaan was his son. Ishaan ‘s real name is Rizwaan. he fallen in love with hindu girl preet. she also loved him. both got married. preet ‘s hooda family did not like Rizwaan but took advantage of rizwaan to upgrade thier hooda industry. Rizwaan worked day and night. Hooda industry established. but when the news come that preet was pregnant. hooda family plans to kill Rizwaan. bcz may be Rizwaan and preet claimed property shares for their better future. Hoodas trapped Rizwaan and told police that he is terrorist. Rizreet had no chance for survival. Preet decided to be with Rizwaan So they went to die. Riwaan tied bomb and both died in bomb blast. but when we know it was too late. but we save preet our daughter in law. she gave birth you and died.

Atif: and now its up to you. Only you is the waris of Hooda industry. Go and take your life back.

Flashback ends.

Preeti: “mom…dad… mein in logo ko ni choro gi…apko insaaf dila kar raho gi. yeh mera wada hai ap se”.

Ishaan and preet see her.

Preet: “hamari beti kesy insaaf ki bat kar ri hai?”

Ishaan: i think…”baba aur atif ne iska wesa hi brain wash kia hai jesa mera kya tha”. mein apni beti ko khuc bhi galat karny sa roko ga”.

what happens next?

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