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Prithvi Vallabh 8th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi rescues Sindhu, Van Amma persuades Prithvi to go to Mrinal

Prithvi Vallabh 8th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tailap tells that they have lost from Malwa when his soldiers applauds for them. Jakala says they have made the arrangements to welcome Mrinal and you. She says people of Manyakheta are happy that Singhdant is dead, and with his death, all enmity is ended. Mrinal nods no to Guru Aditya. Tailap calls her. Guru Aditya asks him to let Mrinal go and tells that only Mrinal can help herself.

Mrinal goes to her room and cries, thinking about Sindhu’s humiliating words, that her respect is gone, that Chalukya’s empire ended etc. Guru Aditya comes to her and says you have made revenge as mission of your life. He asks her to end revenge and think about her marriage. He asks her to live a peaceful life, and says you are not sanyasan to live this life and asks her to have blissful married life. Mrinal

rests her head on his shoulder and cries. Guru Aditya says you needs a life partner now. He says I have supported you till now, but can’t support you further for your stubbornness. He asks her to marry for her and Manyakheta’s happiness.

Savitri asks Rajmata to have food. Rajmata refuses. Bhoj asks Rajmata to have food if she wants him to eat food. Rajmata eats the food with his hand. Sindhu and Prithvi comes there. Prithvi asks Sindhu to have food. Bhoj gets up angrily. Prithvi asks Bhoj not to insult food and asks him to finish it off. Sindhu looks on tearfully.

Jakala holds Tailap’s hand. Tailap asks what happened? You seem to be happy. Jakala says I will have happy always and tells that enmity with Malwa ended, and now they can live peacefully. She hugs him and says you will be with me always. Tailap says your happiness is short lived and tells that Sindhu has scratched their wounds again and ignited revenge fire. Sindhu is coughing in his room. Savitri gives him water and is about to go. Sindhu says you don’t have time to sit with me. Savitri asks him to have water. Sindhu thinks why shall I live, and death is better than this life. He gets up and searches for something. He looks at his face in mirror, takes the knife and stabs himself. Prithvi comes there and is shocked and holds him.

Vaid treats him and tells Prithvi that he needs to come out of mental trauma. Prithvi tells family members that he is going through depression and trauma because of his family. He says I don’t expect this from you all. He asks Bhoj to respect his father and says punishment is not big than penance, and asks if this suits you. He then asks Savitri to support husband in time of happiness or sorrow, and says he needs you and your support. Savitri and Bhoj goes near Sindhu’s bed side. Sindhu opens his eyes. Bhoj apologizes to Sindhu for his bad behavior. Sindhu says I shall apologize to you all. He apologizes to them. Savitri signs Bhok to forgive him. Bhoj keeps his hand on his forehead. Sindhu feels relieved. Rajmata looks at Prithvi and smiles.

Tailap asks Pradhan where is Kosha and asks him to find her. Jakala comes to meet Kosha in jail. Mausi says if we were in Kotha then we would have welcomed you. Lakshmi says we can’t kill her. She gives them offer to leave Manyakheta for forever and offers jewellery. Kosha says it is valuable, but I refuse to be sold. Lakshmi tells Jakala that it is useless to talk to them.
Prithvi says poetry lines about life and says journey have to be completed. Sindhu says I understood Prithvi bhaiyya. Prithvi says Bhaiyya. He helps him get up. Sindhu says I thought your advice as lecture, and couldn’t understand it. He says I tried to commit suicide. He then swears that he will do the work in favor of Malwa, his people and his family. He says his selfishness is burnt in fire. Prithvi hugs him and says my only brother. Rajmata thanks Sindhu for returning her son. Prithvi and Sindhu hugs Rajmata.

Satyashrah greets Tailap. Tailap says he is very happy to meet him. Satyashrah impresses him with his words. Tailap says I am sure that you have excellence in gurukul. He asks about life in Manyakheta and asks did you like Vilas. Satyashrah smiles.

Sulochana is worried. Mrinal asks what happened? Sulochana apologizes and tells that she wants to tell her something. She says when you went on war, Tailap Raj was attacked and he was injured. Mrinal asks her to find about the attacker who attacked her brother. She goes to Tailap and asks him to show his wounds. Tailap asks how did you know? Tailap says it is fine now. Mrinal says the scratches on your body have appeared on my soul. She says how can attacker can’t be caught. Tailap says mistake is ours. Mrinal asks why did you hide this from me. She says you are dear to me than my life and says I couldn’t see my brother’s wounds. Tailap asks her to calm down and not to be guilty. He says it was an accident. Mrinal says she will punish that attacker badly. Tailap says you are getting emotional. Mrinal says he is utmost important for her. Tailap says nothing will happen to us until you are with me.

Mausi and Kosha are still in Jail. Jakala comes there. Kosha says maharani, please let me make meet Tailap Raj. Jakala says Tailap haven’t returned. Mausi says he has returned, but you don’t want us to know. Jakala says how dare you. Mausi says we can read eyes and expressions. She says eyes never lies. Jakala says I came to see how many breaths are remaining and says you still have strength. She asks Santri to give limited food to them and says she will find permanent solution. Santri drops keys and goes. Mausi and Kosha look at it.

Prithvi comes to meet Van Amma. Van Amma says you came to find answers for your questions. She gives him something and says if she left? Prithvi says yes, and says Pita ji also left and made me an orphan again, I have no reason to love. Van Amma says you have to decide in this anda yug and it needs a lot of sacrifice. She says it is not easy for an orphan child to be called as Prithvi Vallabh. She says Prithvi is yours. Prithvi asks who am I? Van Amma says you can’t know it so soon, you have to know by yourself, and asks him to choose his destiny. She asks him to give test, else truth will always be hidden. Prithvi says you are again not telling me. Van Amma tells that Singhdant killed Mrinal’s family that day and an animal was born. She asks him to look at the sky. Prithvi sees elephant impression in the sky and hears its sound.

Van Amma asks him to go to Mrinal and says she can tell you about Gaj kesari. Prithvi asks Rajmata to let him go to manyakheta. Rajmata says she can permit him if Kalari agrees. Kalari asks him to defeat him in the fight.

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