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Porus 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Defeats Monster Bear

Porus 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ambhi challenges Puru to fight and kill bear, only then he will listen to him. Ambhi’s wife Alka asks Puru to be careful as this animal is most dangerous one. Puru says animals are not more dangerous than human. Alka thinks if Puru is here, then where is Ambhi kumar. Laachi takes Ambhi kumar to Dasyu lok and ties him to a chair. Mahanandini scolds that she once again helped traitor Puur made one more enemy in Takshashila by bringing Ambhi kumar here. Laachi says Puru is pronounces traitor and given death sentence for helping them, they should be thankful to him. It is not a question of Puru, Dasyus, Pourav rastra, or Takshahila now, it is a question of truth now.

Puru walks towards monster bear. Bear runs towards Puru. Alka pleads Ambhi raj to not get Puru via monster bear as he has half

Takshahila blood. Ambhi raj says Puru chose this fight, so he cannot help, she should just enjoy it.

In Pourav rastra, Hasti and Pritha are brought in royal courtyard for Hasti’s punishment. Anusuya says Bamni that he is Pourav rastra’s chariot and should move ahead forgetting past. Bamni asks what she means. She says he should forgive Hasti and give him a chance to prove himself. Bamni says Hasti helped Purshottam to attack Kanishk and even attack Anusuya, so his crime is not forgivable. She pleads him to forgive Hasti as he is Ripudaman’s son who sacrificed his whole life for their rastra, if they cannot do that much to his family . Bamni says whatever Hasti did commands punishment, but since he is Ripudaman’s son, he will get forgiveness, but he cannot join Pourav army. He says Pritha that he knows she sacrificed her life with Ripudaman, so in her respect, she can take as much wealth she wants, but her son cannot get the place Ripu had got, this is his justice. Pritha thanks him for forgiving her son, she does not need any wealth, she will leave from here with his permission. They both leave. Bamni asks Kanishk to call Rajguru and send a message to Darius that he wants to select date of Kanishk and Barsin’s wedding. Kanishk and Kadika get happy.

Puruc continues fighting with bear and it injures Puru severely. Puru falls down energiless. Ambhi laughs on Puru that he is also a fool like his mother who spoilt her like dreaming of united Bharath and he is doing same. Puru says sacrifice always pays off, gets up and kills monster bear. Ambhi is shocked to see that while Alka rejoices. Puru says Pourav prince kept his promise, now it is Ambhi’s turn. Ambhi asks what he needs. Puru says he wants Takshashila army attack Pourav rastra under his guidance, if he liked his proposal or not.

Rajguru checks kundalis and tells next week there is a good wedding muhurath, after that till 6 months, there is not any. Darius asks Bamni not to worry, they have a saying in Bharath that one should not delay in good deeds, they should get this wedding finished next wee. Bamni says how can they make arrangements so soon. She asks Rajguru to recheck again. Darius says if she does not trust her loyal rajguru, they should agree to him and get this marriage next week. He smirks at Rajguru and remninisces bribing him with wealth and frightening him with sword. Out of flashback, he says he wants to return to Faras soon, now it is Bamni’s decision. Anusuya says they cannot take wedding decision so soon and should calm down. Kanishk arrogantly says he is losing his calm, earlier her son tried to kill him, now she is trying to stop his wedding, what enemity they have with him. Anusuya says it is not true. Bamni shouts enough, he has already decided.

Puru asks Ambhi if he will support or not. Ambhi says to finish enemy, he cannot permit enemy’s own blood to him enemy. Puru asks what about Takshashila’s blood in him, he sent Ambhi kumar to kill me, does he know where Ambhi is, if he will permit or see his son dying.

Precap: Alexander looking at world map says he heard Bharath’s protector will confront him, he wants to see who he is. Ambhi raj tells Puru it is impossible for whole army to cross Hhelum river.

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