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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa brings mata dhara to kansa lok.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa in satya lok and he says to mata dhara, mata I am bhagwan kansa! Dhara smiles and says bhagwan? Kansa says yes not over here, but there on earth, I am everyone’s god. Dhara says no kansa, there have been many demons like you who have declared themselves god and think they are Vishnu, but there is only one god who lives in everyone and is everyone, he is lord Vishnu! Kansa laughs and says chakradhari I see why mata dhara is your mother in each lifetime. Kansa says mata dhara I want some answers about Vishnu, who is he on earth? Whose form has he taken? Mata dhara says kansa this is satya lok, everyone here is free so I am not entitled to answer you and how did you enter satya lok? Only people who are pure minded can enter the satya lok. Kansa says okay I will

tell you. In flashback, agni dev who is the entrance and exit to satya lok stands as kansa says agnitap door, I will come inside satya lok. Agni dev says kansa you are a demon and before stepping in you will burn to ashes. Kansa laughs and says who said I’d be taking my body inside? body is just a cover, the spirit or soul is which is pure, it is neither bad nor good, so I can get in. kansa’s soul comes out and enters satya lok. Kansa says this way I came in mata dhara. Kansa says dhara, if you don’t answer here, I will take you to my lok and you will give me my answers there. Kansa laughs. Mata dhara says kansa you cannot take me from here, you are trapped inside, you cannot get out of satya lok. Kansa says who said that? He laughs. He forces mata dhara by her hand and comes to the agnitap door, he says mata dhara see this door, we both will come out of here. Kansa comes out with mata dhara and takes her to his evil lok.
There kanha is in his house and he says to brahman dev, rishi I am just a kid and I have not read much about dharma but I can assure you my mother yashoda has taught me the Ramayana, the story of lord ram. Kanha says shree ram took form to eradicate all social barriers, he fed food to jatayu’s and beggars too, he lived with all people be it of any dharma. Shree ram said that no person can be differentiated from others because of dharma, everyone is equal and have equal rights over everything. Kanha says prabhu ram said, no jati, dharma or kul can define someone, what defines a person is his karma, what he does in life and every human is entitled to only 2 things in life, that is love for all human beings and to help everyone in their life however they can. Kanha says now we shall leave this village because the sun has set. Brahman dev has tears as he realizes his mistake and he says kanha, today you taught me the real meaning of life and dharma! You taught me what a person shall do in his life, you have showed me the wrongs I was doing, I have done a terrible mistake by undermining you as a child kanha. Brahma dev says it is true, dharma doesn’t create a difference between all human beings, it rather bonds all people together and teaches them to help each other and love each other, I have failed as a brahman, forgive me. Kanha says no brahman dev, you haven’t failed, you are a teacher, a guru, it is just what you thought was wrong. All people go from the house as brahman dev cries and goes out with his rishi’s. yashoda has tears and says kanha, who are you? Kanha says I am your son mother. Kanha says to nand, baba I told you we don’t need to leave this village, brahman dev had just deviated from his path and now he knows what is right. Nand smiles as balram smiles too, radha is happy.
There all people of village say we have done a mistake, we were about to remove nand baba and his family out of our village, they have always helped our village and the people and kanha has saves us so many times, he has given us freedom, he is not an ordinary child. Brahman dev says yes, forgive me for putting such thoughts in all your minds but I have sinned, kanha and his family are the true definition of a dharma family.
There as kanha, yashoda and nand come out of their house, they walk ahead in the village and suddenly see all people, with brahman dev and al his rishi’s lying down with their hands joined. Kanha says what are you all doing? Brahma dev says we are asking for forgiveness kanha, I am sorry for what I did, forgive me. Kanha says no you are a guru right? Brahman dev I had become so egoistic but you brought me on the right path kanha! All people say kanha has saved us many times, he cannot be any ordinary child. A kaki says kanha tell us who are you? Kanha says kaki, I am your son right? All people say no kanha, please tell us, you have freed us many times and this time most importantly from this social barrier and our narrow thoughts, who are you? A woman says yashoda, you think the same, you know right? Kanha is not ordinary, you tell him to tell us all who he is. Yashoda has tears and she says kanha, who are you? I want to know it today. Kanha smiles and says mother if you ask, I shall tell you who I am.
Laxmi says prabhu now what will you do? Nandlal has to tell the truth to everyone. Lord Vishnu says devi, these are all my disciples and if nand lal doesn’t tell them the truth today then their future wont be true and everything will stop right at this moment, so nand lal has to give his disciples what they want today. Laxmi says what will kanha do? Lord Vishnu says only he knows that.
There yashoda says tell me who you are kanha. Kanha smiles and sits on stairs and plays his flute. Everyone listen to the sweet music.
There kansa brings mata dhara in kansa lok and says see mata, this is my lok, now give me my answers.

Precap: kansa’s demoness beats mata dhara with a whip. There kanha becomes very huge and tall in size playing his flute and takes his divya form. Lord Vishnu stands in his original form even larger in size behind kanha. All people are amazed and yashoda has tears, everyone join their hands doing pranam as kanha plays the flute.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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