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Nimki Mukhiya 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki alone in the house

Nimki Mukhiya 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says Nimki is home because dadi is alone. Babbu says she has to take care of her as well. Kishan lal says don’t fool us. His wife says eat the food. Amma says that girl is getting us in trouble everywhere.
Nimki dances in the house. She says this is my house. She looks everywhere. She says how long will it take for me to come here.
There are some theives outside the house. They call babbu and say we re near the house. He says go and steal. Dablo says nimki parbatiya and dadi are in the house. Nimki’s room is out so there shouldn’t be any problem. Babbu hears him and says whom were you talking to? Babbu says come and help me here.

Nimki dances in the house. she sits everywhere and take selfies. Nimki takes selfies with photos. She touches the TV. Nimki calls Ram from landline. Mauha says didi.. She says you are calling from the landline? Nimki says dadi is asleep. Nimki says do you wanna see my house? you should come right now. Nimki turns on video call. She shows them all the house. she says here is the hall. There are all the rooms. Nimmki shows them all the photos. She says now I will show you the dining taable. We eat here everywhere. Everyone is dazed. Nimki says whose room is that outside. Nimki says mine? Ram says what? why is your room outside. Chachi says you are kidding right:? It is for servants right? She says yes. Nimki says let me show you the kitchen. she shows them the kitchen. Nimki goes upstairs.
She shows them that portion. Tune says why are you so surprised you live there. Nimki says just giving the feel. she says this room is mine. She enters and there are Tettar’s photos. Nimki says sorry this is Tettar’s room. She shows them everything. She says here is the balcony. You can see whole village from here. Everyone is happy. Tune says show you and Babbu’s room. Ram says yes. Nimki is dazed.

Diamond says she got us insulted. Rekha says without her we have no respect here. Babu says lets go from here. We have no respect here. Ritu says we can’t go. Lets go and talk to him. They all go to talk to him. Tettar says next time bring her here.
They are dazed to see Kishan with Nehar and his candidate.
Precap-The thugs try to enter the house. Nimki sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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