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Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-3

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Sanskar comes to his room and widened his eyes seeing ragini who is wearing saree..Ragini sees him through mirror,she immediately covered herself by rolling saree over her..she turned at him angrily..
Ragini:dont you have minimun sense to knock the door before entering a room.
Sanskar:dont you have sense to lock the door..
Ragini:vo..vo.i forgot
Sanskar:you forgot..and blaming me..
Ragini:you would have knock naa
Sanskar:why should i
Ragini raised her eyebrow..
sanskar:this is my room..i dont need any one permission..
Ragini:mr maheswari,howmany times i told im ur this is my room u have to knock..
Sanskar:husbands no neeed to take permission to come to his wife..(he wins at her)
Ragini:but u have too..u married me without my have to take my permission..
Sanskar(huskily,coming towards her with romantic look)):what if no
Ragini rolled her eyes seeing his suddent act..
Sanskar(looking at her intensily):say na
Ragini(stepping back):vo..vo..
Sanskar(comes near her):say
Ragni(blocked by sanskar now):wh..what..what are u doing..
Sanskar:u said..u r my wife so,im doing ,what husbands to do with wives..
Sanskar:haan dear..
Sanskar moves close to her..
Ragini closed her eyes tight..
Sanskar laughs seeing her..Ragini opend her eyes..
Sanskar:wahh..mrs maheswari scared by me..great
Ragini(angrily):no never..
Saying she pushed him,sanskar unbalanced,he holds her hand for the result both fell on ground..sanskar was on floor,ragini was on him..Both have eyelock..disturbed by door knock..
Sanskar looks at ragini expression..
Ragini about to get up from him..sanskr pulled her holding her wrist..
Ragini:what are u doing..
Sanskar:kya laksh..y are u disturbing..will u give some privacy to us..
Ragini just looks at him with mouth wide open..
Laksh(smiles):sorry bhai…
Saying he leaves…
Ragini:what the hell u said to him..what he think
Sanskar:let him think(he winks at her)
Ragini( fumes):leave me
Ragini:maa, badimaa,pari bhabi went to temple,may laksh needs coffee..
Sanskar:u no need to get worry..Swara is there…
Ragini(laughs):swara!!seriously..she dont know even how to make coffe..
Sanskar:its ok..laksh will drink ,whatever she give..bcz he loves her soo..
Ragini(cuts him) need to tell this again nd again..
Sanskar:i need to tell bcz,this is not getting into ur small brain na..
Ragini glares at him,she frees her hand from his grip nd got up from him..
Sanskar(forwarded his hand):help me
Ragini huffs nd looks away..
saying he got up from floor by himself..
Ragini:go out..i have to wear saree..(remember she was still with saree rolling over her)
sanskar:go nd do in washroom
Ragini:no..i cant wear saree in washroom..
sanskar:i cant go out..i said to laksh we are(he stopped)
Ragini:we are
Sanskar:vo..i mean i told na i m busy ..if i go out he think i lied to i wont go..
Ragini:then how can i wear saree..
Sanskar:i will turn other side..u wear..
Ragini:dont act smart..
Sanskar:what do u mean..i think ,u r imagining so much…im not at all intersted to see u like that..i have a taste..
Ragini opend her mouth as ‘O’
Sanskar:stop looking at me like this..wear..saying he turns..
Ragini cursed him for irritating her..nd wears a saree keeping on eyes on sanskar to check..
Laksh(knock the door) sorry for disturbing..kya hain naa..maa chachi came from temple..chachi calling u both..
Sanskar:ha..laksh..5min..Ragini wearing sar..
Before he complete Ragini who jst completed wearing saree,sensed what he is going to tell,she rushed to him nd closed sanskar mouth nd glares at him..but sanskar was lost when he felt her smooth hands on his wet lips..
Laksh:kya bhai
Ragini:vo..laksh we are coming..
he leaves..
Ragini looks at sanskar who was lost,she then realized her position ,which is close to sanskar..she removed her hand immediately nd steps back…
Sanskar(came to sense):vo..vo…y did u closed my mouth
Ragini:are u could u think to tell like that..
Sanskar:iwant to tell just u r wearing saree..
Ragini:haan..u are inside what he think..he think,we are(she stopped)
Sanskar:we are what..(he winked at her)
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar smiles..
RagSan came to hall,Suji smiled seeing them..
Suji gives prasad to them..
Sanskar about to eat..Suji pulled him nd whispered in his ear dont u have mimiun romantic sense sanskar..feed her na.
Sanskar:maa plzz
Suji:areh just im asking feed to ragini go..
Ragini about to neat her prasad..sanskar hold her hand to stop..
Ragini looks at him puzzled..Sanskar makes himself eat by her hand..Ragini rolled her eyes…Sanskar signs her towrads suji..ragini understand,sanskar feeds her ,she smiles faintly…suji smiles..
Ap:ragini beta,u prepared breakfast naa
Ragini:nay maa..vo
Laksh:kya hain naa maa..she was busy
Laksh:ask bhai(he teased)
Ragini:its not like that laksh.actually i..
Sanskar(holds her by shoulders):no nee to tell anything..kya laksh..we are newly married naa..
Laksh:haa bhai i can understand..
Sanskar:dont feel shy ragini..go nd do breakfast..
Ragini gives him a death glare..sanskar smiles..

All are having breakfast..
Uttara:bhai..i forgot to ask..y bhabi have worn that thread instea of mangalsutra…(remember that day sanskar just tied some thread on her neck in temple)
Ragsan looks at eo nd recalled their marriage..
Laksh:i think,they didnt have time to buy mangalsutra ,being desperate to do marriage..hain naa bhai..
Sanskar smiles fakly..
Uttara:is it..or somethingelse is there..tell na bhabi..
Ragini:haan uttra ur bhai so much desprate to maary me..(she said sarcastic)so he just tied this instead of mangalsutra..
Sanskar looks at her with fake smile understanding her sarcasm..
Uttara:but bhai..
Sanskar(folds his hands):enough..we will talk later..have breakfast first..
Uttara pouts..
All smiles..
All had breakfast…
Sanskar(whisprered in ragini’s ear):get ready to hear suirprise..
Ragni looks at him..
Laksh:kya bhai..
Sanskar:A small gift for my lovely brother..
he gives some tickets to laksh..
Sanskar:haan..i have booked tickets to Paris for ur honeymoon..
Ragini looked at him shock yet angry..
Laksh(whispered in sanskar ear):bhai..u knw that we have to stay away from eo for 1 month..but y did u do this..
Sanskar:i knw laksh..i told naa ,no need to believe all this..swara will understand,if u both go there,all will fine..
Laksh:but bahi..
Sanskar:atleast go nd spend sometime..
Laksh nodded..
Ragini dont know what to do..she just glaring at sanskar..
Dp:But sanskar u also newly married naa..u should also go..
Laksh:yes bhai..
Sanskar:i have booked tickets only u two…
Laksh:thats ok bhai..vaise..i dont want to go paris..we four will go somewhere else..
Sanskar:no not intersted..u both go..
Rp:go na sanskar..
Ragini(thinks something):haan sanskar..we will also go..(she asked sweetly)
Sanskar rolled his eyes..
laksh:see ragini also want to go…
Laksh:no but ,vut bhai..we four going thats it..
Sanskar nodded helpless..
Laksh:where we will go
Laksh:good..i like it..
Sanskar thinks y ragini choose that one..
Dp:fine..i will book tickets for u four..
All nodded..

Sanskar came to room..ragini laughs..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:pity on u..i liked ur surprise(she mocks at him)..see how ur pplan backfired..
Sanskar:but u no need to will happen what i want to do..
Ragini:i will see..
Ragini turns nd smirks..
Ragini looks at him
Sanskar takes mangalsutra from his pocket which he bought nd tied on her neck..Ragini looks on..
Sanskar:remove that thread
Ragini nodded nd tries to remove but she was unable to untie the knot..
Sanskar makes her turn nd tries..Ragini shivers feeling his finger tips on her neck..
the knot was tight he could not untie..he bends to her neck to untie with his teeth..Ragini cluched her saree when his lips slightly brushed her neck..she closed her eyes..
Sanskar(untied finally):ho gaya
Ragini(opened her eyes nd composed herself):give it to me
Sanskar:kyun,do u want to keep it with u as my memory..
Ragini:do u think i will do like that..i jst asked to throw away..
Sanskar:i will do it..
Saying she goes to bed to sleep..
Sanskar keeps it in his pocket nd goes to sofa..
Ragini:badepap told tomorrow our flight.when will we start..imean exact time u start planning anything..dont do damage to ur brain thinking so much,later all will say my wife doesnt have brain..
Ragini throws pillow on him angrily..
Sanskar(smiles):jyada math socho..sleep..
Ragini  closed her eyes annoyed..

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