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Mere Sai 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratnakar Rao Aims To Buy Shirdi’s Land

Mere Sai 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratnakar Rao steps down the palki. Saam Daan Dhand Bhed plays. He comes inside Khandoba temple and folds his hands. His face is revealed. Mhalsapati says you seems to be new here and asks about his purpose of visit. Ratnakar Rao says he came for some important thing. He signs Nand Lal. Nand lal gives silver coins to the villagers. Villagers ask for the coins and push each other. An Old Man falls down. Sai helps him get up. Nand Lal asks Sai, why didn’t you come to get it and says he has one coin left. He offers it to Sai. Sai smiles. Nand Lal says you don’t believe on your destiny and that’s why smiling. Sai smiles and rings the temple bell.

Anta and Banta think to get coin and think Kulkarni will be impressed with Ratnakar Rao. Kulkarni looks at Keshav as he wears uniform. He asks did you

learn anything. Teacher asks him to tell Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks him to go and play. Keshav talks in English. Kulkarni gets impressed. Chivu laughs and says Keshav has become british. Kulkarni also laughs and gets happy. He asks him to make him feel proud and asks Rukmini to give laddoo to Keshav and Pavan, the teacher.

Sai comes the old man and asks are you fine? Old man asks why didn’t you take coins from him and says you would have got your place repaired.

Ratnakar Rao comes to a man’s house and asks him to sell house. Man refuses. Ratnakar Rao shows him silver coins. He puts silver coins on the table and says I know your problem, and says you are worried about your daughter’s marriage and is in debt. Man asks how do you know about this all. Ratnakar Rao asks him to think about himself now and asks him how he will get his daughter married and pay for the debt. He says I am paying you double price. Man says but. Ratnakar Rao gives him more coins and smiles.

Sai says if you run after money then you become its Servant, whoever don’t have money yearns for it. Man agrees to sell house and says we will leave in the night. Nand Lal asks why did he choose this house and says you would have got big house than this. Ratnakar Rao says I have a problem, when someone says no to me, I can’t be at peace until he agrees. He says there is nothing which can’t be bought with money. Old Man tells that if he had got those silver coins then he would have asked his sons to let him and his wife stay with them. He tells about his sons dividing him and his wife.

Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta who is that person who bought Maniram’s house with double price and asks Anta and banta to find about it, and asks them to find out about his name. Ratnakar Rao comes there and apologizes to Kulkarni. He presents silver box to Kulkarni, gifts to Keshav, Chivu and Rukmini, and also for his Servants. Kulkarni asks why did he come to Shirdi. Ratnakar Rao says he wants to buy 2 acres of land here. Kulkarni says it is my Shirdi and says if someone gets the coins then I hear the voice. Ratnakar tells that he is the owner of the Oscar mills. He says he wants to build mill her and says it will benefit all specially you. Kulkarni laughs and asks if you have proofs that you are owner of Oscar mills and says Shirdi is in British’s care and asks him to take british personnel’s approval. Ratnakar says I will meet you son, with approval. Kulkarni asks him to take back and says your gifts can’t win me. Ratnakar asks him to do whatever he wants with the gifts.

Sai comes to old man’s house and sees his sons fighting over their mother’s jewellery. His son tells Sai that he can’t change his decision. Sai asks who am I to change your decision and invites them to have food in Dwarka Maai. They agree. Old man asks if everything will be fine. Sai says yes, and asks him to have shraddha and saburi.

Ratnakar Rao sends invites to Kulkarni, Appa and Kishan Lal. They think to go there.

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