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Mehrya My version Part 68

Doctor and nurses came in and asked them to leave , one of the nurse remove the oxygen mask from her mouth and talks to her Mrs Khanna can you see me? She checked her pupil movement and change a new IV bag for her. Shaurya stand nearby as they remove the clip on her which measuring oxygen level and they remove the pads from her chest measuring her heart beat. The medical team asked Mehak to response to some questions. The doctor came to her and explained to her, about her injuries and also what they did to her for recovery. They also explained about how many days she will require to stay in hospital. Doctor said she needs at least 2months as she fully recover but if she gets better before that she can go home. He ask her to rest and said you will be assisted by nurse all the time as you will need help, don’t be shy to help from them. Recovery is important and he left from there.

Sooner the rest of the family members including PD and Sonal and all gathered at the hospital. They see Mehak from the glass wall and waved at her. She can’t even smile as her jaw aches, earlier her body was numb but as the pain killer wears off she started to feel pain all over her body not one spot left and she couldn’t handle as the pain gets intense. The nurse attending to her notice as she groans in pain. She immediately attends to her and ask her is it feeling uncomfortable or any pain, Mehak can’t move any of her limbs or her head as well so she just flapped her eyelids. The nurse summoned a doctor and they administered pain killer injection for her. Shaurya ask them what happen and they explain, as the anesthetic wears off she can feel pain from the injuries so we need to give injection, no need to worry. Then he asked when they will move her to ward, they responded after 48hrs. He thanked them and family members insist that both Kanta chachi and Shaurya must go home and rest as they are very tired. Shaurya again didn’t want to leave from there. But Karuna maa said , you told once Mehak open her eyes you will go and rest right , now please listen beta , we will take turn , how if you don’t get enough rest and fall sick how you can take care of her? Later he agreed and Jeevan chachu and Ravi chachu with Nehal stays at hospital. The rest leave from there. Before leaving he kept turning and looking at her before exiting HDU unit.

He reached home and Dolly maasi rushed to him and asked how bahu is. He said she has opened her eyes but still in pain. I came home to shower and change will go back to hospital again. She smacked on his forearm and said when my bahu comes home don’t taunt her and disturb her or else she will be sleeping in my room with me like before. Hearing this Karuna maa behind them and asked Dolly what are you saying why Mehak is sleeping at your room? Dolly replied yes didi, few days since he came back from Mumbai he wants to do work at room and Mehak is sleeping at my room with me. Even the day she was sick the next day she came back to my room I didn’t ask because I can see something is wrong but the poor girl already sick asking her will make her sicker so I decided not to say anything. Karuna maa looked at Shaurya and ask, beta is this all true? You and Mehak have something is it? He run through his hand on his nape as he is tired but now he has to answer his mother. He opens up and said yes maa, we both have some issues but I wanted to solve yesterday before that the accident happens. I wanted to sort all and give her Valentine’s Day surprise to her maa but she don’t want to listen as well, it’s my fault but I don’t want to be punished like this maa , I don’t want to lose Mehak at any cost. Karuna maa asked him to go and fresh up and rest as well.

He slowly went upstairs to his room and take off his hoodie and lie on the bed. So much of memories dances in his mind as he was seeing Mehak all over his mind he dozed off. After few hours he looked at the time and realized he slept off he gets up and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. He went downstairs and about to leave Karuna maa caught him ask him to eat first before he goes but he told her will eat at outside as he needs to rush to see Mehak don’t know whether she needs anything or not. Karuna maa manage to convince him and ask him to eat first, so he quietly obliged. He quickly had his meal and rushes to leave from there, but Police officer came there and said they need to discuss. Without much hesitation, Shaurya brings them to living area and discuss with them. Police office reveals that the car hit Mehak was drove by Archie Basin. Do you recognize her? Shaurya was equally shocked and angry as it was Archie that who did the accident and cause all these pain to his Mehak. He quickly replied I have no idea who is this Archie. Police officer replied she have died in the accident as well. Shaurya’s face didn’t show any remorse on the news he heard from them, he replied it’s good that she died in the accident or else it will be worst because I will not spare who ever cause so much pain to my wife. After few more questions, Shaurya ask them not to disturb Mehak who just open her eyes at hospital as doctor already told them that she is yet to recover from trauma, anything please ask me I will assist. They leave from there. He also leave to hospital. Shaurya’s routine was the same for the next few weeks. Mehak didn’t talk much to anyone as she feel pain as she move her jaw. Her food was mainly liquid soft food. Doctor has removed the cervical neck collar from her as he neck is fine and also the bandage from the head removed replaced with a patch on the wound spot. Kanta chachi ties up her so it will be easy to manage as her hair kept falling over her face. It was getting hard for chachi to feed her as she refuse to eat and complains tired all the time. Her broken arm cast were removed and replaced with a sling. She was progressing well but there were no slight emotion on her face. Shaurya wonders what happen to her because she is not usual chirpy ones. He misses his Mehak very much. The least she response to him by nodding yes or no or she will say she is tired. Doctors say she needs time to recover from her mental trauma. Although she is progressing well on the outer wound her inner wound could be fresh and she needs time, we can give medicine and treatment to treat these visible wounds but her hidden wounds will require lots of love, care and understandings from all her family. Shaurya realized yes she was very hurt prior to that incident, and now the accident so all these is taking a toll on her.  He wants to be there for her didn’t want to compel her further. He is willing to wait for her.

Sonal delivers baby girl and all were as happy as the child born. Mohit came to visit Mehak and his new born baby. Sheetal aunty was requesting Kanta chachi to allow her to take care of her daughter and the granddaughter as they are busy taking care of Mehak at hospital. Without much hesitation they agreed Sonal to go to her mum’s house for her confinement. During this period, Shaurya was taking care of Mehak even when they are alone they hardly speak. Once Shaurya try to feed her food and she refuse to eat and keep pushing the spoon away. He smiled and keep entertain all her tantrums. Lastly she give up as he is not giving up on her and she had her meal. He was assisting the nurse to clean her wounds and she ask him to wait outside as they want to change her clothes. The nurse looked at her blankly and said he is your husband he can stay here, Mehak replied I am feeling uncomfortable to change Shaurya smiled and leave the room while they change her clothes. Soon they remove the cast from both hand and leg and installed with a splinters.

Slowly physiotherapist came to attend to her, they trained her to move her arms and legs. Shaurya will accompany her and watch while she follows the therapy. She will winces in the pain whenever tries to move but she slowly tries and walk for few steps and stops. After few weeks of therapy she was able to walk but still limps. Doctors came to check on her progress and say they can discharge her on next day and she need to follow physiotherapy outside. It will be good if she can do some yoga, swimming or some other activity to accelerate recovery. Shaurya and Kanta chachi thanked doctor and were very happy. Kanta chachi kissed Mehak’s cheek and started to comb her hair to make it into a plaits. While she was combing her hair, Mehak hissed in pain Shaurya rushed towards her and ask are you okay? She didn’t reply Shaurya just ask chachi to do it gently. Kanta chachi sees the tension between them. She ask if you want me to do it gently why don’t you come do it yourself for your wife. He looked at Mehak and don’t know what to say, chachi insist come here. Shaurya said I don’t know how to do plaits chachi. She said no problem I will teach you, come here so he reluctantly went behind her. Mehak said chachi not necessary asking him to do, you please do for me. Chachi insist wait beta let him try, so will know how to comb and plaits hair. You quiet first. He gently touched her hair and run his finger on her long tresses. It’s been ages since he actually feel her silky hair. Kanta chachi guided him how to comb hair without any tangles and divide into 3 parts , and he manage to do the plaits for Mehak and he felt so proud about it. He took his mobile out and took a selfie with her as Mehak still groggy with him. He looked at it and said perfect. Kanta chachi just control her laughter and kept quiet.

Next day doctor signed the discharge form and ask them to settle the outstanding bills. After the doctor leave the room, Kanta chachi asked Shaurya, whether she can bring Mehak back home for few days, she will take care of her and once she felt better she will send her home. Shaurya declined and said he will leave all his work and takes care of Mehak by himself. As now they have granddaughter at home and must pay attention to her. This big baby he will take care of himself, he was referring to Mehak as he give her a mischief look. Both were arguing and Jeevan chachu with Ravi chachu looking at them shaking their head. Suddenly Mehak interrupted them asking can I say something? They all turned to look at her, she repeat can I say something? Kanta chachi went near her and asked yes beta tell us what is it? She slowly speak saying that, she will stay in hospital and don’t want to burden anyone. If she goes back to any of the houses she will be a burden and don’t want them to suffer because of me. As it is you all already suffered because of me. Shaurya with cha-chas rushed to her side and consoled her not to speak like that, she is never a burden and they will never think like that too. Ravi chachu continues beta if you are angry or upset because of Mohit or Sheetal, we will ask them to stay away but you are our child, how our own child can be our burden. They try to convince her not to say such thing by then there was knock on the door and few police officers came in.

Shaurya and the rest of them shocked to see them there and asked why they are here. One of the officer responded we want to enquire about her accident case Mr Khanna didn’t tell the truth so we want to hear from Mrs Khanna. We checked with the hospital and find out that she will be discharging today so we are here. Shaurya tries to stop them but officers warned that no one should interfere during an interrogation or else severe action will be taken. One of the officer went to sit beside Mehak and ask during the accident why you were at the Haryana high way there on the road. She looked at Shaurya, he tries to stop them, and officers ask him to stay away. After a few minutes , Mehak opens up, she said she went there as she receive a prank call saying my husband was injured and I rush to that place but no such incident happen. Then he continues do you know Archie Basin? Mehak looked at Shaurya and said yes I know. How you know her, she was my husband’s ex-girlfriend. Do you know the accident was done to you on purpose by Archie Basin? Mehak looked at them lost and her look turned to Shaurya who was standing behind them trying to stop them. After your accident day we get to know the deceased was Archie Basin so we went to her office to gather more informations, the staff told us that she was angry last night and throwing and breaking things at her office. Staff who went in to stop her but she chase them away as well. One of the staff heard she was calling someone and saying to arrange someone to assassination. Then she left immediately from the office. We went to trace her phone record and found that she called Mr Khanna earlier and later she called the assassinator. We traced that number and manage to find it was truck driver, she transferred money to the driver to hit and murder you. But you were lucky, you moved away and the driver missed it so he called Archie to inform about this and she gets furious and say to him she will finish it off by herself so she drove to that highway and hit you but she lost control and hit on the opposite truck and her car gets flamed up she died on the spot. Shaurya stops them police officer saying he already spoke to Commissioner and please leave us now. Officer thanked them for time and leave from there. Kanta chachi went to hug Mehak and cried what will I do if anything happen to you? Ravi chachu walks to Shaurya and hold his shirt collar and asked him what kind of man are you? We trusted you and married our child to you despite of all the problems but you can’t take care of her. You see earlier Nikita locks her at cold room and cause problem, then now Archie wants to murder her. If all your ex-girlfriends coming in to revenge on our daughter then she is no longer safe with you. We can’t allow our daughter go with you. Shaurya tries to reason out saying he will be a good person and he will protect Mehak but both cha-chas said is enough, not only once she had some misshape but every now and then. Both went to Mehak and said beta when bhaiya and bhabhi entrusted you to us we promised that will take care of you no matter what, if you respect us please come with us. Mehak responded okay chachu I will come with you all. Shaurya was heartbroken hearing this but he didn’t protest because he thinks it’s better for her as she needs rest.

After settling all the bills they leave the hospital, Shaurya looking at Mehak but she didn’t even see him once. After taking a deep breath he leave from there too.

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