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Ladka Deewana Aya (SanVeer) Chapter 6 – Savitri Devi College And Hospital

HI GUYS…hope you have had a good day…this is the episode where you get to know what sanchi saw that night at the dance and who that boy is who told veer to back off and what link he has to sanchi and you also get to know why Kabir was with Isha when he liked sanchi and in the next update what did isha mean when she said back your watch and why their friendship drifted…..? Let me know some ideas and response to this update….!!

Veer came rushing into my bedroom……with fear of what i may do and of hope that i do not take this step of killing myself…he jumped onto me and snatched that tiny piece of glass from which i was going to end my life with….he screamed at me and questioned why i was doing this and why she would not trust him and listen to him…..i did not want to answer his questions..i did not now an answer for them….

He just said FOUR words that touched me the most and made me want to trust him the most….”DO YOU LOVE ME”…i replied back I DO but what about you…you broke my trust…you cheated on me with Isha…why were you kissing her if you were so loyal and loved me…tell me..don’t have an answer that is what i thought….Veer sat down and gripped my wrist and said she came on me and why would i ever do that to you…you are the person who taught me to love and be a better person….i fell to his words and believed him after all we had gone through a lot and this might have been Isha’s plan… hurt me…..!

Me and Veer talked and talked until he asked me who that boy was which made me numb…i did not want to talk about that ruthless boy…i could not cope with his memories and i ran out of the room outside into the cold and i needed space and fresh air…without no due rain started falling from the heavens…but i could not get my mind off him..

I found an area to seek refuge in.but not long veer found me and came rushing to me and stormed his questions on me why i left and who that boy was…..i had to answer his question..i replied back with hesitation that the boy was…UMM MY…MY EX HIS NAME IS ADI….Veer had his answer answered but he seemed calm and no sign of angriness or shock….he just said that “i will always support you”…these words gave me hope and that he would be always by my side and never leave me…..!!

It had been a couple of days since that event……and it was time for college……i throw on some casual clothes since i was not up for dressing…i reached the gate and said that everything will be okay sanchi….i was proceeding to my class when kabir pulled my hand into the storeroom, i was furious and discombobulated why he had pulled me in…i said why did you pull me here Kabir….Kabir only was just on keen on saying one thing…Sanchi i really like you please be mine…..THAT PHRASE annoyed me so bad…..i could not control it anymore and said….When you knew i liked you…you never asked me out and were playing lovey dovey with my ex best friend who is not my friend anymore and now all of a sudden you like me….Kabir had a sigh of guilt in him and yapped…………i had to play lovey dovey with her… i did not have a choice…i done it for you..i always liked you but Isha had something that could destroy you and your future….i felt intrigued and asked him or screamed at him…what did she have….kabir replied with…SHE HAD A……!!!

PRECAP: Sanchi goes to confront Isha about why she did that and why their friendship drifted..??

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