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Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi decides she doesn’t want Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

First Part in Kumkum Bhagya Section

Pragya forces Avantika to come with her to police station. She clarifies to Pragya she is Avantika Sahani. The maid brings the watchman but Pragya holds a knife in her defense. Avantika was afraid and shows her husband’s photographs Avinash. Pragya doesn’t believe her. Avantika goes to call police, Pragya was sure they will witness the one they consider dead is still alive. After Avantika’s story, Pragya speaks to the inspector. The inspector warns Pragya not to use her resource over law and leave the innocent citizen. Avinash comes to the hall and asks what this all is. Avantika hugs him and narrates him the whole story. Pragya points the knife at Avinash. Avinash introduces himself as Pragya’s husband. Pragya blames him to be with

her all along ad must have given the injection to her husband. She says when caught last time she brought a fake mother, and her husband was Dushyant Khurana who was a murderer. Avinash convinces Pragya that they were only transferred here a week ago, even their maid doesn’t know their names well here. Purab reach there and was shocked to see the face, recognizing it as Simonika.
Karan asks Sakshi about the name of the girl. Sameer tried to overhear and fell inside. He explains he didn’t deliberately come in, he was sent here. Karan stops him at the corridor and asks him for a favor again, he tells him to go and find which girl is with Prithvi at his house. Sameer flee from there as he was given a task by Preeta. Preeta and Rishab stop him in the hall, Sameer tells them a confused story and goes to take some rest.
Karan comes to Sakshi and asks her about the end of story. Sakshi says Prithvi has a lady at home, and a girlfriend; she stands nowhere and doesn’t want Prithvi. Karan tries to convince her but she leaves annoyed at Prithvi. Preeta watches Sakshi leaving angrily and suggests the fight must have increased. Rishab stops her and offers to help her if there is some problem. Preeta asks what Karan did to her. She says they felt bad watching her cry, but they can solve her problem. Karan was tensed which he watch this and was worried this might ruin his game against Prithvi. Preeta watches Karan and thinks Karan must have done something wrong with the girl. Sakshi was furious and says she neither wants a solution nor Prithvi. Preeta now looks towards Karan furiously.
Prithvi follows Sherlin in his car while she drove away.
Preeta and Rishab ask Karan why she took Prithvi’s name. Karan calls the girl a little crazy. Rishab strictly tells him to be clear. Karan makes up a story that he had a breakup with that girl and suggested her for an affair with Prithvi. He then hurries taking a call.
Purab introduces himself to Avinash. He tells Purab she is his wife Avantika, not Simonika. Police also arrive then, Pragya asks the inspector to arrest her as this is Simonika Rana. She doubted the conspiracy and followed her to her new hiding. Avinash shows the inspector cards as his proofs, he asks Avantika to show her cards as well. He shows his company’s transfer letters from Banglore to Mumbai as well. Pragya calls each proof as false, she has worked at her place as her husband’s secretary and can be seen in each party and concert in the last six months. The inspector wasn’t convinced and asks Pragya to write a fresh application and bring proofs. Pragya requests the inspector not to let her run away, else her husband might be hanged innocent. The inspector tells Pragya they won’t let this family run away, but they must work through a procedure. Purab calms Pragya down, if police takes her to custody how they will prove this is Simonika. Pragya warns Avantika before she leaves.

PRECAP: Preeta asks Shrishti if she loves Sameer. Shrishti wasn’t sure what Sameer thinks about her, she gets an idea to find about it in her engagement. Dadi tells Preeta and Shrishti about Abhi’s arrest.

Update Credit to: Sona

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