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Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya confronts Simonika

Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundali Bhagya’s Part:

Karan gives water to Taapsee and asks her tell what happened? Taapsee cries and says she can’t show her face to anyone now. Karan asks if all that happened with you. Taapsee says no and cries. Karan asks her to tell her what happened exactly and says people shall not think you are my baby’s mother. Taapsee says you can’t understand what I am going through. Karan asks her to tell exactly. Taapsee tells him that her Prithvi was treating her hand with love, and took her to his bedroom, saw her as if he cares for me a lot, held my hand with love, was taking me to bed when I pretend to faint and hugged him. Karan asks why did you cry then? Taapsee says where was I? Karan says you was saying how he touched your hands. Taapsee says I was shy

and hugged him, he also hugged me when he came. Karan asks who? Preeta? Taapsee says no, his current girl friend who was showing right on him.

Kumkum bhagya Part:

Pragya confronts Simonika for trapping Abhi with a full proof plan. She says now Abhi will be freed and asks her to come. Simonika asks her to leave her and says she is not Simonika, but Avantika Sahani. She says I heard your nonsense since long and says I don’t know you are talking about whom, and says she will call Police. She calls her Servant and asks her to call Police. Pragya says my husband is in the lock up because of you. Simonika says she is Avantika. Pragya says I will call police. Simonika asks her to call Police and says I will see who will take me out. She says I will tell Police how you behaved madly, and says you will go to mental asylum for sure. Pragya asks her not to do drama and says nobody can save you this time. Purab calls Pragya. Pragya asks him to come and gives address. Simonika asks her to leave her hand. Purab thinks how can this happen. Disha gets worried. Purab goes there. Disha hopes everything is fine.

Kundali bhagya Part:

Rishabh asks Preeta who is the girl? Preeta tells that when Karan came, she came here following him and started crying. She says he must have come after meeting her and says what did he do with her that she is crying and asks if he will ever get better. Rishabh says we have to know the truth before accusing him. They see Sameer coming there. Rishabh asks about marks on his face. Sameer is about to say. Rishabh asks him to first do his work and asks him to hear Karan and Taapsee’s talks. Sameer says if Karan comes to know then he will get angry. Rishabh asks him to go. Preeta hopes Sameer tells him about the happenings inside. Karan asks Taapsee who was that girl? Taapsee says she was the witch girl. Karan asks her to tell her name. Taapsee says I will not tell you. Karan asks her to calm down. Taapsee says she is a dayan, having long hairs like that of witch and was haveing bad perfume smell .

Rest of the update in Kundali Bhagya’s update.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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