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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update nimart and sikander come Face to face

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nimrat thinking about sikander taking kulfi away and wakes up and leaves the room from back Door,arguing Sitara setu and nihalo don’t realise it,setu turns around and starts looking for her.
Nimrat injures her leg but keeps walking calling for kulfi,nihalo says first daughter missing now mother,setu leaves looking for nimrat,nimrat keeps walking on roads looking for kulfi,nihalo sees nimrats foot prints but diverts setu and goes in that direction and sends setu in other.

Sikander asks where did we reach,organiser say chiroli,this reminds sikander of nimrat,kulfi running and says you have to reach to Ma and Ma don’t worry I’m coming to you,sikander says nimrat I wish I could see you again,kulfi asks for help but no car stops to help her,she says I have to keep running come

what may,sikander sees a temple on his way and remembers marrying nimart there,and singing with nimart there.

Sikander remember a past episode: nimart asks what if you don’t return,sikander says how is that possible I can’t live without you and hugs her.

Sikander says I’m sorry nimart. Nimart runs saying you can’t take kulfi away from me she is mine,nimrat comes ahead of sikanders car,both see each other,sikander smiles and says nimart,and faints,nimart starts feeling giddy too and says kulfi and asks where is my kulfi,they think nimrat is some mad women,nimart sees sikander and calls his name,sikander opens his eyes and looks at her,nimart says I knew you will come back,sikander says these dreams,I wish this dream never breaks,nimart says kulfi,organiser says quick let’s leave,nimart faints.

Nimart picks herself up and gets up and imagines that kulfi is in that car with sikander and waving at her,and starts following the car.

Lovely and minti in car,Driver says pathankot is still one hour away,lovely says stop.kulfi stops a man and says please help me I need to take this money to my mother she is in hospital,he says come sit and leaves.

Organisers see nimart following and think she is a fan.lovely starts driving and speeds up,and hits nimart.sikander asks to stop the car as he feels something.

Lovely asks minti to keep quite.organsier asks what’s wrong,sikander says I heard someone shout somebody met with an accident,and about to get out of car,organiser about to stop,sikander says I have already left a person not now,he says please sir get in don’t worry the person will be taken to hospital.
Sikander gets in the car.

Lovely gets down the car and sees nimart and is shocked.she walks to her.
Kulfi sees lightning and says oh god you clicking my pictures,oh don’t not now click with my mom and uncle please quickly.
Driver says we need to take her to hospital.

Pre cap : kulfi singing as she is on her way to hospital.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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