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Kasam 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi’s life in danger

Kasam 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi coming to Tanuja early morning and thinks she is sleeping else she would have scolded me. He feels something wrong will be happy with Tanuja. Pandit in the temple pray to Kali Maata and tells that Rishi will be defeated by his destiny. He says I won’t let this happen this time and does special puja with the other Pandits. He prays that Rishi shall be saved from that black reflection. Netra shows her evilness and decides to separate them. AK thinks he did right not to separate the kids seeing Natasha and Tania. Natasha sees AK and calls him Papa. She asks him if she is looking Jacqueline. AK says you are Aaliya bhatt fan. Natasha says she is taken by someone else. She insists him to have icecream. AK says no. Natasha then asks him to do sit ups. He does push ups while they are

sitting on his back. Myra and Maasi are happy.

Rishi searches for Tanuja. Netra tells him that she will stitch his shirt button. Rishi says when did I ask. Netra says Raj must have asked. Rishi says ok. Netra thinks to give him a big wound. Rishi admires Tanuja as she dries her hairs. Tanuja asks him to give clothes to everyone. Rishi says sorry for coming late. Tanuja says you are doing wonder and says it is husband’s work to make wife’s wait.

She says it is wife’s duty to wait for her husband. Rishi thinks she is very angry and tells that he cameto her in the morning and was very close to her. Tanuja asks then what? Rishi holds her face. She asks did you have food in the night. Rishi says yes and tells that he had full stomach food. Rishi asks didn’t you have food? Tanuja says she had so much food and scolds him for having food in 5 star hotel and tells that she was hungry here. Rishi thinks he did a mistake to lie. Ahana comes and asks them to have food. She says you both were hungry last night. She asks Rishi to come home soon and says Tanuja waits for you for the dinner. She goes. Tanuja asks if he didn’t have food? Rishi teases her and then says sorry. Tanuja says its ok, I forgive you. Rishi asks why she is showing attitude. He shows the juice and says you are hungry since night. They have food together.

AK talks on phone and tells that he had suffered a business loss. He says he needs to go to Delhi. Rishi and Manpreet ask why he is going. Myra says for work. Manpreet says shall we go? AK says it is your house. Rishi offers to handle his office in his absence.

Netra comes to Tanuja’s room and tells that Rishi sent her to take his shirt. Tanuja asks why did he send you. Netra says he wants me to stitch his shirt button, and says he likes me to do it. She says although he loves you, but I also love him. Tanuja thinks Netra reminds her of that night again and again.

Rishi tells Tanuja that he will ask her to stitch his shirt button. Tanuja pulls his cheeks and says you are cute. Rishi pulls her cheeks and says you are also cute.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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