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Jiji Maa 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash finds family captive

Jiji Maa 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gorki asking Falguni to attend Suyash’s call. He says I m coming home, I will be there before Tyagi. She says no, you can stay with your friend. He says strange, I missed you and realized you are so good, I have fallen in love with you alone. She says we will talk later. He says no, I have to talk now, I told my friend about you, I told him that I broke my shirt button to come close to you. Everyone hears this on speaker. She says we will talk later once you come home. He asks are you shy, fine we will talk later. She keeps her phone. Shom shouts open the door, I have come. Gorki says tell him to go back. Uttara says he won’t go. Jayant says Shom is madam’s Hanuman, he won’t go without doing duty. Gorki says then he will be shot, go and tell him to go home. Shom gets glad

seeing her opening the door and says its a good day. She says no, take a leave today, spend time with family.

He says we have meeting with Tyagi. She says no need, go home. He says you are hiding something, did you get another manager in your life. She says no, go now. He says no, I will join duty. She shouts just go. He says no, I m your shadow, let me be here, I will do duty. She says fine, I m firing you from job. She shuts the door. Shom shouts to her and asks her to open the door. Shom says fine, I m doing, you didn’t do this good. He cries and goes. Vidhaan tells Jayant that he didn’t show another exit to them and can go out. Jayant says just come back soon. He asks shall I go and get Niyati’s medicines. Chutkan goes along.

Shom comes inside by the other door. He gets shocked by seeing Naxals. Gorki scolds Vidhaan for acting smart and hiding the exit. Uttara and Vidhaan apologize. Shom says you should have told this to me before. Uttara asks what was I telling you then. He says yes, I understand it now, I will go home. Gorki threatens to kill him. Shom says I have two daughters and have to do kanyadaan. Mangal saks him to shut up. Gorki asks them to go and get ready turn by turn. Chutkan asks Jayant about fitness band. Mangal takes it from him. Gorki says we came here to settle scores with Tyagi, not to get this.

Shom asks Uttara not to insult anything. She gets Tyagi’s call and answers on speaker. Tyagi says I have imp work, I can’t come now. She asks what are you saying. He says I wanted to meet you but I m going for imp meeting. Gorki says call him here right now. He threatens. Uttara calls Tyagi and asks him to come home, she is feeling bad that he isn’t coming, he should try. He says minister called me, I m helpless. She says just try to come. He says I will come tomorrow on breakfast. He ends call. Uttara thinks its good, if Tyagi came, they would have known I bought the land. Shom says come tomorrow, okay. Mangal and Gorki threaten. Suyash comes home. Falguni smiles seeing him. Suyash says I have come, I thought you will hug me. He gets shocked seeing the family at gunpoint.

Suyash fights with Mangal. Chutkan attacks him. He faints. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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