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Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan) part 39

I put you in worry saying that I won’t be able to take this ff till 50 but it doesn’t mean that I will end it in 2 or 3 episodes.if I keep getting ideas this ff will have chapters and everyday I think of new ideas to keep it going so don’t worry too much I won’t leave it just like that and see the brighter side ,if I finish one ff I can start a new one with fresh concept.i know what it feels like when something you love goes away but you have to let it go for something better to come.
Your comments just make me feel like I am the luckiest person on Earth. You guys are amazing.

now you can read:

sanskar forwarded his hand which ragini clutched tightly and taking a deep breath nodding at each other they stepped out of the room with minimal noise possible.”stop”sanskar whisper shouted making ragini freeze at her place.”I will look first if anyone is spying on us”ragini nodded as sanskar peeked his head out of his room scanning the corridor for any sign of movement but got none.”come”sanskar held her hand and they moved down the stairs looking around and top toeing to not get caught at this hour outside their room.ragini smiled as heat rose to her cheeks leaving a tinge of red as she looked at their entwined hands.it was just a gesture but it showed a lot of things that they will always be together through everything,each other’s support, comfort and if anything happens the other will take the danger before it reaches her or him.she felt sanskar nudging her as she stood at the platform which connected the stairs looking lost in her reverie.sanskar raised an eyebrow to which she shook her hand tightening her hold on his hand.sanskar shook his hand smirking at her and next moment ragini knew her legs had left the ground as she was held safely in his embrace.her heart skipped a beat as she looked into his dark brown orbs filled with love so unexplainable.sanskar leaned closer to her as she shuddered feeling his hot breath.”hold tight”he whispered huskly in her ear and she grasped his shoulders for support with the thought of protesting to put her down long forgotten.they reached kitchen and sanskar put her carefully on ground.
they looked at each other as their stomachs made a rumbling sound leaving them smiling sheepishly.”let’s get going before anyone sees a newly married couple in kitchen instead of their room”sanskar smiled sarcastically as they moved inside and switched on the lights.”I was so hungry and when we got food I was surrounded by everyone and they were staring like I am an alien who doesn’t eats food and I couldn’t eat in that environment”ragini huffed remembering the looks guests were giving her.sanskar nodded”I didn’t eat as people were more busy in teasing me than catering to my needs and then same case… one can’t even eat in peace”to which ragini nodded pursing her lips.”noodles”after few minutes of rummaging they grabbed hold of it and smiled widely at each other.”I will cut the vegetables, you ignite the stove”ragini said to him but he went to fridge taking out capsicum, carrot and other things and moved to the cutting board.”but i””sshh”sanskar cut her protest short keeping finger on her lips to silence her.ragini pouted but sanskar didn’t melt and concentrated on cutting the vegetables.ragini looked at him scowling and after putting the noodles in the boiling water she stood beside him taking another knife and started cutting the vegetables.sanskar whistled slowly cutting the vegetables ignoring ragini’s scowl.”you know you are quite intimidating but now it won’t work so you better get to work and let me show that even I can do the kitchen work and you don’t need to do everything for me just because I am a man and you are a woman”sanskar spoke casually as ragini’s scowl faltered and she cut the vegetables silently.sanskar was done with his work so he moved to take her side vegetables but she slapped his hand glaring him.”ouch why was that needed?”sanskar asked dramatically blowing air on his hand.””you see the noodles and rinse them off water”ragini commanded as he saluted her mockingly making her smile.ragini poured oil in the utensil and as she was about to put vegetables sanskar moved back with a look of horror on his face.”sanskar it’s nothing,it won’t hurt you neither will it hurt me…relax”ragini ran soothing circles on the back of his hand and as he relaxed she put the vegetables for frying while he held her hand tightly.
“ready”ragini chimed as both moved towards the bowl to smell the mouthwatering aroma.they grabbed the forks and taking handful of noodles they forwarded towards each other.seeing spoons in front of their mouths both chuckled and ate from each other’s hand.they fed each other lovingly with constant vigilance to hear a noise from outside.they both washed the dishes together spraying water on each other and laughing softly.”you have something there”sanskar pointed to her corner of lips and moved towards to wipe it.ragini felt firecrackers exploding in her stomach as he leaned closer and closer.he wiped her lips with his thumb tracing the outline of her lips.ragini closed her eyes losing herself in his sweet calming scent and leaned closer.sanskar mirrored her actions and was about to connect his lips with her when they heard footsteps from outside.
“someone’s approaching”sanskar moved back and ragini jumped at her spot in anxiety.they both looked around the kitchen for a place to hide.ragini moved in the space between fridge and door and sanskar paced around frantically with beads of sweat adorning his forehead.ragini huffed and pulled him towards herself.”sanskar calm down just moments ago I was hopping up and down and now you… just take a deep breath”ragini put her hands on his chest and as he did as was told he felt her hands being the contact of calmness.the kitchen door slided and ragini moved closer to him in fear as both were too close now not letting even air pass through them.forgetting a third presence they looked deep into each other’s eyes, the eyes that could hold them captivated yet free them from all restrictions, the eyes that make them restless but peaceful also.”these kids… opened the lights… hopeless”Annapurna sighed and closing the lights went away as they heard a click of metal.”badi maa went away… thank God she didn’t saw us or what would she have thought”sanskar moved out breaking the eye contact but ragini looked at the door as a statue.”she closed the door”ragini held her hair in her hand pulling them in frustration.sanskar held her hands unlocking them from her silk locks keeping aside his frustration from his badi maa’s action at bay.he patted her shoulder and ragini felt herself calming down.”we can go from the window… it’s locked from inside”sanskar suggested and ragini looked at him hopefully.”but the main door is closed…we will be in garden…”sanskar trailed off as ragini’s face faltered but then she smiled moving towards the window.”we are going to have the most unique first night of the century”she chuckled as sanskar also smiled at her normal behavior.ragini jumped out of the window sanskar following her.ragini breathed in the fresh air enjoying the silence and fragrance of flowers.sanskar was mesmerized by her beauty as the moonlight fell on her face enlightening it increasing her ethereal beauty.ragini held his hand and closed her eyes leaning on to him.sanskar kept his hand on the small of her back supporting her as her head found its place on his shoulder.they moved forward with ragini’s humming filling the content air.sanskar made her sit on the swing and sat beside her.ragini opened her eyes and looked at the midnight sky and then at him.”I feel so peaceful”ragini whispered and sanskar was able to catch it only due to the silence around.he nodded and snaked his arm around her shoulder.”you know in childhood I would go on terrace after everyone was asleep so that I could talk to maa…dadi said she was there and I accepted it but at night I would get angry, cry, complain to this night sky thinking of my maa but no reply came…. but still i could not get myself to reject that my maa sees me through these clouds hiding in the night….”ragini’s voice broke as she spoke all this.”you know…I… actually… when I… thought that… that Kavita is…I used to stay awake whole night staring at this dark sky and pouring all my feelings to it…I felt despondent,I just wanted to stand numb,cut all my ties from this world,no revenge,no love,no family… just numb but then the rays of sunlight would hit me and I realize that I have some purpose that I am living and I had to carry on with the hope that I will see this night sky with serenity… that instead of those dark nights I would see the glow of moon which expresses that even in darkest of times there is some hope and now I can say that…I look into this night and not feel alone and purposeless but I feel happy that I have something… someone to hold on… you…who can give me the biggest inspiration to go on in life whatever happens…”sanskar felt his eyes glistening remembering those old days as he could feel what ragini was going through.they were more alike then they knew and that was one of the reason they came together,they could see oneself in the other like a replica of their souls.
ragini sniffed controlling her tears as sanskar’s stumbling voice made her more weak but his words soothed her with such a magical effect that she could describe as nothing else but love.taking a deep breath she looked at him and found him looking at her with same love and concern that she had.”if you stumble I will be there to pick you up…if you feel pain then I will be with you in that phase… maybe not able to calm you but be your support…I promise that my love won’t decrease but increase with time”ragini spoke as sanskar’s eyes sparkled with tears which ragini swiftly wiped as one drop fell on his cheek.sanskar sniffed as ragini hugged him rubbing his back.”you have gone through so much but still you are so strong… one day I want to be like you…I feel proud to have such a strong personality by my side”he mumbled on her head as ragini nodded slightly.
“come on now let’s do something”sanskar broke away from her and smirked slightly.ragini widened her eyes thinking something.”sanskar are you mad?here?”ragini asked blushing like a red tomato.sanskar looked at her confused cocking his eyebrow but then as understanding dawned upon him he burst into laughter.ragini looked at him irritated for laughing but understanding that he meant to say something else she face palmed herself feeling embarrassed.”ragini…. you are too adorable”sanskar made her face him and holding her hand they moved to the plants.ragjni looked at him puzzled while sanskar nodded smiling widely.”gardening at night?”ragini asked amused while sanskar nodded like a kid making ragini giggle.”we will plant a flower and a seed”sanskar moved to the plants kept aside in polythene and some seeds and taking them with gardening equipment moved to her.”a flower and a seed?hmmm let me guess…a flower that indicates that our relation will be always colourful and fresh and tree to show that as it grows our relation will also grow like that… with trust and love which will strengthen our relation that no wind can break it down….”ragini smiled explaining as they both dig the holes and planted the plant and seed separately.sanskar nodded saying”you know me too well Mrs maheshwari”.”just like you are part of my soul”ragini said cheesly winking at him.
sanskar smiled and they got up moving to the swing again.”what will we say when they wake up in the morning?”ragini asked pouting like a kid.sanskar shook his head saying”just enjoy the moment”.”and we are now officially recognized husband and wife so if anyone dares then we will look into the matter”sanskar smirked as ragini giggled snuggling in his embrace.
sunrays hit the couple snuggling into each other and they scrunched their brows in annoyance.”good morning”both whispered smiling as they saw each other first after waking up.”let’s go inside…milk man is about to come”sanskar looked at his watch and just then they heard the bicycle approaching.ragsan bent down so that the milk man could not see them.annapurna opened the door and taking the milk utensil went from there inside to get money to give him.ragsan approached the main door when the milk man was diverted when they saw Annapurna approaching.they jumped and without making a noise hurried upstairs holding hands tightly.they reached their room and shutting the door fell on bed with still entwined hands.taking deep breaths they turned to each other and their goofy grins changed to full fledged fits of laughter.”I thought we will be caught and badi maa will shoot her never ending questions at us”sanskar chuckled rolling his eyes.ragini sat up and looked at him mischievously as sanskar looked at her innocently.ragini jumped up and ran to the bathroom leaving sanskar huffing who stomped his foot on ground.
ragini came out with a brush in her mouth and looked at him who was rummaging his almirah.”what happened?”ragini asked between her brushing.”I was making space for you”sanskar smiled sitting back.ragini looked at him lovingly as sanskar smiled dreamly.”I felt like a teenager again…I know it sounds weird but I felt like my old teenage self returned… sneaking for food in night… out of house…. and reaching home without getting noticed… you are a blessing…”sanskar said dreamly as his eyes sparkled with joy while ragini looked at him adoringly for his boyish grin.she was about to move to bathroom when she felt wet on her cheeks and a blur shutting the bathroom’s door.”sanskar”she warned mockingly as she touched her cheek where he had kissed her few moments back.ragini looked at herself in mirror and chuckled seeing her mouth filled with white foam with a brush at one corner and her cheeks covered in Rosy red colour.

was it fine? definitely not what you expected.but I was too fascinated by this idea of spending first night which felt perfect for ragsan.
I will tell you if next will be the epilogue but till then just enjoy the chapters.
p.s. I don’t know how to write those hot romantic scenes so you will just have these cute romantic feelings wale scenes.

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