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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki wishes Daali to settle

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya threatening the guy. The guy goes. Kanhaiya asks Daali to come, its their wedding night. She refuses. She says my image will get bad if anyone knows I married a servant, go now. Daali’s friends joke on him. He says Daali is my wife, she has run away from home, its our wedding night. Daali scolds him. She says you didn’t fill sindoor, you filled color in my maang, don’t claim that I m your wife. He says you are right, sindoor is sold in market, but we have to respect it, no one knows sindoor’s color here, if Janki saw this color of yours, he would have died. She worries. He says Janki would be upset, I married you on your request, this marriage is one year contract, you can go anywhere, you can’t insult me, this is wrong. She says fine, there is one condition,

you won’t touch me.

He says I don’t touch anyone like this. She shouts. He says I will count till three, if you don’t come with me like a good girl, then I will tell everything to Janki. She says fine, stupid, I m going, don’t talk much. He sends her and says I will show you what type of husband did you get. He shares his miseries. Janki dances and says Daali and Kanhaiya are set, its their wedding night. Vaijanti says we all know Daali, she will beat Kanhaiya, she will never have a wedding night with her. Janki says I know Kanhaiya’s magic. He thinks of his times and dances. Badimaa asks are you happy, I m scared, this marriage isn’t right. Janki says don’t know, if Daali couldn’t settle with Kanhaiya in a year, I will donate all property, marriage happens once in a life, she chose Kanhaiya deliberately, you will know it, Kanhaiya is a gem, he knows everything, he is an all rounder, just one year now, Daali will settle well.

Vaijanti says what nonsense did he say. Badimaa says Janki knows everything about Kanhaiya, then why is he saying this. Daali and Kanhaiya come to chawl. Everyone looks on and comment. She slaps a man angrily. She asks Kanhaiya to remember, he won’t touch her. Kanhaiya says no, you touched me. Chukar mere mann ko…..plays…. She gets hurt by the sharp flowers. Kanhaiya shuts the door. She sees the thorny flowers and argues. Kanhaiya says yes, its a joke, what could I do, would I get roses for you. He jokes on her. She raises hand to slap. He holds her hand. He says don’t think I m weak, you are in my house and my room, I won’t touch you, else you know you are my wife, I can do anything if I want, you know what I can do. She gets shocked.

Rukmani rukmani…..plays…. Daali and Kanhaiya have an eyelock. Kanhaiya dances with everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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