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Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi tells Vedika Roma is her mom

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes to garden and sees the envelope isn’t there. She says I think Vedika took it. Chawani says I hope she finds out. Arohi texts her Vedika doesn’t reply. Arohi sees Vedika asleep on her bed. She says I thought she would be surprised. Vedika wakes up. She says madam you here.. Arohi says there is mom’s big day today go and prepare. She says my head really hurts. Arohi says okay rest. Maharaj will get meds. Arohi realizes she never got the envelope. Vedika says some fainted me when I was in garden. Arohi says i will find out who did that, don’t tell anyone. arohi tells Chawai everything. He says we have to careful. Someone is keeping an eye on her. Arohi says we have to find out who that is and stop him.

Deeps joins all parts of the photo and

says mom’s photo? Why is anyone sending it to vedika? What does she have to do with it? Aorhi comes in. Deep comes in and says its mom’s press conference and you are here. Deep says let me go and check. A bottle falls. Arohi says what is it? He says don’t smell. Arohi says is it fainting liquid? Vedika was fainted in her room now i get it. Why did you do that? Deep says I will tell you everything. there is a reason behind all i do. arohi says you never tell me anything.
Hee says I will tell you on right time now is not that time. He leaves. Arohi checks his laptop. The password is not wasundra. Arohi tries her name and she is dazed. laptop opens. Arohi sees Roma’s joined photo. Arohi says does he know Vedika is roma’s daughter? If he does he wont let me expose roma.

Vedika texts arohi I want to talk to you. She texts Prithvi please come. Deep is keeping an eye on Prithvi. He goes to Vedika’s room. She isn’t there.
Roma says deep see my photo in newspaper. He says mom I think someone is trying to ruin your campaign. roma says who? Deep says don’t worry I will handle it all. Roma says no one should come between me and my dream.

Scene 2
Vedika says to prithvi why are you sending me those pieces of photos? You asked me to come here. He says someone else is doing this. Vedika says papa please tell me whiv is my mom. He says I will tell you everything don’t worry. Please go from here. She hugs him. Arohi is seeing everything. Vedika says okay. She packs her bag.
Arohi says Vedika shouldn’t go from here. I have to stop her. Arohi texts vedika if you leave you will never know who your mom is. She sends her Roma’s photo. Arohi says please help me God.
Vedika comes to Roma’s room and says roma is my mom. Deep is there. He says what are you saying? Whom were you asking this? She says I was talking to. I feel so good around her. She is like a mother to everyone.

The press conference starts. Arohi says to Chawani I have sent her the photo. Go and see what she is doing. she should come here and ruin everything.
Deep faints Vedika again. Deep takes her from there.
Precap-Deep says to Vedika why were you saying roma is your mom? She says some sent me her photo. Deep says she has only two kids Virat and Tara. Who told you that you are her child? She shows him texts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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