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Ikyawann 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel gets a good news

Ikyawann 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Leela hitting Susheel’s head on wall. She says wall didn’t break. She hits her head. Fighter Didi keeps her hand in between. Leela gets hurt and falls back. She says how did this happen and sees her. She says you are hitting my head in my locality. Fighter Didi says when stone is hit at right place, it hits tough. Leela says you are training Susheel, she is zero. Fighter Didi says look at yourself, and see this crack on the wall, its Susheel’s power, she is not zero, but first, very quick. Susheel smiles. She gives the bat to the little girl and goes.

Satya sees Soumya in kitchen. He asks her to switch off the gas. Susheel smiles seeing Sejal. Sejal hugs her. Fighter didi looks on. Sejal says maybe I have seen you anywhere, connection of last birth. Fighter Didi says

I also feel the same. Sejal says I m Susheel’s jethani and best friend, I came to see her training. Fighter Didi says I m going out to take samples, take care. She goes. Some lady looks on. Sejal and Susheel talk of their planning. Soumya burns her hand. Satya asks what are you doing. He does the aid. She says sorry, I raised hand on you, how could I do so. He says fine, you did a mistake, but this is bigger mistake. She asks will you take me for dinner today. He says yes and feels strange. Susheel washes clothes and thinks of Leela’s words. Goons come in and ask does Sarthi Mishra stay here. They break things. Susheel asks what’s the matter. Goons talk dirty.

A man lies that he came here at night and paid a lady money. Leela comes and looks on. Goons asks shall we see all this, your Didi isn’t here. Susheel asks how do you know Didi isn’t here. She asks them to leave, they don’t do anything wrong. The goon asks them to leave. The ladies sign Susheel and throw chilli powder in goons’ eyes. Susheel bends down. She beats the goons. A lady takes the video. Susheel ties her hair band to the man’s hand and beats him. She says our Murli Manohar are with us. She defends and says we are caught hard work here. Leela goes. The goons run. Susheel thanks the ladies. Sejal laughs seeing Susheel’s video. Vishu asks what are you seeing. She says you know the fighter. He sees Susheel. The little girl likes the video. Leela sees video and breaks the phone. She says Susheel has beaten our hired goons. The lady says I will teach a lesson to Susheel, don’t worry, I will go now.

The ladies say we are united and will do work together. Fighter Didi comes and says rotate this bat like this. Susheel asks do you know. A man calls Fighter Didi and asks is Susheel your student. She says yes. They all see the video. Fighter Didi says sure. She smiles and says you got a call for national level wrestling selection, congrats. Susheel smiles and hugs her. She says but I m not ready, my wrist is weak, national level is big. She goes. Fighter Didi stops the ladies.

Sejal comes to clinic and smiles. She gets shocked seeing Susheel and says I would have got a heart attack seeing you, Kali would be happy that we remember her birthday. She hugs Susheel. Satya says why do I feel I m forgetting something. Soumya says nothing, you are taking me out today, thanks for keeping promise. They leave. Sejal calls Kali for emergency. She laughs. She says I saw your video, I will also learn from Fighter Didi, I will beat Dadi and Soumya, why are you nervous. Susheel says video got viral and… Vishu comes and asks did Satya not come. Sejal says he doesn’t remember, he was making plan to go out with Soumya, go and call him. Vishu refuses. Susheel goes and signs Satya. He goes to her. She says its mum’s birthday today, we organized a small party for her in clinic, she will be glad if you come, you can go anywhere else later. She goes. Soumya says movie will start, come fast. Satya sees Soumya’s hand wound.

Kali asks about emergency case. Susheel, Sejal and Vishu surprise her. Kali cuts the cake and feeds them. Kali says Satya isn’t with me today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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