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If you hold my hand.. #Sidhaswi (c1/E1)

Hello everybody….

Well I  was so so so confused… 17dislikes that was heartbreaking.. I was very very veryyy confused what to do and what not ..I am continuing to write only because of those 12 likes and encouragement and hope you guys like the story.
I know I am late but I  had my entrance exam for Dps on 7th and I was confused about continuing or not… But now I am clear

Lets start now…..
If you hold my hand

Love is in the air.. But not for them

In the garden cum gym area of an extremely luxurious bungalow spread wide..

“go for it Teja jaan…. 15 ..16..17..18……..25…26…” cheers a lovely voice

Oh we now see two people doing push-ups.. One’s a boy in track pants with chiseled body and there you see 3 pairs of abs.. Uhh!!
And other is a slender girl in gym outfit…tights and sports bra…her hairs tied in a pny tail… How gorgeous she is!!.. Don’t you know?

Okay okay…. Let me clear..the girl is beautiful Tejaswi, the guy is Aditya and the cheering one is zoya wearing a full length frock type simple dress (like Jacqueline wore in hangover) 👗…stunning as always.

“Bhai I am tired now.. ” said teja lying on the grass..
“and I did another.. Mai jeet gya 💪 .. Bacchi many times I have told you.. Don’t compete me.. “…Says adi patting her.

“thank you teja jaan”..zoya gives sipper and napkin to teja as she gets up.

“Very nice… Mai jeetun and all love to her.. Apne boyfriend ki kadar h ya nhi??? ” Aditya  got up too.

“bhai.. You’re stinking.. Yukk.. I’ll puke for sure..don’t you dare to go close to my bhabhijaan.. Bhaag jayengi aur phir apke jaise pagal ko koi aur nhi milegi”..

“shut up.. ” adi gave her head a slight slap.. “I worked more..I won..btw Your bruh is so hot and handsome.. Aise.. Ayese milegi”..he says snapping his fingers

“oh!.. I see.. ” he looks at Zoya with..Ab-toh-mai-gya look 😂”no jaan… I was just saying… That…. Vo… ”

“Bhai I think I should go.. ”

“Loosers may go.. “..he shows her a tongue
“you’ll thank me for loosing… “….and she went.

Lets turn to Adya (Aditya and Zoya)

“What vo.. Vo…??… Mere jaate hi you’ll find someone else?? ”

“sshhh”..he puts his finger on her lips and pulls her close.. “I won’t be able to live without you…”

“Aditya… ” she caressed his face.. “Well… You’re actually stinking.. ” she grinned..
“then keep distance.. ” he backs off his hands .

“shut up”..and she wiped his sweat from his torsal and hairs..with a towel

He picks up his sipper.. and looks at her while drinking… She felt his gaze and arched her eyebrow in a questioning manner.. He narrows his gaze.. Zoya knows what he wants.. thus hugged him tight.. Aditya held her..

“Do you know what’s tommorow??” asks him

“What??? ”

“you don’t!! “..he glooms.

Zoya gets a text.. “I need to go to office Adi… See ya” she kissed his cheek and hurried.

“yah” he flinched his lip’s side in dissapointment ,keeps his towel and walks off…

How cute he is!!?

Chapter to be continued…..

My 1 chapter will contain atleast 3-4 episodes..

Precap-……!!!!!….Happy bithday …..!!!!…

I’ll try updating longer episodes…

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