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His silent love – Chapter 9

Chapter – 9 – kick his peaches




Twinkle (POV)

“Tie the string first” Mr. Thomson explained once again looking at Kunj who nodded following his instructions. “Good job, Kunj”

“Oh..” Mr. Thomson blinked looking at my experiment and coughed, “I didn’t knew we were supposed to involve this in a physics experiment”

I chuckled nervously stepping back and letting him explain the procedure. “You need to work a bit on your physics grades”

Mr. Thomson whispered grabbing the stopwatch and I sighed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Thomson. Physics sucks”

I bit my tongue smacking a hand against my forehead and he laughed, “I know that. Maybe you should get someone to tutor you”

I shrugged, “Maybe. Do you know someone that can help me?”

“I do” he smiled mischievously, “Kunj or perhaps Melody” he added hurriedly when I was about to protest.

“No” I whispered shaking my head, “I know they both are on top of the class but they are annoying”

“I sensed you might have some problems with Melody but Kunj…” He smirked trailing and my eyes widened, “Mr. Thomson! I do not like Kunj” I hissed whispering back.

“Ms.Taneja, I never hinted that you like him. I just stated about having problems” His smirk widened and I looked down at my book flustered.

“Think about it” he added before going around to help someone else.



“Can’t I go anywhere without seeing you for like two minutes” I groaned keeping my book down and glared at Kunj.

“Hello beautiful” he grinned and sat on the chair opposite to mine and I took in a deep breath.

You are smiling internally, Twinkle.

No, I am mad at him or more like the fact that Mr. Thomson thought I like this asshole.

“Stop making a ruckus in the library you both” the librarian shouted and I rolled my eyes while Kunj muttered, “She’s the one shouting”

“Mrs. Robinson told you right?” He questions folding his hands behind his head and leaning back. “You’d be tutoring me for chemistry”

“What?” I slammed a hand against the table glaring at him.


I ignored the librarian and leaned forward, “Why the heck would I do that?”

“What? Mr. Thomson told me Twinkle said she’d be way too glad to help Kunj with Chemistry” he stated innocently, “So she told me I could help you in physics”

“I never said that” I said out a loud and just then the librarian rushed towards our table fuming, “Get out. Both of you. Right now”

I groaned grabbing my backpack and walked outside. And Mr. Thomson asked me to think about it when in reality he had done the deed.

“We can start tomorrow” Kunj catches up with me smiling and I stopped, “I’m busy”

“I have a date” I blurted out and he chuckled, “And I’m pregnant” I rolled my eyes at his words and sighed, “I’m serious. I have a date” and he sighed copying me, “I’m serious too. I am pregnant”

“You can’t get pregnant” I retorted and he smiled sweetly, “And you sweetheart can’t have a date”

“As long as I am..I mean as long as Yuvraj is around” he hurriedly added and I scoffed, “As if”

“Prove it then. Who you going with?” He stepped ahead towering over me and I nervously looked around spotting Theo.

“Theo” I called out waving my head and he smiled walking towards us. “Theo. I’m going with Theo” I plastered a huge smile on my face and linked my arm with Theo’s.

“You are going on a date with Theo?” Kunj emphasized on each word and Theo’s eyes widened. “Yes. Him” I nodded excitedly and Kunj glared at Theo.

And without any other word, Kunj turned around storming out of the hallway. “What just happened?”

“I don’t know. That stupid idea came into my mind” I grumbled leaning against the lockers. “Come. I’ll explain”


“Twinkle. Open the door” Yuvi yelled from downstairs and I rushed towards the top of the stairs looking down at him. “You are like 2 feet away from the door while I was in my room”

He shrugged munching on some chips and I grabbed a near by slipper aiming at him which hit him on his head.

“I am so telling this to mom and dad when they come back” He grumbled and I walked towards the door opening it.

“Sarah” I smiled but frowned when I saw she was crying. “What’s wrong?” I stepped outside closing the door behind me and picked her up wiping her tears.

“K-Kunj..he..blood…” She hiccuped hugging me and I frowned, “No one’s home?” I question and she shook her head, “Only M-aira..she’s i-n the shower”

“Don’t cry okay” I patted her head and walked towards her house opening the door and rushed inside towards the living room.

I spotted Kunj on the couch and placed Sarah on a chair rushing towards him. “Kunj. What happened to you?” I looked down at his hands which were covered in dried blood with several cuts and he had a bad cut on his lower lip.

He opened his eyes but closed them again shaking his head. “Nothing. Why are you here?”

“Sarah came. Don’t you f**king get it? She’s a child and got scared” I hissed and he grumbled rubbing his forehead. “She isn’t supposed to see any of this”

“I know” he spat standing up and glaring at me, “I know that. Go before I loose my temper” I scoffed at his words, “Or else what?”

“It’s nothing” he muttered, “I was just practicing and then fought in the ring. That’s all”

I nodded looking at the cut on his lip, “I’ll help you clean. Can you please just go to Sarah? She’s scared”

He nodded going towards his sister while I quickly rushed towards the kitchen grabbing a first aid box.

“Wow. You kicked a baddie’s peaches” I went inside the kitchen stopping near the door watching Sarah and Kunj talk.

“Yup. He needs to get his peaches in a good place now” Kunj smiled at his little sister who was sitting on the counter eating a chocolate. “I was thinking..” She trailed shyly looking down smiling.

“Will you kick Sam’s peaches too?” Kunj laughed at her words and shook his head, “Yes. I’ll kick every guy’s peaches who talks to my sister”

She giggled, “Then I should kick your peaches too”

“Why?” Kunj asks smirking and she sighed smacking a hand against her tiny forehead, “Because you talk to girls too. And Twinkle too. I think you like her. You’ll have cooties..”

Kunj’s eyes widened and he kept a hand over her mouth muttering incoherent words. He removed his hand and she grinned immediately eyeing me, “Twinki. Come here”

Kunj turned his head around going pale seeing me there. He quickly let Sarah down and she ran outside giggling.

“So.. I guess you replaced butt with peaches” I smirked walking towards him and he nodding chuckling, “I was just texting Jacob and saying something about ass and typed peaches emoji’s with it”

“So she saw it and one time said it in front of Dad ‘ass peach’ and well I had to tell her to call it peaches only so yeah” Kunj went all red explaining that and I smiled, “You are cute”

“Uh thank you” he replied blushing again and I started cleaning his cuts.

“I’ll help you with Chemistry and you can help me with Physics” I muttered cleaning his lower lip and he nodded looking down at my hand which was resting on his thigh.
Remove your hand.

“Four to six” I said and he nodded still looking down at my hand, “If you want another timing you can text me later on” he nodded again.

Am I making him nervous?

Duh! Twinkle, it’s just a hand on his thigh. You aren’t seducing him.

“Whom did you had a fight with?” I question and he took my hand breathing out, “Someone from Draxe’s gang. You don’t know him”

I nodded trying to concentrate on cleaning his cut but couldn’t since Kunj was holding my left hand stroking my palm with his thumb.

“You don’t have a date tomorrow” he looked at me and I frowned, “Date? What date?…. oh date. Yes. Yes”

He chuckled, “You lied. Theo is my best friend remember. He wouldn’t hide anything” I sighed cussing under my breath.



How are you all?
Firstly, good luck to all those having exams😭💕 same here.
I hope you liked this chapter.

And one more thing, the story is progressing slowly and I can’t automatically do some intense romantic scenes between them.

Else, it would be weird. Hope you won’t mind it.
It’s just a light hearted romantic story with friendship and all 😂

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