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He Is A Cricketer!!!!! Chapter 14

He Is A Cricketer!!!!!

Chapter 14

I’ll kill you ‘ Sanskar shouted and started to beat Akshay with pillow. How dare you to throw that stupid spoon ‘ Sankar asked running behind him . So what should I have done..haa..to let you romance with her and ruin our plan ‘ Akshay said standing in front of him holding the pillow .

Can’t you clearly say that you were jealous that you didn’t get time to spend with ragini and I got to spend time with swara ‘ Sanskar said and threw the pillow on Akshay . A little bit ….hey stop someone is coming ‘ Akshay said and both looked each other with shock .

Whose room is this ‘Sanskar asked . How would I know . ‘Akshay said looking at the room which was messed up with their running .

Come on man let’s hide ‘Sanskar said and pulled Akshay and hid behind the bed .

The room door opened and Siddharth with Shwetha entered . OMG it is his room ‘ Akshay whispered to Sanskar and both looked at each other with shock .

They both looked at Siddharth and saw Shwetha putting some ointment and bandage on his forehead and hands . I’ll not leave him ‘ Siddharth said and looked at Shwetha who was worried for him .

Sid leave all that its past . I’m fine and he was not in his senses ‘ Before Shwetha could complete he interrupted her . How could you Shwetha. He is not a five year old kid. He tried to abuse you and for god sake he was going to kill our baby ‘ Siddharth Shouted and she hugged him while crying .

I’m going down and going to say this to mom and dad . They’re planning to get that rascal and shona married which I’ll never allow. ‘ Siddharth said went out of the room holding Shwetha’s hand .

Who’s that guy ‘ Sanskar asked . You’re asking if I’m a wikipedia . How would I know yaar . anyway that guy will get what he should get from Siddharth . ‘Akshay said and they both came out of the room.

Suddenly Sanskar get a call . Oh god it’s Arjun . He’s gonna kill us . ‘Sanskar said . I totally forgot about that . Anyway attend his call . ‘Akshay said .

Where were you both . Idiots . For nearly 1hour I’m waiting for both ‘Arjun started to shout at them and Sanskar kept the phone away from him . Has he got any degree for shouting ‘ Sanskar whispered and both of them laughed .

Now stop yaar . We are coming to Aman’s room . ‘ Akshay said taking the phone. No need to come . Many things happened here . ‘ Arjun said . What happened ‘Akshay asked and he put the phone on speaker .

When you both went outside Aman came into his room after some party I guess and lemme tell he was drunk . Such that he lost his sense . I hid behind the bed so that he doesn’t notice me . After taking one bottle from the cupboard he went outside . I followed him and in between I tried to call you both but you both were tooo busy . Siddharth’s wife was there in the garden and he went there and tried to abuse her . Before I could move and help her Siddharth came running and beat him black and blue . In revenge Aman pushed Shwetha but luckily Siddharth caught her . ‘Arjun said .

Doesn’t he have any humanity in him . She is pregnant for god sake . ‘ Sanskar said . He’ll never change ‘Akshay said . Hey guys ‘Arjun said through phone . I’m outside the house come fast . Coz now everyone got to know about this issue and police is coming . So come fast before anyone see us and I think now we don’t wanna take revenge . As he is where he should be ‘ Arjun added .

Ya come let’s go before anyone see us ‘ Akshay said and both of them went down .


∆ Mehendi function was held in Dadi’s house . Only ladies were there . And all men were in the guest house . After Mehendi function the gents of Malhotra family returned to their home . Akhi and Sanskar returned went to Malhotra house before the function ended . They went to take revenge on Aman with the help of Arjun . Hope everyone’s confusion is cleared . If any doubt is there feel free to ask me .∆


Swara’s POV

That monkey idiot stupid donkey . How dare he to touch my bhabhi . Bhai would have killed him if no one have stopped him . He should be dead . I was on cloud nine when I saw Jai uncle – Commissioner of Police taking him .

Hitler asked everyone to go to their room . Ha past is past . I was too tired and I jumped on the bed immediately after changing into some comfortable wears . I was going to my beautiful sleep when I heard a beep sound . I thought it’ll be from the family group no cousins group which we made for discussing about the marriage . And trust me this group is always active .

I thought not to take but something pulled me to take . I opened my phone and saw a message from Sanskar . Aww .

I checked and saw it is a pic . I opened that one and saw its of a cricket match . Wow beautiful . At this time . ha at 1 am he thought to disturb me with this pic…..Aghhhh….I’ll kill him .Before I could sent him an emoji another message came . It’s about the score of the match I think . So what . why should I bother about this stupid thing . I sent him the emoji .

Sorry . Really sorry . It was meant to send in another group but accidentally it got..you know 😀😊

Just stop it . Basssss👊👊👊

I switched off my phone and went to sleep .

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