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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 5

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“I smiled back at her, she came into the room with breakfast. She was arranging the table, she asked me “Good morning, Ragini. Are you feeling okay now?” I said “yes” She asked “I made Paneer Parathas for you, come on! lets eat!” She invited me with a smile. I went to the chair near table and sat on it. I was amazed to see the parathas kept on my plate. I closed my eyes and touched them, as far as I remember parathas are round in shape. So, this is what a circle looks like. Nice. She was smiling at me while I was feeling the shape of parathas. I took one bite of Paratha, it tasted so good. “Wow, It’s so good, It’s delicious Swara” She was happy on hearing this. She asked me if I wanted more. I said no, but my heart more parathas, I wanted to eat them till my stomach burst out, but I can’t ask her to give me more. she will think that I will eat a lot of food, no no I shouldn’t ask. I firmly said no.

I asked her too many questions, what color is this, what shape is this, what is this instrument called? She answered very patiently. I’m glad that she is very friendly. I don’t know where did Babu sir go? He is missing since yesterday. While I was thinking about them, Swara gave me a gift pack packed in (red colored gift wrapper). She asked me to open it. I found a Braille letter and a new phone set. I put that phone box aside, took that letter into my left hand. I saw her confusingly. She was smiling at me, at the same time she was tensed I guess. I closed my eyes, kept that letter on the table and started reading it. Namaste Ragini. How are you doing? I’m Sharmishta’s husband, swara’s father. When we have decided that we will donate our Sharmishtas eyes, we also wanted that the person who gets those eyes will live with us, in our house. Please, tell us if you are ready to share the same room as swara or not. I’ll be waiting for your reply Ragini. Our numbers are there in the mobile gifted to you. Please check it once.

Now I understand why Babu sir isn’t around, he thought I will get sad when I hear about this adoption. He must be feeling really bad. How can I leave him after everything he has done to me. Even though I will live with swara’s family my closeness for Babu sir won’t go off. I know it’s sad to know that the person for whom you were everything…. now will have a different life. He should come back, why is he hiding, why is he avoiding me because of this?
Unknowingly a tear drop fell off from my left eye. I wiped it off very quickly. 

Swara said “Ragini, it’s your wish. We will be happy with your decision.” “Come, I will show you how to use this mobile” I think I should think about this later, talk to Babu sir once. He should at least come here for discharging me from here. Swara started explaining about the mobile, how do we unlock it, how do we dial a number…

I asked her this when she was leaving “Who is Sanskar’s wife?” I was curios and tensed. Swara said “I was Sanskar’s wife, hamara divorce ho gaya hai”
What?????? She is Sanskars wife, I know that I assumed about their relationship. But it’s so shocking that they got divorced. what may be the reason? do they have feelings for each other now? She left while I was lost in my world of thoughts.”

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