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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Janta teaches a lesson to Chaitu

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Puttan saying the veg vendor is not agreeing for anything. He says I kidnapped the man. They see the veg vendor and feed him sweets. Chaitu says I m asking for that fields land for temple, not for me. Vendor refuses to sell the land. Chaitu says I promised the people. Vendor says you should have asked me once, I won’t give my land. Ministers say we will use any strategy and grab his land. Chaitu says no need, let him go and grow vegs. Vendor goes.

Puttan asks why did you let him go, he would have agreed. Chaitu says media would make it a news, make this matter big that every kid wants the temple there, this matter has to reach in between people, call everyone, I will get people’s support. Khoji gives the news byte. He takes Chaitu and Imli’s interview.

Chaitu and Imli answer questions smartly. Chaitu says once temple is made, unemployment will be solved, there can be many shops around the temple, people will get busy and poverty will end with chadava. Genda says I have no option than going on tirat, I will go and get some good topic. She packs all the cash.

Khoji shows the veg vendor and says this is that vendor who has grown that Lord pumpkin. Vendor says I want temple to be made on that land, I will make temple myself. Genda smiles and cancels the trip. She says I have found the temple, call this veg vendor and get him in our team, Chaitu is gone.

Janta says its my pumpkin, I have bought it for 100rs, Malai threatened me and looted it. Khoji says its a breaking news, the pumpkin belongs to Janta. Chaitu asks what, was the pumpkin looted. Malai says no, there was one pumpkin, Janta paid and I got it. Chaitu asks Puttan to answer everyone now. Malai cries. Chaitu apologizes. Imli taunts him. Chaitu beats Puttan and says I told you to stop this matter, you will ruin my career. Puttan says we can manage the matter. Jha says we should be united. Chaitu says yes, he is right, we won’t move back, get Janta and feed him pumpkin. Puttan goes to Janta’s house. Janta asks you here, did elections come.

Puttan says no, there is still time, you are crying for pumpkin. Janta says Malai threatened and took it from me. Puttan brings many pumpkins and solves the complain. He says tell this on camera now. Janta does as Puttan says. Genda says Janta is sold. Veg vendor says I m with you. She says I won’t let Chaitu get vote bank. She sends goons to beat up Janta. They throw all pumpkins and beat Janta. Khoji says some strange people have beaten Janta. Jha says don’t have this yatra tomorrow. Chaitu and Puttan ask him to have grand yatra. Khoji covers the yatra. Puttan says come and get darshan of Ganesh pumpkin. Genda and her party come to oppose. Genda asks Chaitu did he ask the farmer about his wish. Malai says I bought the pumpkin.

Veg. Vendor says you looted from Janta. Puttan and Chaitu argue with Genda. They see the pumpkin gone. Khoji says Lord is stolen. They see Janta with the pumpkin. They ask him to come downstairs. Janta threatens to jump down. Khoji says who will save Janta, everyone wants to save pumpkin. Chaitu asks Janta to come down. Janta says Lord has a threat from politicians like you. He taunts Chaitu and Genda. He says I wish you saw Lord in people and yourself. Chaitu says I understand your feelings, give pumpkin to me. Janta says I see Lord in everything that feeds a human, I will cook dish from this pumpkin. They all shout no. Imli says don’t do this. Janta says don’t divide people, Lord won’t forgive you. He cuts the pumpkin and throws. Puttan says he has ruined the topic. Chaitu says he has thrown the seeds, use the seeds, make more new topics from this.

Puttan makes a plan to sell Gutka. Puttan cries and says Chaitu banned Gutka and ruined my business.

Update Credit to: Amena

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