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Half Marriage 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya’s plan backfires, Chandani and Arjun to get intimate

Half Marriage 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandini getting doubtful seeing oil bottle near Rakhi’s room dustbin. Maya says you shall not be politician, but should be a spy. Kusum says I am her spy. Maya thinks how to stop Arjun and Chandani’s wedding night and thinks to do something.

Shakti talks to someone and tells that he is in the shop all day. He thinks he can’t go out because of Chandani. Maya comes and asks what do you want to do with her. Shakti asks why you are asking me. Maya says I want what I wanted, and says she wants to cancel Arjun and Chandani’s wedding night, and tells that she can’t bear their happiness, and I know even you can’t bear. She asks him to do her accident. He says he can’t think of killing her, but can do for her. He says he can get her marry Arjun, but what I will

get. Maya asks what you want? Shakti says if you marry Arjun then you will become factory’s owner and asks for the partnership. Maya says ok and deal done.

At the dining table, Maya sees Arjun holding chandani’s hand. Arjun tells that he needs to make an urgent call. He calls Mannu and tells him something. Chandani hears him and gets why. Mannu smiles and says it will be done. Arjun turns to Chandani. Chandani smiles.

Shakti cuts the stairs railing and informs Maya. Arjun and Chandani are getting down from the stairs. He says he will wait for the evening. Arjun jumps down and asks Chandani to jumps down in a similar fashion. Chandani tries to jump down the stairs. Sulochana tries to feed her sweets. Chandani also gets down the stairs. Shakti is keeping an eye on them. Maya thinks don’t know if Shakti have done anything or not. She comes near stairs and is about to get down, but Shakti tries to stop her. Arjun asks what is he doing? Shakti makes excuses. Arjun asks Maya to come and says they are getting late for office. Maya steps on the cut stairs and feels pain. She shouts. Arjun and Shakti take Maya inside home. Arjun asks Shakti to inform him if she needs anything. Shakti asks Maya why did she come late? Maya tells that she got late because of Sulochana. Shakti tells that Chandani’s destiny is good. Mannu comes there and brings flowers with him. Maya asks if he came to get stairs repaired. Mannu says why shall I tell you. Arjun and Chandani look at each other pics. Zehnaseeb song plays….

Chandani gets ready as a bride for the wedding night. Maya puts her pallu on the candle to burn her and smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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