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Dipsha – joins the melody of friendship (Teaser)

Hai all readers and writers . myself viji .the story is all about friendship between two girls , hundreds of hugs, thousands of jokes, millions of smiles and billion of giggles.True Friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life.A person who has true friends are lucky enough . Friends makes our life thrilling, they makes our life sweet and pleasant experience. True friendship is feeling of love ,sharing and caring , it is a feeling that someone understand you and appreciates you as you are without any exaggerations , flattery, jealousy,and pretensions.A true friend stands by thick and thin. Friendship is an remedy which is essential for happy life. Lasting true friends is indeed a blessing, pillars of life they make us to stand tall in life.a true friend play all roles cares like a mother, protects like father and schools and always fight like a brother.True friend is really an angel. Coming to the point this story “JOINS THE MELODY OF FRIENDSHIP”between two girls who can’t live without each other and how their life gonna change when they meet someone who can even destroy their whole if u like my story line then do explore the world of friendship.please do comment..I’ll give introduction part next.

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