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Chandrashekhar 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Watson kills Sindhal

Chandrashekhar 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka saying Watson had shot Tatya and Sindhal. He says Sindhal still has the wound. Chandra asks why didn’t you kill Watson if you have many soldiers, I have thrown stones alone. Sindhal promises to kill Watson and everyone. He sees Richard pointing gun at him. He hugs Sindhal and says someone is there in the bushes. Sindhal says wait, there can be many, will you come along with us. Chandra holds his hand. Richard runs and says come, Sindhal is here. They all follow.

He says we missed him again. Mukhiya asks Bheels to calm down and think what to do now. They say Sindhal did wrong to kidnap Chandra. They all go to find Chandra. Kaka says why did our man get late to get food. Sindhal worries. Chandra plays there. Gopal gets the food. He says villagers are also finding

Sindhal. Sindhal asks why. Gopal says you kidnapped Chandra, villagers love Chandra a lot, they are angry on you. Chandra hears them. Kaka asks what did you think to trap Watson.

Sindhal recalls Chandra and says you go, you are free. Chandra asks really, you left me. Sindhal says yes. Chandra asks why did you catch me then. Sindhal says I saw a spark in you, which is within me, remember the day you met me. Chandra recalls his words. Sindhal says I tied you, the country is tied by Britishers, everyone thinks I want revenge from Watson as he killed my dad, no, this is our country, I can’t live as their slave, any ways forget it, you won’t understand, go. Chandra says no, I won’t go.

Watson says I missed a golden chance. Richard says we can attack now, I know the hideout. Watson says use the Bheel villagers as bait. He asks Sitaram to help them. Sitaram says you meant to lay trap, but will anything happen to Chandra. Watson says no, we will ensure his safety. Sindhal asks Chandra to go. Chandra says no, tell me how can I help you. Sindhal asks can you help. Chandra says tell me. Sindhal says go and tell Watson where I m hiding. Chandra says he will catch you, I won’t say. Sindhal says he won’t go alive. Chandra says fine, I will inform you. He hugs Sindhal. Sindhal says take care. He sends Chandra with his men. They drop Chandra to village and ask him to go home. Chandra says go and tell Sindhal that I will do his work, I m going, mum is waiting.

Jagrani makes laddoos for him and cries. He comes out and runs to her. He asks her to eat first. Sitaram comes. Chandra greets him. Jagrani says Lord heard us, he came back. Chandra says Sindhal Kaka left me. Sitaram says kidnapper is not Kaka, he will be punished today, Watson decided to end his terror. Chandra gets shocked. He says no, this can’t happen. Jagrani asks what happened. Chandra says Sindhal is not a bad man, he is doing this for our betterment, Britishers made us slaves, this is our country, this can’t happen, Britishers can’t kill them. He runs off. They worry.

The man says Watson reached jungle. Sindhal says I knew Chandra will fulfill his promise, I will hunt for Watson today. Chandra runs to alert Sindhal. Police looks for Sindhal. Sindhal says I will kill you Watson, I didn’t let my wound head, coward Watson is at the last. He shoots at Watson. Watson gets shot at his leg. He shouts to catch Sindhal. Sindhal asks Kaka to manage them, he will see Watson. Sindhal aims the arrow at Watson. Sindhal gets caught up. Watson shoots him. They tie up Sindhal. Chandra comes there and gets shocked. Sindhal asks till when will you rule, I m not scared of death, I regret that I couldn’t kill you. Watson says your time is up. He shoots Sindhal. Chandra gets shocked. He cries. Sindhal sees Chandra crying. He signs Chandra to go. Chandra hides and sits crying. Sindhal asks Watson to shoot at his head, he won’t die like this, Watson shoots him. Chandra cries. Sindhal dies.

Chandra says I have to go Bheel village. He sees Sindhal’s dead body. Gomes says Sindhal kidnapped this boy right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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