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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti suffering from multi personality disorder

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vibhu says no please save me,saxena save me,anu says any option,saxena says I’m researching on it and will find some solution,angoori says but till then what will
Vibhu do,saxena says till then he will be under my observation because only I can handle him and this doctor will only spoil his state,and don’t worry he is in safe hands.

Happu walks in and says please do something of vibhu,anu asks what did he do,happu says he bite my ass,and it’s a painful and I just came back from hospital and he gave me and injection and so a thing tie him a mesh,vibhu bites his ass again and all look at him in shock.saxena says calm down vibhu boy,vibhu gets normal,vibhu asks why is everyone so tensed,and where is Doctor.

Tikka says black tickets business is so in,tilu says if we get

caught we will be in danger,it’s illegal,happu walks saying vibhu bite me so badly,tilu makes fun of him,malkhan says and what place he bite and starts laughing,tikka says morning you will be in pain,tilu says we have a business plan,we are interested in ticket black business,happu says I will throw you behind the bars,malkhan says calm down just tell us your share,happu says I’m in.

Vibhu and saxena walk in tiwari house,angoori singing song,vibhubstarts acting weird and joins angoori,angoori says this song me and parbatia use to sing how do you know,vibhu says it’s me parbatia,angoori says how is that possible you are Vibhuti,saxena says please take him as parbatia it’s his illness,angoori says ok.

Angoori starts playing with vibhu,and says oh my friend parbatia come give me a hug,saxena stops her and says he is parbatia Just by soul and is vibhu by body,angoori says oh you are right,vibhu and angoori start recalling memories.saxena starts noting all the things.

Tiwari walks to them,vibhu starts jumping and says papa is here and kisses him,tiwari says I’m not your papa,vibhu says don’t say that you are my papa the Great,my sweet papa and hugs him.tiwari says enough son and hugs him and says oh my son.

Tiwari walks to Mishra house and calls anu,anu says please come and asks how are you,tiwari says weird,I feel like a father figure,anu asks what you gonna be father,tiwari says I am a father,anu says is it but angoori,tiwari says she is mom but I’m the father,anu asks whose dada are you,tiwari says your husband.

Anu says what nonsense is this,tiwari says go ask him,anu says oh it’s his illness and still you behaving this way,tiwari says I know but what about this feeling,tiwari says nothing.vibhu walks in.twiari says oh my baby my son.vibhu says what nonsense is this,tiwari says you call me papa,vibhu says baby look at this man,anu says twiari please leave I don’t want any drama.
Anu says Vibhu come seat relax,vibhu asks why was he behaving this way,anu says forget him,anu says come let’s go recall our old days,watch old movies,romantic movies have fun,vibhu stammers like manu,anu gets it and ignores.

Tilu tikka malkhan selling tickets in black. Vibhu and anu reach ticket counter and see tikka selling tickets in black,anu scolds him,tikka says no I will sell you tickets in reasonable rate and tilu you too,tilu says no bhabhiji I,Malkhan says tilu don’t,bhabhiji you come here I will sell you tickets,anu says shameless boys let me compliant about uiubto happu singh.

Vibhu walks in selling black tickets,anu in shock,tikka asks who will you complaint about him,malkhan says we were selling 100 ticket in 300 and he is selling in 200,he will spoil our market,anu says Vibhu stop it,vibhu says sister don’t waste my time.happu walks to them and asks what nonsense is this,tikka tells happu about vibhu,happu says don’t worry I will manage.

Happu says Vibhu I will put you behind bars for this,vibhu looks at happu and bites his ass and starts behaving like a dog.happu leaves vibhu gets back to selling tickets.

Angoori in bedroom,vibhu climbs throw window and says hello angoori it’s me parbatia,angoori says how are you,vibhu asks how is your AMA,angoori says she is fine,vibhu asks does your husband trouble you,angoori says yes he does he doesn’t let me sleep,vibhu says be ware but husbands are very cunning they have affairs outside,tiwari walks to them and say show dare you talk to my wife this way.

Angoori says she is my friend parbatia,tiwari says you are the most foolish lady I have ever seen,vibhu looks at tiwari and calls him papa.

Pre cap : vibhu asks anu to do seatups and tiwari sees that.
Angoori and Vibhu in garden,daddu comes,vibhu says he use to play hide and seek and kho kho with Aunty Phulwa in farms,angoori says is it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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