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Bepannaah 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nurse recognizes Pooja seeing her photo

Bepannaah 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya receives a call from Akansha. She asks about some pic for tomorrow’s event. Zoya’s phone’s battery is over and it gets switched off. Zoya tries opening the terrace door but it is locked from inside. She bangs at the door shouting for help. How can someone (Aditya) fall so low? Why do I see the good in everyone and not their reality? I am stuck here. Is anyone around?

Wasim checks on Noor and she has fallen asleep. His wife smiles seeing his concern. He agrees with his wife that it isn’t right to punish Noor for Zoya’s mistake. She nods. I am sure our upbringing cannot take them on the wrong path ever. Zoya will come to her home very soon. This is a mother’s belief.

Zoya hears the voice of the workers. They take the stuff inside fearing rain. Zoya shouts at them for help

but in vain. Lightning strikes.

Yash’s mother asks Mahi about Zoya. Where did you leave her? Do you know the weather? Mahi refuses to speak about her. Yash’s mother’s concerns irk Mahi. She hands over her phone to her mother and goes inside. Yash’s mother tries Zoya’s number but it is switched off. She has troubled me so much. Don’t know where she is.

Zoya keeps shouting for help. Her phone falls down as she runs towards the door again to seek help. I have to open it at any cost. She lifts a wooden plan and hits at the lock but fails in opening it. She again shouts for help. It begins to rain. She falls down saying please. She imagines Yash standing in the rain looking at her. Flashback shows Yash stopping Zoya from getting drenched in rain. She does not mind. I want to enjoy rains with you. She says a romantic shayari to him as she sprinkles water on him. Flashback ends. Zoya extends her hand towards Yash but he disappears. Title track plays in the background as she cries. Why did you leave me alone Yash? Someone help me please. She sits cuddled in a corner in fear.

Aditya keeps shifting in his bed. He thinks of Pooja getting drenched in the rain and smiles recalling the memory. Pooja is enjoying first rain but he covers her with an umbrella. She asks him to get drenched but he is too conscious. She chases him to get him out of his umbrella. He asks her to come inside but she holds his hand thereby pulling him towards herself. Pooja’s and Yash’s dead bodies flash suddenly in his mind thereby ruining his happy memories. He cries thinking about Pooja.

Noor comes downstairs holding a bag. She hides behind the sofa seeing her father at the door. He senses something and is headed towards the sofa when his wife calls out to him. He goes inside. Noor heaves a sigh of relief. She looks at the house sadly as she steps out of it. forgive me Ammi and Abbu but I am forced to take this step. She looks at her ticket. Noor Siddiqui is coming Mumbai!

Aditya gets a call. He is irked to see the time (2 am) and picks Mahi’s phone. It is Yash’s mother. She asks about Zoya. She still isn’t home. Her phone is off as well. Do you know where she is? She was last seen talking to you only. Do you know anything? He replies that he met her 2 hours ago. She was fine then. I don’t know anything else. Saying so, he disconnects the call. He lies down but is unable to sleep. Seems like this girl has gotten used to roam around at night without her phone or purse. He calls everyone and asks about Zoya but no one has any clue about her. Let her go to hell! Why do I care? He lies down.

Zoya notices her phone all drenched and picks it up. I wont let anything happen to it. She covers it with her dupatta and sits on the floor holding it close to herself. She remembers clicking a selfie with Yash in rain once.

Aditya keeps shifting in his bed.

Zoya sits on the floor as it rains heavily. She lies on the ground holding her phone closer.

Aditya closes his eyes.

Arjun is sleeping in his room when Aditya removes the quilt off him. Arjun screams in shock. Aditya tells him to calm down. He asks him to come with him. I have some work. You will drive me there. Arjun tells him to drive himself. Let me sleep. Aditya tells him he wont drive. You will drive. Arjun asks him where he wants to go to at this hour. Aditya asks him if he joined police force. Stop asking so many questions. Let’s go. They leave.

Arjun tells Aditya she might be at her friend’s place. Aditya replies that she knows no one in the town. She only goes to and fro from home and office. Arjun asks him where he saw her last. She might still be there. Aditya recalls leaving Zoya alone on the terrace. They reach the Sangeet venue. Aditya shouts Zoya’s name.

Yash asks Zoya to get up. My Zoya cannot give up so easily. She extends her hand towards him and he does the same.

Arjun and Aditya keep shouting Zoya’s name as they check everywhere. Aditya collides with a box and recalls what Zoya had come to tell him upstairs. He shouts Arjun’s name as he runs upstairs. They find the door stuck. They hit at it repeatedly and manage to open it. They find Zoya lying on the ground in a semi conscious state. Aditya rushes to her side. Zoya’s hand is about to hit the ground when Aditya holds it. He holds her in his arms and tries waking her up. He asks Arjun to start the car. Zoya sees Yash in Aditya. I knew you would come. She falls unconscious. Aditya lifts her in his arms and takes her downstairs. He sits in the backseat with her while Arjun drives to the hospital.

Aditya tells Arjun they will call her family once they complete hospital formalities. Zoya is holding his hand as they wheel her in. His purse falls down in the process. Doc asks them to let them take the patient inside. Aditya lets go of Zoya’s hand. Nurses and ward boys wheel her in the ICU. Aditya remembers the way he had treated Zoya at the terrace. He looks back at the ICU.

Doc tells Aditya that Zoya has hypothermia. Her body temperature fell really low. It’s good that you brought her here on time or her heart could have failed. Aditya looks at Zoya in shock. Doc adds that she needs to be under observation for a while. Everything will be normal then. Aditya thanks him. Doc asks him what his relation with her is. Aditya looks at Zoya. Nothing! Doc appreciates him for his good gesture. You can wait here if you want. He goes inside. Aditya looks at Zoya from the small window in the door. Doc’s and Zoya’s words echo in his head. He also remembers his harsh words that he had said to Zoya. He seems upset with himself. He walks inside ICU ward and picks her phone.

Arjun fills the form. Nurse gives the wallet to the nurse at the reception desk. Arjun recognizes the wallet to be his brother’s. Nurse asks about the lady’s photo (Pooja) in Aditya’s wallet. Did she come along? Arjun asks her if she knows Pooja. Nurse nods. She used to come here very often. She was a very nice and happy girl. She used to smile all the time. Did she finally make up her mind? Arjun asks her what she had to decide about. Before she can tell him anything further, Aditya calls out to him. He instructs Arjun to make sure Zoya does not find out that he is the one who brought her here. I don’t want her to think I helped her in some way. I know you have many questions but do as I say for now. I will tell you later. Arjun asks him how Zoya got trapped at the terrace. Aditya recalls the incident. Arjun says I know you are elder to me. I don’t wish to give you any advice but it is injustice to punish someone else for the mistake that someone else has committed. He returns him his wallet. Aditya leaves quietly.

Yash’s mother and Mahi also reach hospital. She asks nurse about Zoya. Arjun informs her that she is in ICU.

Next morning, Yash’s mother, Arjun and Mahi are in the ICU ward. Zoya gains conscious. Mahi acts nice to her again. We were so tensed. We couldn’t even sleep entire night. Zoya notices Arjun in the room. Mahi introduces him to Zoya. He only brought you to hospital. We called you so many times but it was not available. Mom called Aditya but he disconnected the call. She called him again who in turn informed Arjun. He came running to help you. Zoya thanks him for saving her. Arjun says I dint do anything like that. She asks him how he knew where she would be. He lies to her. It is important that you are safe and fine. she says you and your brother are so different. You are so nice while your brother! He takes their leave. Call me if you need anything. Mahi has my number. Zoya begins to cough. Yash’s mother feeds her water. Zoya thanks her for being concerned about her, for taking care of her. Yash’s mother tells her she did it for herself and Mahi’s sake. If anything had happened to you then people would have only spoken ill about you. I am telling you the last time. If you wish to stay here with us at our home then you cannot stay out of the house till late night! Don’t we have some other work than looking after you? Mahi tells her not to talk rubbish. She goes outside with her mother. Zoya is in tears recalling her words.

Precap: Zoya is checking the preps. There is a cage which has to be covered with lights. It is lifted up using a crane but the lock breaks down. It is about to fall over Zoya but Aditya saves her in the nick of time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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