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Believing you – one shot( Bepanaah)

One shot.

“If Mussoorie was heaven it is no less, these beautiful dazzling lights are so beautiful.” Zoya told to herself as she gazed the lights below her from the beautiful bridge as she waited for him and suddenly she was pushed forward or more like someone pushed her.

“aaah,” a sharp grasp left her throat and with the sudden jolt her heartbeats rose trying to get what just happened and in no time she was pulled to the strong masculine chest.

With no further thoughts she clutched the white cotton of her saver and without opening her eyes tried calming her erratic beats which were running fast now because of the near death experience.

“So what do you want, Death in this very moment or moments filled with death right after this moment?” came the cold and indifferent voice and she tried breaking the hug but a couple of strong arms encircled her to him.

And she looked up to the familiar face that looked way too unfamiliar in a moment.

“What happened…did someone tell you something?” she fumbled with the words as she tried reasoning why he behaved this way.

“Shut up… What you know about me…Hun? He asked narrowing her to the edge one more time.

“Aaditya.. Please let me go. You are not in your mind.” She said as she observed his movements and the pungent smell.

“Why… Just now you were asking me if someone tell me something… should i know something…Hun?” he said mockingly as his breaths warmed her face.

Struggling to maintain her balance on the bridge railings she thought no other thing but one, “okay, I am sorry I won’t be saying anything to you but please stop doing this I am afraid.” She said glancing between him and the death down there.

“I told you not to talk with him ever… And in a moment his anger knew no bounds and pushing her to the roads he hurried to his car and drove off.

Hai Alag Ye Baat Phir Bhi, Tu Mera Na Kabhi Hua

“Aditya…. Aditya, please stop…” She ran to him, “how will I come home…… please stop.” She tried stopping him but it felt he did not listen, he had never.

Phir Bhi Maine Tujhko Apne, Dil Mein Di Jagah…

And now all the agony and helplessness spilled out from the tired eyes as big hot tears.

On the other side in the car he kept steering the wheels angrily… one more time he was being cheated and this time it was the one who he believed the first after the accident and who he believed with his life.

Tu Mera Na Hua,

 Ab Ye Yakeen Hua,

 Kya Thi meri Khata Tu Bata,

Tires seemed bursting with the pressure being applied on them but who cared, the storms from the clouds kept bustling his wind shield but who cared.

She didn’t care about the rains which will sick her in no time if she kept being drenched,

She didn’t care she was alone on the roads and someone can again harass her if she didn’t go,

All she cared he again questioned her when he knew of all the things Zoya won’t do was she would never cheat him.

Jaun Kahan Main Abb Manzill Ka Na Pata,

Thehra Hoon Iss Kadar Tujh Mein Haan…

He had thought, finally he found someone who will never cheat him ever but he felt he was wrong and here as her breaths started getting uneven she tried forgetting the fact he thought she was deceiving him.

Shashoon Ke Sarzami Par Barshaat La Gaye,

 Ek Jhhapki Mein Tere Shau Khawab aa Gaye…


Zoya aditya hooda… how are you?” the man who called her with this unique name too was in the event they organized tonight.

“arey… Vishal, you too here?” she said turning and inching herself to where other staff and people were.

This cousin of Aditya felt not nice and her husband too have told her not to meet him.

“You looking great by the way Zoya Adi- and he was cut midway.

“Why you call me this way, you can call me Zoya, Bhabhi but why this,” she said trying not to become rude to him and meanwhile looking for an escape.

“To remind me someone already won you before Me.” he said with a smirk and the reply made her uncomfortable.

With a forced smile she pretended she needed to look the caterers but she was not lucky today because everyone was busy in the Sangeet ceremony and the loud music suggested no one would help her if she needed.

“we met after so long, why don’t we talk for some time and you also tell me about the Dehradun rains, I remember you said once they are really beautiful.” He had trapped her and her innocent soul didn’t know how to get free from him.

All the time she was with that man she didn’t know why Aditya despised him, he was so genuine and so humorous. He even told her about his little girl.

And what she didn’t know was how his hands brushed past her back as they walked the garden or how his fingers caressed hers in a pretense of telling something funny or how he tried smelling her hairs unknown to her to fanaticize his own lust.


Aditya was searching her for the last fifteen minutes because only she knew where the mud sculptures she had crafted were kept, their client became restless as soon as she found the crafts not on the place she had chosen.

“Zoya… Zoya … he kept calling her until he saw them and his cheater first wife came to him. The horrible accident which he had tried forgetting with so much difficulty started like a slide and he felt anger overpowering him as he found her beautiful laugh on something that jerk said to her.

And in another moment he noticed his disgusting acts but before he could have approached them he found Sakshi ma coming to him with a few staff following her with the mud crafts.

And forcing a smile to her he joined her glancing the Couple one last time.


She had asked him where they were going as he kept driving the car in silence after the event  and one more thing was evident , he was unusually quiet actually had not spoken to her from the time she joined everyone to the party.

But she knew it was better not to approach him when he was angry, the early months when they met were so difficult but now he rarely got angry. And she smiled thinking all the times when she was upset and he teased her.

She kept thinking what happened today when suddenly the car came to a halt and with the power the brakes jammed the wheels she felt terrified but when he smiled and asked her to come out her worries lessened.

“Would you mind a walk with me to the bridge?” he offered extending his hand.

“Something special …” She smiled confusedly accepting his extended palm.

“Everything …” and she sensed a glimpse of the ruthless man she had met a few years back who hated her to no limits.

                         ~~~end of flashback~~~

He kept driving to some unknown destination without really caring where he was going when suddenly a jackal came right in front of his car and as his eyes shined neon to him he came to himself and making an abrupt turn stopped the car.

And now only he understood what has just happened and what he just did… he always knew alcohol made things worse only but today he just could not stop himself.

The terrified animal that crossed his window reminded him about his wife and as soon as he looked back he felt puzzled from where he came… the alcohol started playing his mind and in that very moment the technology helped him, the map took him to her.

No matter how angry was ,he had no right to leave her there and as the conscience overpowered the wrong thoughts of earlier, one more time the tires busted with the force they were being controlled in that horrible rainy night.


In the middle of the road, on the chilled and muddy surface her beats were dimming with every passing moment and she was slipping into unconsciousness but as she felt her eyes getting shut she noticed a car approaching her and in relief she closed her eyes.

He ran to her as soon as he spotted her lying on the road surrounded by the dark mud who spluttered every time the roaring rain bolls crashed to them. And one more time he felt he lost her not because she cheated on him but because of his rude behavior.

Managing his lifeless form in his arms he felt her temperature abnormally down and without any thought one more time he drove but this time not to go away from her.


“It looks she first got an asthma attack… Her lungs look swollen with mucus and then hypothermia due to being drenched.” Doctor suspiciously questioned him.

“Actually doctor… he had no answers to tell him.

“What you were doing when she got the attack… You do know she could have died.” doctor enquired mercilessly and he felt how bitter the words sounded.

He felt useless one more time and in that very moment the voice behind him calmed him knowing this time he really needed that to hide his mistakes.

“Actually we all were busy in the party and she came outside to meet someone and that is when it all happened, can’t you see Doctor how upset he looks?” his father’s voice came with the authority and cold demeanor he was known for.

“Hooda Sir…I’m so sorry sir, I was just asking as my duty.” The physician apologized.

“Hun…if you are done, Then please help the lady inside.” He said and turned to Arjun.

“Go and check what her condition is and what is needed to be done, I am coming in a moment after making this phone call.” And in no time both men disappeared as they came.

And again the guilt started surfacing and on his own he stepped to where she was sleeping peacefully, away from him.as he saw her on the bed With the tube down her throat through the little square shaped glass opening he knew he was wrong this time.


“Yeah she is fine, you can meet her,” doctor told them. “We have given her the saltwater drip, so the temperature had decreased now.” And he felt his life back to him.

Abhi Abhi Bhule Bhi Na The Tumhe,

 Khyal Banke Phir Tum Aa Gaye,

Entering the room as he touched her fingers they seemed normal unlike how they had felt when he found her on the road. The drip had truly helped her temperature to become normal.

Ehsaas Jo The Dil Mein Kahin Anhkahe,

 Lafzon Pe Phir Wo Yuin Aaa Gaye…

Suddenly he found her struggling with the oxygen mask on her face… and despite his denials she pulled it away.

“Hey… don’t do this, stay that way.” He said helping him with the mask but she stopped him and gestured to sit him near her.

“I am okay… she said with the hoarsen voice.

Shashoon Ke Sarzamin Par Barshaat La Gaye,

 Ek Jhhapki Mein Tere Shau Khawab aa Gaye…

And he didn’t say anything; too guilty to say something to her when she touched his fingers with hers.

“Are you okay?” again she thought about him first, why she had to be this much patient with anybody.

Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…

 Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…


“Doctor advised me to keep myself warm for a few days, right?!” and she looked to him with the hint.

“Why didn’t you tell me about him earlier?” he said taking out the blankets from the cupboard.

“Did you give me any chance?” she said making the faces as she sipped that bittergaurd soup or juice whatever it was.

“Hun… sorry about that.” He apologized as he came to her with the blankets.

“What are we doing to do with these blankets?” she enquired eyeing the blankets.

“Well, you are cold but if I will join you then we need the AC cause I am not cold,” he said joining her after he switched off the lights.

And she looked to his side as he started removing his t shirt and as if reading her suspicion he answered.

“So we will be warm inside the blankets and if you want we can do many things you know…” and he leaned to her side and whispered “to keep ourselves warm, you do know sharing body heat, don’t you?”

And in next moment she was engulfed to him, “I promise I will never throw such stunts ever, I cannot chance to lose you.”

“Happy to know that.” She said dramatically and this mock ended in her being pulled to him for a long moment.

Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…

 Bepnah..Bepanah … Pyaar Hai Tumse…

And the ending background music filled in the air to tell the soft rains, occasional lightening and the dim thunders that they were not unshielded.



Hey guys… this time I am very nervous but excited too cause for the first time it is for someone who made a really lovely request.

I hope you like it and like always I will be waiting for your response.

With love Morusya.

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