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Belan Wali Bahu 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa sends off Laddo’s ghost

Belan Wali Bahu 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that you are married now and your friend takes all time. LAddo’s ghost says Mahesh is here. Roopa says he is listening to our talks too, he doesnt know that he has to leave you to give time to me too with you. Mahesh leaves.
Laddo’s ghost says to Mahesh that I am sorry. Mahesh says when I feel bad, I do this. Mahesh throws Jitendra’s cap. Jitendra cant see him and looks around.
Lata is working in kitchen. Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost comes there. Mahesh stirs dish. Lata sees spoon moving and is stunned. She laughs.
Laddo’s ghost and Mahesh comes to Dada’s room. Mahesh keeps moving medicines from one table to other. Suzzi says to Dada why you are moving tablets.
Mahesh and Laddo’s ghost comes

to Naren, Mahesh slaps him. Naren cant see him but feels someone slapping him.
Laddo’s ghost and Mahesh comes to Prem who is pouring wine. Mahesh keeps moving glass, jug and wine bottle. Prem says what is happening. I should drink later.

all family members meet. Shalini says I saw a glass moving in air. Jitendra says same happened with me. Roopa comes there. Lata, Prem, Naren, Dada tells their spooky moments. Dada says I feel there is something in our house, Suzzi says yes. Prem says we have to find solution. Roopa thinks that Laddo’s friend have done too much.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and Mahesh who are playing carom. Roopa says your friend have scared family. Family comes there and sees carom digits moving in air. Chota Rajan comes there with his goons. He says Jitendra I wont spare you now. They point gun at Jitendra. Family is tensed. Rajan says to Jitendra that I went to jail because of you so now you will go from world. Mahesh takes stick and hits his gun, he beats Rajan. Rajan cant see him and sees stick moving in air, all look on. Mahesh beats his goons too. Goon says what is happening? Rajan says there is ghost in this house, he runs away with his family. Laddo’s ghost says to Mahesh that you saved my family. Mahesh says your family is my family. Jitendra says wow the way he beat him. Dada says its proven that there is ghost in this house. Roopa is tensed.

Scene 2
Laddo’s ghost says to Mahesh that you saved my family too. Roopa comes there and says you call this saving, all are scared of ghost, he is a friend and creating problems, all are scared in their house only, they have taken peace of others. Laddo’s ghost says you talk like this? he is hearing. Roopa says live with your third class friend, she leaves. Mahesh is hurt.

Dada says to family that we have to be careful of ghost. Roopa says there is no ghost, I just prayed to God to save us from Rajan. Dada says show us too. Roopa asks them to close eyes and pray. Roopa whispers to Laddo’s ghost that call your friend and ask him to move things. Roopa says miracle will happen. Laddo’s ghost says you scold my friend so much that he left. Dada says magic is not happening. Jitendra says I feel that there is a ghost in house, all are scared. Roopa says it must be black cat. Suzzi says I have heard that black cats are ghost’s friends. Dada says no one will move alone in house, we will move in a crowd. Suzzi says I will bring medicine, Dada says we all will go with you, Roopa looks on.
They come to Dada’s room so Suzzi can take Dada’s medicine. All family members hold onto each other and come to lounge. Suzzi says I have to apply injection on Dada’s bum, all look away, Suzzi injects it.
All are sitting in lounge together. Jitendra says I have put mattress here. Dada says no one will sleep till ghost is gone. Roopa thinks that all are scared, I have to bring them out of this.

PRECAP- Prem says to Dada that till when we will not go to our work. Dada says till ghost is not gone, we will move together.
Roopa calls Miss. Maya and tells her about ghost in house. Roopa says to family that I have called Maya, she is a specialist to catch ghosts. Laddo’s ghost says what? I am a ghost too.
Miss. Maya comes in house, she sees her globe lightening up and says yes there is a ghost in this house, Roopa looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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