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Badho Bahu 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya, Vardaan and Lucky start looking for Komal

Badho Bahu 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sangram Singh leaves with his men. Kailash ji is not happy to know that the villagers want to question them. These are our kids and our Akhada yet these villagers seem to have a problem. Kamla ji says I was worried about it already. These villagers belong to no one. They forgot all the past favours. They can blacken our face tomorrow too. Malti ji goes inside. Titli and Rana notice the posters and tear them down.

Chunnu is doing puja while Munnu looks on. Chunnu explains to Munnu that he is offering Jal just like Badho ji. This will make her happy. Badho struggles with the ropes. Munnu apologizes to her. They notice her sad face and are sure something is wrong.

Malti ji is in house temple. What mistake did we commit that the villagers are blaming us only? They want to punish my son and ban

the Akhada! This Akhada is the basis of our life. We wont be fit for anything if it closes down. Please save my family. Pinki and Kamla ji see them. Pinki suggests praying as well to avoid getting trapped in the mess. We got safe somehow but we wont be spared this time. Kamla ji advises her to be quiet. Only Lucky and Raghubir ji will be stuck in this storm. Let them manage it. I am worried that Malti must not ask for Badho. Call your goons and ask them about Badho. We cannot keep her there for long. They go inside.

Chunnu and Munnu have brought the ingredients as instructed by Badho. She is tied on the bed. Munnu gets Pinki’s call. They tell her that they are doing havan for Badho. She was feeling restless and spoke of organizing a havan. Pinki is amazed that she got hint of the impending danger even though she isn’t here. Munnu agrees. You only asked us to look after her and that is what we are doing. Pinki does mind until they are keeping a tight vigil on Badho. She ends the call. It will benefit us only. Villagers wont spare Lucky ji now. He left for Bakriawal!

Lucky clicks Komal’s childhood photo. I did right by coming here. I feel your presence more in your house. You have spent your childhood here. I found your old photos. When will you show your face? Come soon and show me your face? I will send her this photo. She wont be able to stay put anymore and would come running to me.

Chunnu and Munnu see the photo. They think it to be Komal’s childhood photo. Komal realises that Lucky is at her mother’s home. What made her leave her National training in between? Please take care of things Lord. Show me a way out of here.

Everyone is gathered in Ahlawat House. Raghubir ji says I understand you all are very disappointed. Sangram Singh tells him to be quiet today. We wont fall in your sugar coated words. We aren’t disappointed but angry. Lucky has made us all look down! Ex-Sarpanch ji is sure he cannot do so but Sangram Singh calls it a lie. There was a time when our village was known and respected because of Ahalwat Family but it has gone down the drain because of Ahlawat Family today. Villagers second him.

Titli asks Sangram Singh if he hasn’t gained any respect over all the years that he is doing such things to insult a family. He warns her to stay out of the matter. You are an outsider. Just stay as a guest. Pragya points out that she is from this village atleast. I am the daughter of this house and I second Titli. You just said that the village was respected only because of Ahlawat Family but you forgot everything for one instance today? You made such a big issue of the mistake committed by Lucky Bhai and came here to insult us? Sangram Singh insists that the village is being insulted because of her brother only.

A lady also seconds Sangram Singh. We are being insulted even in the neighbouring villages.
Pragya asks them if they don’t remember what all her brother has done for this village. Titli adds that they made a mountain out of the mole when he made one mistake. Raghubir ji calms them. Sangram Singh demands to know where Lucky is hiding. Raghubir ji says he isn’t hiding. He is staying with his MIL in Bakriawal. Ex-Sarpanch ji advises Raghubir ji to ask Lucky to come back asap. This appears to be absconding and is aggravating the anger in villagers. Call him to come down at the earliest. Villagers have decided to punish him. Sangram Singh nods. He must apologize to everyone in open. He will have to visit every house personally. Rana agrees to bring Lucky himself. Titli offers to go with him. Sangram Singh advises the family members not to act smart. Our men will stand guard. Titli is about to react but Raghubir ji stops her. Do as you like Sangram Singh. The villagers leave. Kailash ji asks Rana and Titli to go to Bakriawal right away and bring Lucky along. They too leave.

Malti ji breaks down. Kamla ji tells her not to worry. Everything will be fine. She sends Pinki to make tea for Lucky but Malti ji refuses to drink it. Go where Badho is and bring her here right away! Just tell her that I have called her. Pinki speaks of the villagers standing outside but malti ji refuses to hear anything. No one would have said anything to us if she was here. It happened because she isn’t here. Pragya assures Malti ji she will bring Bhabhi. Kamla ji tells them to think with a calm head. There is so much vigilance outside. Malti ji stays put. Pragya promises her she will bring Badho Bhabhi at any cost. Vardaan leaves with her. They hear a car honk. Pinki goes outside to check. It is Zalim Singh. Malti ji tells her Bhabhi she is in no mood to talk to anyone right now. Kamla ji tells her to rest. I will manage everything. The guys standing guard outside Ahlawat House stops the ladies from going out of the house or from letting Avinash, his mother and Ram ji enter inside. Kamla ji tells them everything. Avinash requests them nicely but they stay put. He warns them not to let him return to his old avatar. They step aside in fear. Kamla ji apologizes to them but Ram ji knows that Raghubir ji and malti must be worried. Kamla ji nods. Rana and Titli went to bring Lucky. Avinash’s mother isn’t happy to see Titli’s concern towards Lucky. Kamla ji explains that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Ram ji speaks of Avinash and Titli’s engagement. It should be done tomorrow. Pinki and Kamla ji are thrilled. Ram ji suggests letting the engagement happen in temple. Avinash says we should ask Titli once too but Kamla ji is sure she will do whatever her Babu ji will say. Avinash, his mother and Ram ji leave to make preps for engagement.

Kamla ji is happy to see things working in her favour. Titli will be engaged and Badho will also return home. Pinki is worried that Pragya and Vardaan left to find her. We should do something.

Jamuna ji welcomes Titli and Rana. She notices their serious faces and deduces that something is wrong. They tell her everything (in mute). We thought to come and take Lucky with us. Where is he? Jamuna ji shares that he went out a while ago. He found Komal’s childhood photo today and he started missing her terribly. He went out to find her. Titli is worried that it will be a big problem if they don’t find Lucky soon.

Precap: Titli says my Lucky is Iron Man. He has strong determination. Why do you worry about him? Rana agrees that their Lucky is the real Iron Man. whatever has happened is because of! He goes mum. Later, Titli thinks Rana couldn’t speak truth. Is Rana responsible for Lucky’s absence? I have to make him spill the beans at any cost. She is checking a cupboard.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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