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Agnifera 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Teaches Baiji and His Mother a Nice Lesson

Agnifera 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shristi signs Baiju’s forgiveness letter and returns it to his mother. His mother thanks and blesses Shristi. She says Baiju that they are good people, thanks whole family and walks towards door, then stops and throwing money on Shristi says it is price of her forgiveness. She shows her true face and says this is what Shristi is worth and must be thinking what happened suddenly. Shristi stops her and giving her water says she must be tried after her drama and should drin water. Baiji drinks it. Shristi asks to check signatures. Baiju’s mother is shocked seeing her name instead. Shristi says her fool son must have not informed her that she is also an advocate and sees this kind of drama always, this paper is waste now and she can leave with her waste son. Revathi praises Shristi and

warns Baiju’s mother that she is more waste than her son. Baiju angrily breaks glass. Revathi continues tongue lashing goon lady and warns that she will make Baiju punished and even she will be. Shristi warns their bad time starts now. Baiju challenges to get ready to cry, he will make their life a hell.

Anurag asks Abhimanyu to try tea, madam/Ragini prepared it with love. Abhimanyu tastes it and makes weird face. Anurag asks how is it. Abhimanyu ass what did she prepare, how did she know he takes salt in tea. Ragini angrily looks at Anurag. Abhimanyu says he has problem with sugar, so he takes salt in tea. Abhimanyu asks her if she spoke to his mother, how does she know so many secrets of him. She says when he is related to her, it is her duty to know about him. She says she prepared black tea first time. Anurag thinks he is ruining his own plan, he has to do something.

Baiju returns home and angrily throws things reminiscing Shristi’s words. He pours water on himself and determines to punish Shristi.

Vikral asks Abhimanyu if he does target practice. Abhimanyu says his aim does not miss. Vikral says someone else is also expert. Abhimanyu says papa had informed him. Vikral says he was once, but he is talking about Ragini. Abhimanyu excitedly asks is it. Ragini says let us try then. Vikral says their hobbies are also matching. Anurag feels jealous.

Vidhvan shifts to a new house. Revathi says why did not let them prepare. Vidhvan says his friend is leaving for outstation and wants them occupy this house before he leaves. Dulari says it is very beautiful house. Shristi fixes Vishu’s photo and thinks wherever he is, she will stay here. Whole family gets emotional. Dulari says this house will be auspicious for them. Shristi says for everyone, let us go and arragne kitchen.

Parag sets carrom board and asks Ragini why she planned carrom game sudenly. It was his wish. Abhimanyu joins them. Ragini says their manager/Anurag plays game well.

Precap: Anurag sees Abhimanyu winning. Someone calls Shristi and makes lewd comments.

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