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A bad deed/sin we does delibrately

My plan was to write an article on love but today i came to know that someone whom i trust lied to me so i decided to write an article on Lie.
Lieing is a bad thing but we does it when we get frighting by scolding or beating,losing someone,for the happiness of someone and due to many reasons. But lies need cautions to be maintained and still if you are cautious for the lies you said you can’t be guaranteed that your lie will never come out.
Some people lies to make other happy but just imagine when that lie will comeout how hurt they will be and don’t think that your lie will never comeout because lie can’t be maintained forever and specially when God doesn’t want to hide your lie. And God don’t like liers and lie so please don’t lie ateast for becoming His favourite as He gave you parents,friends and make you a normal person so can’t you tolerate scolding and beating to become His favourite.
Now i will talk about my weakness. My weakness is losing TU,losing you all losing the people who reads my articles,who loves me or my writings(articles or regular posts),losing the people i love my friends,my sisters,my brother or should i say my only happiness who gives me the main strength to live presently. I can’t explain my fright in this article as it is about lie and i will demonstrate it in the next article IF GOD PERMITTED.
As we talking about lie so i can’t overcome my this fright and to keep it i don’t lie but tells half truth and doesn’t tell the complete truth as today my brother was getting angry because father pugged out the evo and he was blaming me that during net timings i watches the videos and reads written updates when evo gets plugged out so in this reply i just said that i watched just 2 episodes and didn’t told what other things i does in net timings although my brother ittle bit knows about my socializing on TU but he didn’t said anything about that. In other words God is favoring me. I don’t want to hide this from father as i got that trust back after much tries but God knows that there’s no one to whom i can talk freely. I am alone.He knows my heart,my nature,my loneliness and my inner and outer thoughts and situations i am facing so He is favoring me and here loneliness means to be all alone no mother,no sister and brother and father to whom i can’t speak openly and whenthis all happen with you then He will surely open a door of hope for you and will favour you automatically. And now He is favouring me for being with TU and you all but this thing isn’t easy. As for this i have to pay by my unthoughtable and unbearable grieves and tears.
I am not able to think about any other reasons of lieing so didn’t talk about them but we can do anything for His happiness and i also deleted 150 above songs for His happiness and now just have 30 which are mostly sad songs but can’t change myself completely just in one day and He knows all the people i have heartily are through TU and if He wants me to make me away from TU for some days or forever then i can’t do anything but still He knows that either i am on TU or not but the people came in life through TU will always remain in my life.Sorry i talk too much. It’s 11:43pm of april 4 and very late.So bye

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