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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita learns Raina’s matter

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone posing for the pic. Ishita wishes Simmi makes some wrong move, which shows her next plan. Ishita tells reporters to ask Simmi about Raman. Reporters ask Simmi about her brother. Simmi speaks good of him and says I m really proud of him. Bala says I can call my friends and ask for money, I will repay Parmeet. Shravan comes and asks him to come in the party. He sees the pic and likes it. He says I wish we had a car like Parmeet, but we have an old car. Bala says car is just for commutation. Shravan says we have no status to show off, so please… He goes.

Simmi sends Raman outside to get pics clicked. She calls Parmeet and asks are you ready, Raman is coming, all the best. Parmeet starts his drama and makes Raman hear his conversation. He asks what,

he lost his earned respect for one mistake, how can a successful businessman spoil his respect by having a one night stand, what about his family, the kids will despise their father, his life is ruined, a happy family has fallen apart by one bad deed, so sad, what can be done. Raman worries. Ishita asks where is Raman. Reporter says he is coming. Raina calls Raman and says you feel I will be silent if you don’t answer me. She threatens him. She says your respect will be ruined, your children will hate you, do you want this to happen, just do what I want. Raman says you can’t blackmail me like this. He sees reporters and gets angry on them. He snatches the camera and breaks it. Reporter asks what did you do. Raman says you were making my recording, get them out of here, I don’t want a camera. Ishita looks on worried. Simmi smiles.

Ishita says I apologize on behalf of Raman, forgive him, what’s the matter. Reporter says he was talking on phone, I was shooting him. She says you should have taken care of his privary, I will compensate for the camera, forget this matter, don’t tell anybody please. Raman goes to the room and recalls Raina’s words. He drinks wine. Ishita sees him and calls her doctor to ask about Raman. Doctor says stop him from drinking, its bad for his state. Raman gets panicking. Ishita says relax what happened. He says I love my family a lot. She says just relax, I know you love them, everyone loves you, lie down, I m here with you. He says I can’t shoot him, I have no bullets. He sleeps. She says he is worried about that gun. Simmi says did Raman go mad. Ishita says he was disturbed, he is better now, don’t disturb him now. Mrs. Bhalla says party was going on well, everything got spoiled. Bala says I m worried for Raman, what’s the source that Raman is given the medicines, Ishita should find out.

Shravan refuses to have food. He checks at the door. A pizza is delivered. Shravan asks Bala did he order pizza. Bala says no. The man asks them to take it, payment is done. Bala says its not ours, pizza is not healthy, take it back. Parmeet says Shravan, take the pizza, thanks, that’s so sad, I know financial problems, I have ordered this, have it. Shitija and Shravan refuse to have it. Parmeet asks others to have it. He sits to have cheese pizza. He says its delicious. Shitija and Shravan leave. Bala thinks my children got upset because of me. Raman sees a shadow and says Raina you, I beg you this matter shouldn’t come out, your child isn’t mine, don’t do this. Ishita switches on the lights. He sees her. She says you were hiding such a big thing. He says I didn’t do anything, she is saying this, she has a proof.

She says I know you can’t do this, how did you believe her, what proof she has, proofs can be made, she will tell me, I trust you, no one will leave you, I know you can never do this, you couldn’t trust anyone like this. He hugs her. She says please relax, I trust you, we won’t believe anyone like this, okay. She puts him to sleep.

She switches off lights and sees him. She says so this is Simmi’s plan, Raman has lost his memory, she is misusing it by cooking stories, Raman is compelled to believe it, Simmi I can’t see my husband in such a situation, I won’t let you succeed, see how I expose you. Its morning. Mihika asks Pihu to take shower. Pihu asks is dad fine. Mihika says yes, Ishita is with him. Pihu says I didn’t buy football shoes. Aaliya says surprise and shows the shoes bought by Ishita. Pihu says I will thank Ishimaa and come. Aaliya says wait, Raman isn’t well, he is resting, Ishita is with him. Pihu says I will show this to Shitija and come, we will wear same shoes in match. Mihika says I will keep this safe, go and take a shower. Mihika says Ishita is so good, she is in tension and still remembered this.

Ishita comes to Raman. He gets a call and says its her call, Raina is calling from different numbers, I m not a murderer, she will ask me to kill her husband, switch off the phone. She says you have to face this problem, look at me, no one will force you to do anything, I promise, we will talk to her, we have to face her. She says call her now. He refuses to talk. She says call her to the same place. He says I can’t kill someone. She says tell her to meet you. He says you meet her. She asks can you message her, we will sort out, I will come with you, running away won’t help. He messages Raina and says she is dangerous. She says relax, we will together face this.

Raman and Ishita see Raina. Raman says she is Raina. Ishita goes to her and asks are you here to meet Raman, I m his wife Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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