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What’s your take on Star Bharat’s Chandrashekhar?

A change in Star Bharat’s programming will be seen in the coming week. The prime runner Savdhaan India will be shifting its slot from 10 pm to 10.30 pm from 12th March 2018. The new show Chandrashekhar will be taking the 10 pm slot. The show is based on the life chronicles of the famous freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad. The lead character will be played by a young artist, since the story of Chandrashekhar begins from the childhood phase. Young Chandrashekhar takes teachings from his mother to lead a fearless life. He believes in living life on his terms and oppose his opponents with bravery.

Chandrashekhar will be an inspiring story with much insight into the freedom fighter’s unexplored life. The promos are on air. It has received a good feedback. The show looks quite engaging. Star Bharat is getting varied content on different subjects. Targeting wide audience is the channel’s aim. With this show, the channel strives to serve the entertaining content with a meaningful approach. Chandrashekhar signifies the need to eradicate inner fear and recognize the self instilled strength. What’s your take on Star Bharat’s Chandrashekhar? Let us know your opinion.

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