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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Meets Maasa

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uma sits in a restaurant looking at Kanak’s pic on his mobile while greedy Purab has gone to washroom. Kanak calls on Purab’s number. Uma gets emotional and picks call. Kanak asks Purab if he can hear her and disconnects call. Purab returns. Uma asks if Kanak returned home. Purab asks how does he know and shows is photo album asking him to refer him to his entertainment industry friends. Uma says he will and asks till when Kanak is at home. Purab says till tomorrow. Meera calls Uma just then and asks to come home right now.

Ved and Payal watch Uma’s news while having breakfast. Kanak comes down. Bhabho switches off TV and warns nobody will hear Uma’s name in this house. Kanak says Uma is his past and they need not worry.

Uma rushes home

and seeing Suman asks she had to be at college at this time. Suman says she was at college when Meera called her to come home immediately, there must be something important. Meera walks in and says it is important, she found K and U company’s K. Uma thinks she found Kanak. Meera brings Maasa on wheelchair and holding Kanak’s photoframe says it is all because of this. Everyone get tensed. Meera contineus that she was checking wedding album and found this one, just then she got a call from Germany that Maasa got a heart donor and her heart transplant was successfull. Suman says she thought she was talking about Ka.. Meera asks what. Uma asks why did not she inform him. She says she wanted to give him surprise. Meera takes Maasi to her room and says her bahu is a good businesswoman and if she gives something,she takes twice. Maasi asks what she can give, Meeera has everything. Meera says except god, nobody has everything, she will ask when time comes.

At office, Kanak tells her assistant that government contract with K and U should finish by 3 p.m., and if meeting with Meera or Uma Shankar does not happen, they should give contract to someone else. She calls Meera. Meera says at least she called back to apologize and her realized her mistake. Kanak says she came late and should apologize instead and says contract should be finalized by 3 p.m., and if she does not meet by 3 p.m., she will honor contract to rival company. Meera shouts only 15 minutes are left, she needs 30 minutes to reach office. Kanak reminisces Uma running towards Meera’s office 2 years ago and tells she loves throwing challenges and should accept also. She fixes alarm on clock. Meera shouts cheap govt officer is challenging her. Uma says good to hear someone can challenge Meera Mittal. Meera speeds her car to Kanak’s office and reaches on time. Their argument start. Meera challenges Kanak and Kanak counterattacks…

Precap: Uma tells Purab that tomorrrow is Kanak’s birthday and he has to pass no his gift at any cost. Bhabho seeing decoration shouts who did this. Kanak walks in.

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