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The day when it rained – Part 6

Hi, every one I hope you all are fit and fine. Firstly I am really sorry for posting late. But hope you all will forgive me and will keep loving and supporting me as before.

I had dialed his number, but I don’t know what to say and what not to.
Tring Tring!! His phone was ringing my heart too.
Ringing stopped.
No he doesn’t picked the call. He disconnected it.. Disconnected!!!
My heart feels heavy. Really very heavy.
I feel like this is the end. The End. Everything around me looks sad. But then…
My mobile started to ring..
Sameer calling.
Me: Hello Sameer
Sameer: Haan..
Me: Sameer I am really sorry. That day I don’t mean to say that I don’t like your message. I like your message. I really like when you message. Please don’t stop messaging me.. Please don’t be angry with me please…

I know sounded so desperate, but what to do, I really don’t wanted him to stop messaging me. And by the way he disconnected my call had made me so weak that I was lost the confidence. I had told all these in one breath. Even without hearing what Sameer was trying to say.
Sameer: Naina?
Me: Hmm
Sameer: (laughs)
Me: Sameer..?
Sameer: (between laughs) Naina are you gone mad?
Me: huh?
Sameer: why should I be angry with you?
Me: you disconnected my call so I think..
Sameer: I disconnected because we were all watching cricket match and there will so noise and I will not be able to hear anything. So I cut your call so I can come out side and call you freely.
Me: Oh… I thought..
Sameer: What do you thought..??
Me: Nothing..
Sameer: ok. So you called for this??
Me: sort of..
Sameer: Sorry?
Me: don’t know…
Silence.. We both keep quiet for some time.
Sameer: Naina?
Me: OMG.. Shefali…
Sameer: What?
Me: I have to go..
Sameer: (laughs slightly)Ok.
Me: Ok.Bye,,
Shefali: what are you doing here?
Me: nothing.
Shefali: you were talking to someone?
Me: No.. Who should I talk to?
Shefali: May be your boyfriend???
She laughs.
Me: I don’t have a boyfriend.
Shefali: Ohoo.. don’t worry you will get one soon. Now come to room.

Next day
It was the last break of the day. And I Swati and Preeti were having chit chat. It was Ritu’s words draw our attention.
Ritu: hey look.look. He is the one I told you about. Isn’t he handsome???
Hema: woh toh hain!!!
We looked to the window to see the handsome munda.
Yaa. Sameer was that handsome guy.
Swati: cute toh hain!
Swati and preeti laughed.
Preeti: Naina? You don’t like him??
Swati: what’s his name??
Me: Sameer. Sameer Maheshwari
Preeti and Swati turned towards me.
Preeti: how do you know?
Swati: yaa. Do you know him?????
Now what can I say to them?
Me: he is Shefali’s friend. They are in same class. Shefali introduced us.
Preeti: oh.. Then why is he here now??
Me: how can I know???
Preeti: I was not asking you. I was just wondering..
Preeti and Swati laughed again.
Why is he here?? I was also wondering the same. I looked at him. Was he looking at me then??? I doubt..
Ritu: he was here from the morning.
Hema: yaa. I also noticed. Everybreak the guy was here.
Ritu: and you know why?
Hema: why??
Ritu: for me…
Hema: what!!
Ritu: he comes for me. To see me…
Hema: really!!
Ritu: I think he loves me
I had an ajeeb feeling hearing that. And I don’t know why.
Their conversations came to an end when teacher came to the class.

After class.
I was waiting for Shefali. That’s then Sanjay came to me.
Sanjay: thank God. I think you had gone home.
Me: home? I stay in the hostel.
Sanjay: oh… I was looking for you.
Me: why?
Sanjay: why means? For drama club activities. Come. Everyone is waiting there.
Me: actually I was waiting for my friend.
Sanjay: tell her you will be late. And now come with me.
Me: ok. You carry on. I will call her and will join you.
Sanjay: ok don’t be late.
Me: ok.
I called Shefali on her mobile. She doesn’t pic her call. I decided to send her a message and ask her to call me. I walked to the drama club.
Drama club was discussing about the upcoming drama competition, which our club was taking part in. We were planning on Romeo and Juliet drama. College sweethearts from our seniors were playing the main cast. Real life Romeo and Juliet. How cute is that na?? So every day after college we have to meet at the drama Club.

After the meeting I walked to the hostel. My mobile starts ringing at that time. It was Shefali.
Me: hello Shefali?
Shefali: Naina. Where are you?
Me: I had a meeting at the drama club. I had messaged you.
Shefali: I saw that why I am calling.
Me: why?
Shefali: meet me at the bus stop on the way to hostel.
Me: what? You don’t reach hostel yet??
Shefali: can you come here and then we can talk. I am with Arjun.
Me: I am coming.
Wow!! Shefali is with Arjun. I walked to the bus stop. And at the college gate….
‎Sameer. Sameer was at the college gate with friends.
I remind me to keep walking. Sameer smiles at me. I smiled back.

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