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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 1)


Episode 1

A girl of mid 20s was standing on a balcony and is thinking about her life…..how her life has changed….just then she heard the cry of her baby,pari…her one and only hope of living her life….she was crying…then she comes out of her thoughts and goes to pari…she was just trying to make her calm…girl to pari”no baby don’t cry papa will come soon” lisiting to her she stops crying “I m home”the girl turns and sees her husband standing behind, she goes to him and he takes pari from her and just move to the next room
Boy in his mind….u r not her child but still u look like her,she cares for u just like she is ur own mother,why???
Just then he heard a knocking sound in the door….she was standing behind him…the girl asks him”do you need something Sir?” and he said”its Sanskar”she said”sry,do yo need something…..Sanskar”she hardly said the name Sanskar because she is not habitual to it and he replied”yes”….she looks him in wonder;because in this 3 months of their marriage he never said yes to her….he puts pari in the bed and goes to her….
“Swara”he slowly murmerd her name,Swara who was looking him with wonder just replied a”hmmm”
She asked him”what do you need?”
He replied”answers of my questions”
She again looked him and this time he made her sit on the couch ,he sit beside her,look into her eyes and asks”why do you care for her so much?” She said”for whom?” He said”for pari” She glared him with a serious tone and said”because she is my daughter” he smiled to her answer and again said”but u r not her real mother” now she understands what he wanna say and she stands up from there goes to pari and said”but she is my daughter”this time she said strongly and just left the room,leaving sanskar in a confusing state”what u r Swara?”

Guys hope u like the part,please forgive me if i  have done any mistakes….and if u like it then dont forget to read the next part….

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