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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 8)

Hello again frnds… Thx a lot for liking my chap.

Accusations on sanskar…

Sanskar was sitting near a lake. Her heart was aching badly. Guilt was causing a heavy load over his heart. Adultery was never his tendency. It can not be denied that he never loved swara or kavita but it was the fact that swara was his wife now and therefore whatever he did was definitely not right. He tried to remember last night but all he remembered was the juice and then all black. Suddenly he heard tinkling of payal. He looked at that direction and saw swara coming towards him.
Sanskar: aap… Yaha…
Swara looked at sanskar .
Swara: ji…
Swara again looked at the confused state of sanskar.

Swara: may i ask you one more thing.
Sanskar nodded.
Swara: i know whatever happened was not right. But i also know this that talking or thinking about the same will only bring sorrow.
Sanskar turned his face away.
Sanskar: you don’t know swara. This incident has shaken my soul. I ll be alright but leave me alone for a while.
Swara didn’t know what to say now. She turned around to go but saw ragini standing behind a tree. Ragini signed swara not to go. Swara nodded and turned again.
Swara: so you believe you are my guilty.
Sanskar nodded.

Swara: so the right to punish you remain in my hands right..
Sanskar turned to her.
Swara: your punishment is to forget that mistake and move on. And moreover… crime is something done intentionally but mistake is something done unintentionally. There should be no punishment for a mistake if that person is feeling guilt.
Sanskar felt as if the one standing in front of him isn’t a teenaged girl but a mature lady.
Sanskar: i know… But this burden can’t go easily.
Swara: but it can be lessened. It can be lessened by distracting your mind. So please… Rani ma and maharaj have kept a function for tonight. They are happy with your marriage. At least for their sake you have to take out all this from your mind.

Swara smiled at sanskar. Sanskar nodded.
Swara: now give me permission. I have to leave and i still hope you will pay attention to my request. I can’t give you orders but only request you. Gratitudes.
Swara turned and started moving from there. Sanskar was staring at her continuously. Her words were very soothing. Her voice was still echoing in his ears. He at once wanted to listen more of her words and suddenly her name slipped from his tongue”swara….”
Swara turned around.

Swara: ji….
Sanskar realised what he had done. He smiled
Sanskar: nothing….
Swara turned around. She felt some butterflies in her stomach. She felt as if her legs were not on earth but on clouds. She ran towards her room.

@ap’s room
A servant came.
Servant: princess has come rani ji.
Ap: send her inside.
Swara entered the room. She looked at ap sitting with lots of clothes and jewellery.
Swara: ji rani ma.
Ap smiled.

Ap: yes….sit besides me.
Swara sat on a couch. She didn’t even glanced at the clothes and jewellery.
Ap: i am asking you a question.
Swara nodded.
Ap: which is your favourite jewellery swara.
Swara: ji
Ap: which is your favourite jewellery.
Swara: actually rani ma… Simplicity is my favourite jewellery.

Ap gave a big smile.
Ap: and you look beautiful in which colour?
Swara: beauty lies in the eye of the person seeing her.

Ap was beyond happy from all the answers.
Ap: you again proved yourself swara. Tonight a function is going to be held.
Ap handed her all the jewellery and clothes.
Ap: these all are gifts for you. And haa… Choose wisely… Sanskar’s favourite colour is blue.
Swara smiled. She went to her room. Dp came inside.
Dp: you took all the tests. She passed them all.
Ap: still last and best test is remaining which will happen tonight.

@swara’s room
Swara was very tensed. Ragini’s behaviour was beyond her understanding. Suddenly a servant came
Servant: ragini ji wants to meet you.
Swara nodded. Ragini came inside.
Ragini: so… Was i right?
Swara nodded.
Ragini: i told you sanskar is gem. He is one in a million.
Swara smiled. She looked at ragini.

Swara: you are right. Thx a lot for your help.
Ragini held her hand.
Ragini: please… It’s my request to you… Please don’t reveal whatever i am going to tell you in front of anyone.

a handsome prince was riding a horse and sanskar was watching him.
Sanskar: well done lakshya.
That prince turned his head around and smiled.
Lakshya: it s all due to you… You only told me how to tame wild horses.
Sanskar smiled. Lakshya came down from the horse. He suddenly saw something and started running back. Sanskar was puzzled but as soon as he looked back he was not able to control his laughter. Ap was standing there.
Ap: how many times i have to told you lakshya to bring flowers for the pooja. But you are here riding the horse.
Lakshya suddenly turned.
Lakshya: ma… Woh Bhaiya asked me to come..

Sanskar suddenly looked at lakshya and then at ap.
Ap: ohoooo… As if i don’t know… I am your mother did you got that…
Ap dragged lakshya with her. Sanskar too followed them. Suddenly they heard a laugh… A girl was laughing. Ap looked at her and she laughed too.
Ap: see ragini… This is the way i have to handle your would be husband… God knows how will you handle. You have seen him from childhood. Your marriage has been fixed with lakshya but the child inside lakshya will never die.

All laughed.
lakshya and ragini were returning from a temple nearby. Some soldiers accompanied them. Suddenly the soldiers of front row fell down. Lakshya stood up and an arrow hit him right in the chest. Ragini was shocked. Before she could do anything adarsh came in front.
Lakshya: adarsh… Youuuu…

Adarsh: yes me… Before killing your brother it’s mandatory to kill you too…
Before lakshya could do anything adarsh stabbed him right in his chest. Ragini screamed. Adarsh threw lakshya down from a cliff .
Ragini: i ll tell everything to the king… You killed my husband… I ll make sure you die a painful death.

Adarsh smirked. He held ragini’s hair and hit her head to a stone nearby.
After ragini woke up from unconsciousness she found only vaidya ji sitting with her.
Vaidya: i beg your pardon. Adarsh has kidnapped my family and threatened me to kill you too. I don’t want to kill you. So i told everyone that you have lost your sanity. Please help me. Please pretend the same.
Ragini: yes i ll… But you should also not reveal this secret in front of anyone. And you have to help me too.
Vaidya nodded.

From that day onwards everyone thought ragini was insane. She too pretended it very nicely. In the curtain of insanity she took care of everybody. She also kept a close eye on every move of the evil trio.
Ragini had tears in her eyes. She looked at swara whose eyes were filled with tears too.
Ragini: swara it pains a lot to realise he is not with me anymore. But it pierces my heart that i couldn’t even cry for my loss.
Ragini fell down on the ground. Her words were lost. She melted down in front of swara.

Function of night. Swaraa’s last exam… Conspiracy against the couple…

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