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Nimki Mukhiya 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu and Nimki dances in holi

Nimki Mukhiya 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
All are dancing in holi ceremony and drunk. Nimki dances with Babbu. Rekha dances with Dublo. Nimki is about to fall but Tunee and Abhi holds her and dances with her. Nimki goes to Babbu and dances with him, he smiles and dances with her as he is drunk. Ram gets drunk and dances

Mai is in palace and says dont know how Sweety is there. She sees servants playing holi and imagines Nimki and Babbu playing holi and be romantic. Mai stops servants. She asks her to bring her clothes, bring clothes which Rekha’s parents sent, she nods and leaves. Mai calls Diamond and asks him to come here with car. Servant tries to check which saree Rekha’s parents sent, she takes one saree(which Ram sent) and says it must be this.

In holi festival, Sweety sees all dancing and looks

on. Babbu and nimki are dancing. Rekha is dancing and enjoying too, Sweety tries to stop her. Diamond brings Mai there in car, she glares at them, all stop seeing her. Ram says my inlaw is here, I will apply color on her. Mai says to Babbu that you dance nicely. Babbu says you are here, I didnt take your blessing this time, please apply color on my face. Mai is about to slap him but stops, she applies color on his face, all smile. He applies color on her too. Rekha applies color on her too, Mai asks why you dont seem happy to see me? Sweety says Mai this saree? Mai says Rekha’s parents sent it. Ram says Mai is wearing saree I sent. Mai is stunned. Sweety says this is not gift from Rekha’s parents but Nimki’s parents. Mai murmurs I wont spare servant. Nimki says Mai cared for our emotions so much, she asks people to chant for Mai, all do. Mai smiles. Rekha laughs at her. Mai says I want to go home right now. Dublo stops her and says be here for sometime. Ram asks Tunee to take Dublo and Mai’s photo. Dublo asks Mai to think about Tettar’s respect. Ram stands beside Mai, Mai moves away. Ram’s whole family comes in frame, Nimki pulls Babbu too, Tunee takes their family photo. Nimki starts dancing with Babbu, she ties him to herself. Mai glares at them. Sweety says lets go. Mai says no I will be here, I wont leave Babbu with this girl.

Diamond is drinking beer with his friend. Mauha stops him and says what are you drinking? I will tell everyone, Diamond says I wont spare you, he is about to slap her but Mauha leaves. Sweety comes there and glares at Diamond.

Mauha comes home, her eyes are red. Dumri asks what happened? Mauha says Diamond was irritating me. Dumri says he is Nimki’s brother in law, he must be teasing you, she leaves. Mauha says I should tell Nimki, Moni says no tell Babbu, he will take Diamond’s class.

Babbu is laughing and enjoying holi. Abhi comes and says why are you sitting Babbu? lets enjoy, he gives him more bhaang. Babbu says this function is good. Abhi says Nimki have arranged it, play holi with her. Babbu says its her and my matter. Mauha comes there and says jeeja I want to talk about your brother Diamond. Abhi says yes tell him anything you want. Mauha says he was drinking wine and I didnt like the words he used for me. Abhi says what he was drinking wine? Babbu laughs and says I will talk to him, he calls diamond and says why you are irritating her? Diamond eyes Mauha. Babbu asks him to have shame, I will slap you, Mauha says just make him understand that dont drink beer, its not good, nimki is right, Babbu you are right, she leaves. Mai comes there and asks what she was saying? Diamond says Babbu scolded me because of her.

PRECAP- Nimki tries to stop Babbu but Babbu jerks away, he is drunk and says why you keep following me? I dont love you, you have no value in my life, he leaves Nimki in tears. Nimki turns and sees Ram standing there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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