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Mahakaali 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartika goes against his parents

Mahakaali 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati is praying for Shivling, Ganesh says to Parvati that when you didnt see Mahadev then praying to Shivling was okay but now Shiv is your husband so why you follow and trust Shivling? Parvati says what is trust? if you trust someone then you have identity in world but it cant take you truth but if you have trust then all powers take you truth, I knew and trusted that Mahadev is for me and my trust made him mine, I have not stopped trusting, its most important power.

Arunasur says to his men that trust is foolish, he asks his man to leave in his room. Arunasur’s woman thinks whats in that room? man goes in room and burns. Arunasur says no one is going to help you in this world, your blind trust can make you lose life.

Ganesh says to Parvati that trust is most powerful

in world? Parvati says yes. She puts laddo in one hand and asks which one have laddo? he says right hand. She closes fists and asks which one have laddo? he says I cant tell but I trust that its in your left hand, she shows that it has. Parvati says this silent power of trust is what make us choose right path.
Arunasur says to woman(who met Kartika) that dont you dare believe in any God as they wont come to protect you, focus on your work and bring Kartika to me as soon as possible, he leaves. Girl says I am sorry Kartika, my heart have feelings for you and they are pure but today because of me, you will have to bear all this.

At Shiv’s den, lords are trying to think, they say we cant know who is behind this incident, that person is able to hide his identity, one member says we should go to Parvati and Shiv, they will help us. Other member says they can know the identity but it will against their promises, they could have taken this step before, that person is ready to attack us, we dont know who that it.

Kartika says to Parvati that I have to leave. Parvati says you can leave after pooja. Kartika says pooja can happen without me, they need me, I have to go. Shiv says Kartika dont forget that she is not only your mother but Kalima too, you should know that you are responsible for your duties, if you mother is stopping and you are leaving then you are going against your duties. Kartika says I am sorry Maa I am going against you but I have to leave now, let me go please. Parvati nods, he leaves.

Arunasur’s girl is waiting for Kartika and says if he doesnt come then he will have to bear punishment. Kartika comes there and says how are you? she says you are here so I am happy, thank you for coming. He says I had to come as you called me, we could have talked anywhere then why did you call me here? everything fine? she says yes, Maharaj wants to meet you, you saved my life that in jungle so he wants to say thank you, lets go, I will make you meet him, she turns but Kartika puts hand on her shoulder and makes her look at him, they both share eyelock and smile. Kartika says Devsena(girl’s name) that I have come to talk to you, we can meet him later. She says yes I want to talk to you but if he knows that you are here and didnt meet him then he would feel bad. Kartika says if thats the case then I will meet him first.

Arunasur is doing prayers. Kartika comes there and greets him. Arunasur says I cant get up before this prayers, you can be part of it so come and sit, this prayers will become more pure if you be part of it. Kartika says but I part of this pooja? Devsena says if Maharaj is saying then sit please. Kartika nods and sits in his prayers.

Parvati says to Shiv that I am worried for Kartika. Shiv says that we are parent of Kartika, we have to make him face his duties and understand his responsibilities.

Arunasur says to Devsena that you can leave, I want to talk to Kartika, she hesitantly leaves. Kartika asks arunasur that can you tell me purpose of this prayers? Arunasur puts powder in havankund and fire becomes green, it affects Kartika and he becomes hypnotized.

Parvati says to Shiv that I am a mother, I cant sit here, I have to see if Kartika is in danger, I have to leave, she turns to leave but Shiv says Mahakali can easily know who is provoking Kartika, where this incident is taking place, its easier for you to find that out, the person doing all this is saved by a promise so we cant know where he is as we have to keep up our promise, its important for parents to protect their kids but kids have to learn their lessons in life, this is Kartika’s life lesson so let him learn it, at right time, mahakali will be part of this war, as all war starts and ends with mahakali.

Arunasur says to Kartika that after this prayers you will do what I want. Kartika tries to resist and says what is reason of this prayer? Arunasur says I am thankful for saving Devsena, I thought I would lose her like I lost someone else. flashback shows that some woman with her daughter used to live in Arunasur’s palace, her daughter became ill so woman prayed to Lord to come and save her but lord didnt come and daughter died, flashback ends. Arunasur says who was responsible for that girl’s death? Kartika says lord is responsible. Arunasur says yes, I couldnt save her that day but I promised that day I will protect my people. Kartika says protecting your people is your duty.
Arunasur says I have decided to control panch bhoot.

Parvati says to Shiv that first panch bhoot were attacked and now Kartika is missing. Shiv says panch bhoots are responsible for this universe and even one is harmed then its dangerous.

Arunasur says to Kartika that if I take on panch bhoots then that girl’s death will not be wasted, you can fight them, will you Kartika? Kartika says I promise to bring panch bhoot to you and also do war and be on your side that war against them.

Parvati says to Shiv that someone is provoking Kartika. Shiv says yes you have to bring Kartika on right track, someone is provoking him to go against us. Parvati says who can be provoking Kartika? Shiv says its a father who wants to take revenge, if parents see their kids hurt then they can lose senses and forget about right and wrong, parents’ love can be blinding and they can harm other people.

Arunasur comes to his unconscious daughter and says dont worry daughter, you will be back with me soon, we will get panch bhoot and we will have power, I will do anything to bring you back.

Shiv says to Parvati that we cant know about Arunasur’s deeds as we promised him, its not only about Arunasur’s love for his kids but your duty as parent too. Parvati says yes we cant be selfish as parents, we have to set example in world, if Kartika crosses line then he we will have to fight me, I will stop Kartika, that Arunasur can be dangerous for universe, if Kartika is with him now then his mother will do everything to stop them. Shiv says and if you cant stop them? what if you cant clean Arunasur’s sins and bring him on right path? Parvati says every person should get a chance to correct their mistakes so Kartika will get one chance too but if he doesnt then he will have to bear punishment for his deeds.

Shiv calls Indardev to fight with Kartika. Indardev takes his powers from shivlings and says I am ready to fight. Shiv says you have to fight with Kartika.

Indardev comes to Kartika, Kartika attacks Indar and says accept your defeat, you cant fight me. Indar says no, Shiv and Parvati are protecting panch bhoot so I will not let you get to them and I will fight you till my end.

Shiv, Parvati and panch bhoot use their powers to create a mandir. Shiv says this mandir will be there in world and people will pray to panch bhoot with it.

Kartika is fighting Indardev. Kartika ties Indardev with his powers and says you have your answer, bring panch bhoot to me otherwise I will have to fight them too. He leaves. Indardev says Maa only you can stop him.

Shiv says to Parvati that Kartika have started a war, Arunasur will soon come to attack panch bhoot, you have to fight Kartika. One of panch bhoot says no, this is bad omen, we cant let mother and son fight, its better if we die. Parvati says no, Kartika will get a choice to choose right path but if he doesnt then he will have to face Mahakali. Kartika comes there and says I am ready too Mahakali. He glares at Parvati.

PRECAP- Arunasur says to Parvati that I dont believe in any God, Shiv or any power.
Kartika tries to attack Mahakali but Mahakali hits him, he falls away, Shiv looks on.
Mahakali takes bee avatar to punish Arunasur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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